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550 Sq. Ft. Restored Historic Cottage

This is a fully restored cottage that was originally built in 1898 in downtown Glenwood Springs, Colorado that offers about 550 sq. ft. (or 750 sq. ft. if you include the upstairs attic loft) of space inside.

As you approach the little cottage you’ll notice the charming front porch behind the fence which surrounds the property. When you go inside you’ll find a living area with a pull-out sofa that can sleep two.

You’ll also find a bedroom with a twin bed, a full bathroom with tub and shower, a full kitchen, laundry area, and an attic storage space with a queen bed and meditation/study area. Another great feature is the location because it’s only two blocks from shops and restaurants and a short walk to a hot springs pool. Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thanks!

550 Sq. Ft. Restored Historic Cottage

Historic Cottage Downtown Glenwood Springs Colorado 001

Images © Mountain Home Photo/MasonMorse.com

Historic Cottage Downtown Glenwood Springs Colorado 002  Cottage Downtown Glenwood Springs Colorado 003  Cottage Downtown Glenwood Springs Colorado 004  Cottage Downtown Glenwood Springs Colorado 005  Cottage Downtown Glenwood Springs Colorado 006  Cottage Downtown Glenwood Springs Colorado 007  Cottage Downtown Glenwood Springs Colorado 008  Cottage Downtown Glenwood Springs Colorado 009  Cottage Downtown Glenwood Springs Colorado 0010 Tiny Cottage Downtown Glenwood Springs Colorado 0011 Little Cottage Downtown Glenwood Springs Colorado 0012 Cottage Downtown Glenwood Springs Colorado 0013 Cottage Downtown Glenwood Springs Colorado 0014

Images © Mountain Home Photo/MasonMorse.com

Learn more: https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/5639752


Our big thanks to Diana Davis for sharing!

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  • Avatar CathyAnn

    I sure like this little house, very comfortable and cozy. The stairs design with the railings that sort of collapse when pushed against the wall would be a great option for a tiny house on wheels.

    • Avatar Kim Pratt

      You are right, it is so cute and the collapsible latter with railings would be a great idea for the tiny houses on wheels as well. The ceiling in the loft seems high enough I think I can stand up in the middle of the loft. I adore this cute little house.

      It is in a town, which is on Highway 70 and that is connected to Highway 40 and Highway 82, these highways connect and takes you to many different ski area in Colorado, including Buttermilk Ski Area & Aspen, Colorado, which is perfect for skiiers, near many ski resorts and right. It must have beautiful scenery being right in the Rockies. I have Googled Map the Glenview Springs, CO area, and used the satellite view. It is also near the hot springs pool area. I would love to be there now.

      • Hi All,
        The home was listed last year for $299K. The Seller removed from the market for health reasons but still may be interested in selling. Please contact me for more information.
        Erin Bassett
        Coldwell Banker Mason Morse
        [email protected]

        • Avatar Shannon Nix

          Seriously, $600 per square foot???!!!

  • Avatar Roxanne

    Is this house for sale? Love it!

  • Avatar Brian

    This house has class, is eye-candy and I could live in it in a heartbeat.
    Thankyou for sharing and cheers from Australia

  • I just love the restored ones looks old but just beautiful

  • Avatar Mary

    Just beautiful! I looked up what county this is in (Garfield County) which is on the west side of the state. The main 2 counties (Larimer & Boulder) in the upper center of the state and just below that – where the terrible flooding is taking place.

  • Avatar Lisa E.

    Now just put it on a flatbed and I’ll call this my THOW! 😀

    • Avatar Sharee

      If there were a like button, I would “like” your comment. Thanks.

  • Avatar gale

    Beautiful little home and the stairs are quite unique. Is there a seperate door to the bath?

  • Avatar Larry Schoenemann

    Sharp….I am impressed!

  • Avatar vee

    Totally charming!!! Looks like it has it all. My only worry is
    storage space but I’ll just bet they factored this in!

  • Avatar Marcy

    Yes, please!

  • Avatar Rue

    I have another word besides “love” … and that word is “want”. 😉

    From the front porch to the comfy living room to the country kitchen to the claw-foot soaking tub, I would live in this lovely little home in a heartbeat.

    I needs me one of those “Widow’s Nests” the gals were talking about a while ago….except in my area, that would now cost more than the larger house I live in now. 🙁

  • Avatar Sally

    It’s 750 square feet, not 550, per their BnB ad. I couldn’t figure out where they were getting all that sleeping room with the kitchen appearing to take up half the house. Two hundred extra sq ft makes a difference. Cute exterior.

  • So cute, everywhere in there, especially the movable ladder to the loft, and adding a barn door style sliding door for the bathroom would be in line w/the overall aesthetics.

  • Avatar Liz

    That sure is a lot of money for a small home. Overpriced for sure, and I don’t care what the location is. Still way too expensive.

  • Avatar Meg

    Glenwood Springs is a wonderful little town. Sorry I missed seeing this adorable place when I was out there years ago!
    Love the ladder with the collapsible hand rails…great idea.

  • Avatar Emily c.

    This is the most adorable little cottage I’ve seen. I think I would be very happy to live there. Just the right size for a single or couple.

  • Avatar Glema

    I love the ladder w the folding handrails and slanted steps. A little rubberization for non slip, and it’s great! Thanks for sharing your home, it’s lovely. God bless and happy trails!

  • Avatar Valerie

    Would love to buy it if I had the money! Such a Beautiful place even for me and my mother. And we live in Colorado. Very sweet home.

    • Avatar Comet

      IF any one is interested in living in the mountains of the East there is a house that is similar in style to this one that JUST came on the market (a few DAYS on the market!) for I believe $35k–yes; you read that right!!!–built in the 1850’s and until now part of a Historical Society property. Just under an acre of land. House looks to be in better than average shape from the outside and what us nosey folk were able to see peeking in windows; also has addition on back and a beautiful barn. I have NOTHING to do with this sale; just saw this and also loved it. Close enough to Saratoga Springs; Manchester VT; Bennington VT etc for cultural and shopping (other local towns closer)

      Post here if you want more info. This one will not last.

      • Avatar Roxanne

        Where is this property for $35k? Have been looking in the Vt. area!

        • Avatar Comet

          This would be just West (and I mean–feet West!!!) of Vermont in NY. The property is in Salem NY (in the tiny hamlet of East Hebron; Salem school district) and is listed on ZILLOW in Salem. It is adjacent to an old one room schoolhouse owned by the Historical society. The “fixtures” seen in the pics we believe are from the Historic Society and we do not know if they come with the house. There is something like 7/10’s or so of an acre but as I said this butts up against the old school house property so it seems like a bigger plot when looked at. I don’t think the pics show all parts of the house; we got nosy and walked around and saw another section of the “lean to” back room–very common here–and the barn/garage which is a really good size and with very little effort could be connected to the house via a “dog trot” or breezeway–we speculated you could gain almost as much square footage in there as the first floor of the house itself if you wanted to–make a fab studio. Some of the pics also seem to show it as smaller than it really is–it’s small; don’t get me wrong; but the table in the kitchen is oversized for the space and so distorts the view. There are lots of these small places around here but few that did not get a larger addition over time ; this one seems very well preserved in it’s time and to my eye to not need huge amounts of work. If you don’t find it let me know– I know my daughter has the ZILLOW system down pat and could get you an MLS number or whatever ZILLOW uses. Neither of us have anything to do with the house or sale; just nosy about the neighborhood we live in!

  • Avatar Beth

    Love this house!!! Just 2 things I would change. Not a fan of the ladder. Would build a sturdy staircase and put storage under it. Not a fan of the mini frig. Would downsize the writing cabinet,remove the freezer and put a full size frig and a combowasher and dryer. Replace the mini frig with a dishwasher. Perfect… I could live in this beautiful little dream home…

  • Avatar Maria

    This is a perfect home for me. Now can anyone lend me money? LOL! Wish I had the money because I would buy it in a heart beat. No I don’t want a mortgage. It would be great to get the building plans on this house.

  • Avatar Trish Dee

    This is a wonderful little storybook cottage. It has old world charm and it is very livable. The kitchen, bathroom and loft are the selling points here. Great job.

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