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Berkshire Small House: Beautiful Little Cottage

I think you might agree that this Berkshire Small House is the epitome of simple living because it’s not too much and it’s not too little. The home was built using modified Tumbleweed Whidbey plans.

And unlike many tiny houses this gorgeous little cottage could easily serve even a growing family and their descendants for many decades to come because it has two bedrooms, a big walk-in closet, radiant floor heating, and more.

It’s a beautiful example of what housing and real estate could be if we can inspire developers to give us what we really want, don’t you think? If you agree that more homes like this would help society please join the movement and re-share below. Thank you!

Berkshire Small House: Beautiful Little Cottage

Berkshire Small House 001

Images © David Fell Photography

Small House 002 Small House 003 Small House 004 Small House 005 Small House 006 Small House 007 Small House 008 Small House 009 Small House 0010

Images © David Fell Photography


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  • Avatar Lynnette

    This would be my ideal floor plan for a TH. However, just shrunk down and add a loft and open up the living area with cathedral ceiling. I wonder what those doors are off to the left in the kitchen? W/D? What is the overall sq ft of this I wonder?

    • Avatar Lynnette

      Well now I know why I love this…it’s the Tumbleweed Whidbey!!!! I have this saved as my ideal floor plan!!! ☆☆☆☆☆ ♡♡♡♡♡

      • Avatar Alex

        Isn’t it great? I agree, it’s one of my favorites too!

      • Avatar Kate

        Me too. While this is modified, to be larger, it still isn’t too large!

    • Avatar Deadrock

      960 sf, listed for $429,000, sold for ???
      No word on whether there’s a W/D.




    • Avatar SteveDenver

      The link to Tumbleweed homes describes the Whidbey as 468 sf. for the 1-bedroom and 100 sf more for the 2-bedroom configuration.

      • Avatar Deadrock

        This is a “modified” version of that floor plan. Took the information directly from the real estate site where this property was listed for sale.

  • Avatar Bev

    Soooooooo sweet! I want it. 🙂

  • Avatar Dean

    What a wonderful home.
    Absolutely beautiful….all it needs is a laundry facility and it would be perfection.

  • Avatar Lynnette
    • Avatar Lynnette

      ^^^^ The Tumbleweed Whidbey Cottage.

    • Avatar Cheryl Carvalho-Case

      Thank you, Lynette!

    • Avatar Nedhera

      Thank you for that link! What a lovely home they’ve built. But I was brought up with some southern traditions that have stuck to this day. I must have a front porch! :-). Can’t tell you how much of my childhood was spent on the front porch playing with the neighbors or sitting with family. Yep, I’m a porch girl!

      • Avatar Lynnette

        You are welcome! I LOVE a porch too. One of our homes has a partial wrap-around porch with swing ♡♡♡

  • Avatar M

    Loving all the white so clean looking. Of course I’d spill spaghetti sauce on something for sure. Happens every time I wear white. In first kitchen picture I was wondering about the unique black wrought iron cupboard support before I saw the next picture and realized they were candlesticks!

    • Avatar Sharee

      Switch to a white sauce or wear an apron when eating. Then you can have the best of both worlds.

  • Avatar Debra VS

    If one of the doors off of the kitchen housed a washer/dryer and the other was a pantry, this would be my ideal home. Is there a closet in the bedroom and a toilet in the bathroom?

  • Avatar Marcy

    Lovely! Did I miss the information on the size of this beauty?

  • Avatar Rose

    I could definitely live here. Any idea the sq ftg or cost?

  • Simplicity at its most utilitarian elegance. I love this little house front to back, side to side, and in between.

  • Avatar Martha

    This would be the perfect space and layout to suit me.

  • Avatar kristina nadreau

    perfect in all respects functionally. I could live here, with fewer interior dead animal skins.

    • Avatar Steve in Palm Bay

      Sounds like a bunch of city girls….

  • Avatar Aloszko

    If only there was a dead animal skin in at least one of the rooms. Then and only then would it be perfect.

    • Avatar Comet

      I knew there was SOMETHING——

    • Yeah could have done without the dead animal skins….

      • Avatar Eric

        So, you’d prefer live animal skins?? Sheesh, if they are dead might as well make use of them after all… non?

        • Avatar Comet

          LOL—some of these look more like faux skins—some of them are actually quite good these days. And–the people who get all butt hurt over certain skins–cow hide in particular—should think about this:: If we no longer use milk; dairy products; beef or leather—we are calling for the EXTINCTION of the animals used for these. Ditto for sheep; domestic goats; chickens; domestic ducks and geese; and pigs. Very few of the species we commonly use for these needs are now “wild”; aside from a few specimens these are now almost completely domesticated. This of course also goes for dogs and cats which some feel should not be pets. Of course there are wild cats and dogs; but these are not companion animals which bring comfort and joy to many and of course are also used as therapy or assistance animals; from Seeing Eye Dogs to monkeys that help the paralyzed. No one has ever seen a Seeing Eye wolf or a Seeing Eye coyote.

          I would not really like to see the reaction of my dogs and chickens and guinea pigs to the suggestion that they and their breeds should go extinct.

  • BEAUTIFUL! Doesn’t look so cramped!! BUT, since I already have my own lot to put this on, someone may lose a sale because you people don’t list the sq. ft., and prices – why? Should I look somewhere else?
    This one is so neat!!!

  • Avatar SaturdaySportsman

    Give me that.

  • Avatar Trish

    The white interior and layout makes this house very spacious. Are there closets in the bedroom? Also, is there a washer in the house? It’s a very practical and livable design.

  • Avatar Diedra

    Yes, this is a modified whidbey, and tumbleweed used to carry house designs you could build on foundations on their website. Now, they are only sold on houseplams.com, but they only have the original 1 bedroom and two bedroom versions, not that modified version, who h used to be on the tumbleweed site: http://www.houseplans.com/plan/557-square-feet-2-bedroom-1-bathroom-0-garage-cottage-39331 This plan has two closets in the back bedroom, so one could be used for a stackable washer dryer.
    Now tinyhouse talk actually featured another, actually the original modified version on the site a while back: https://tinyhousetalk.com/woman-downsizes-to-tiny-cottage/
    She says she put her washer and dryer in the front bedroom closet.

  • Avatar Brian

    What is there to dislike. A breath or fresh air. Thanks for sharing and cheers from Australia

  • Avatar Comet

    Just had to go do a little bit of self administered CPR after I saw that PRICE TAG tho.

    Where exactly IS this? For less than HALF of that I will sell you MY house and you can upgrade it to these standards–with or with out the dead animals!—and you would STILL save a ton of money. And I have a killer view and an ice cream producing cow farm within shouting distance–what MORE could you WANT?

    • Avatar gale

      Come to NC. You can build for much much less and enjoy our beautiful area as well. It is a gorgeous home. I would love to have it.

      • Avatar Comet

        NC is actually on our “short list” of places to move in the next few years. We have been down there scouting and enjoying the Tail of the Dragon area. Some areas seem to have a large number of lower priced houses and we are not really looking for a huge place; either we will buy and re-hab or possibly get an RV for awhile–or build if we find the right place! Very up-in-the-air right now.

    • Avatar Melody

      I love the house, no doubt. But the price! You could buy a mansion in Missouri on 5-50 beautiful acres for that price. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want the bills or the upkeep for a mansion. I’m just saying with costs being so drastically different, that house would have to be on private beach frontage in Hawaii for me to think it’s reasonable. We have rivers here and granite countertops too(plus lot’s of animal skins if desired). LOL

  • Avatar Dean

    Oh c’mon Comet, don’t be so bashful. Tell us how you really feel.
    It’s a nice house. Can’t we just celebrate the fact that its a nice house?
    For those asking about Sq.Ft., this house appears to be a 2 bedroom affair and the same version of the actual Tumbleweed Whidbey is 557 sq.ft., so my guess is this house is somewhere around 650-750 sq.ft.
    …and I too am wondering if a laundry unit isn’t hidden inside those doors in the kitchen. Would be an excellent place for one!

    • Avatar Comet

      Oh it IS a nice house! I just had a case of “Sticker shock” on it!

  • Avatar Patti

    Is there a source for the entry door? That is the exact door I have been looking for to install in my backyard cottage.

  • Avatar Rue

    Interesting; this house seems like too much space for me, which means my estimate of 300-400 sq. ft for my personal comfort is probably on the dot.

    They did a nice job with this one – I especially like the deck off the back bedroom. It’s probably the river views that hike up the price.

    If I did this plan I think I’d do the two lofts option with cathedral ceiling in the living room, and skip the back bedroom. Then maybe a rear deck off the kitchen for morning coffee.

  • Avatar Sparrow

    A small house that actually looks like a house, not a wooden box. Wow.

    Ridiculous price though for that kind of square footage. Pass!

  • Avatar BrownLuster


    Animal skin rugs and all…I really LOVE this phenomenal open concept house design. Beautiful job on this home…inside and out. I’m breathing in a sigh of relaxation as I type this just from looking at the photos of this nicely done home! Ahhhhh…..

  • Avatar DebD

    This is simple, clean, uncluttered, well-organized and beautiful!

  • Avatar Carol Ann Gore Dorn

    I’m thinking of the Berkshire

  • thank you everyone for your wonderful support and comments! the laundry room is in the kitchen..i outfitted the closet with a front loading 24″ bosch compact washer and dryer(stackable) and also put in a great closet organizer/shelving unit for detergent/cleaning supplies/etc. the washer/dryer was an absolute must on the main floor! my washer and dryer seem to be going nonstop!!

  • Avatar Shirley

    I guess I have problem with costs of these tiny homes being several hundred thousand dollars. I realize this is made with expensive materials. Again when they first introduced tiny homes, it was to keep costs down for singles, young couples, retired people. All for purpose of being able to live a simple life without the burden of hig mortgage or high rent. Giving many opportunity to many to own a home that was affordable. More and more, the homes are very expensive. My parents live in a house almost exactly this size. Brick exterior, full basement and has living room, kitchen and dining room, plus 2 bedrooms and bath. It only cost them $53,000 and that included the price of the 50 foot lot. So, I guess I look at these tiny homes and wonder how, they are costing 3-4 times what my parents house? I want a tiny home so badly. I am disabled, so if could find one like the ones I use to se.for $25-30 thousand, I would be thrilled. I want one that is small and easy to keep clean, not a large space to have to move from place to place. I just want a home that is mine, cozy and I can take care of. Yes this house is beautiful, but not what I consider an original tiny home. Thanks for allowing me to express my opinion.

    • Avatar maria

      I agree 100% , lots of tiny houses are built by people disabled, seniors, college kids, people just starting out, even buying a trailer cost nearly $5000 new alone. I’m looking into the recycle material, I’m disabled looking for the how to build one for $2000 or under.

  • Avatar Valerie

    Very nice and looks so comfortable but too white. But adds some blue to color makes a very cottage style like.

  • Avatar Rich

    If you would be so foolish as to pay the asking price for this house I know of an island often under water off the coast of Florida that you can buy at the reduced price of only $1M!

    • Avatar Payton

      Rich, I had a great lol on what you said. you are so right on everything. this price is crazy, and just because a lot of people want to build a small home, I think that, the prices are going to go up, as this is just what happens all the time, if the builders can charge it, they will. I want one so bad but where to build, I am disabled also, that is why I want to do this.

    • Avatar Michelle

      I am so tired of all the guffawing (yeah, I said guffawing) at the price of some places, implying that people are suckers to even consider buying them. Location, location, location, people! The median price of a detached home where I live is over $500k. It is all relative.

  • Avatar karen

    Where did you get the little wood stove?

  • Be still my beating heart…..lovely!

  • Avatar Batchy

    where do your clothes go in these beautiful tiny houses



  • Avatar Janp

    Nice design. Can’t pay the big bucks anymore however

  • Avatar Lesa

    This is simply irresistible.

  • Avatar BeckyG

    Great house! Quite homey looking! Not as sterile as those others! Hey Comet, have you driven the Dragon or rattleSnake? My son just drove both of them about a month ago! Of course, he thinks road rules are made for everyone else, then the are HIS road rules!!!! Come on to NC! Not so bad! Lovely mountains, gorgeous beaches(if you can find a place to access the beach that is)! And everything in between!

  • Thank you for all the wonderful reviews and positive comments!! there is a washer dryer(stackable) in the closet right off the kitchen.(I purchased the stackable Bosch 24″ vented)I built a great storage unit surrounding the machines which houses all the cleaning and laundry supplies. it was so important to maximize every little nook and cranny with great storage systems, shelving snd hooks. the basement is also wonderful storage space as the mechanicals are all placed in the attic. the walk in closet is a dream closet and could easily be a great sharing space for 2 people! there is also a five foot closet in the front bedroom and a nicely sized linen closet in the bathroom; a coat closet in the entry area for another additional storage space(so nice to have a place to put things away as you walk in the front door). I also put some really cool locally made branch hooks behind the front door for extra coat and bag hanging!!

  • the wood stove is a regency alterra cs 1200 model wood stove..a small wood stove with great storage underneath for wood and it completely warmed the entire house!

  • Avatar Joanie

    Wow, that shower head is almost on the ceiling so pretty hard to readh unless you are very tall.

  • Avatar jm

    Nice house for sure. Not any kind of value for sure also. Most people interested in tiny homes are needing affordable homes. I am confident in that statement. Sure, some just want small spaces…but if money is no concern…Dangle a brand new corvette in front of my eyes and let me lust after that!
    Why should people who pay $1,000/month for small efficency apartments can’t puchase the same size home, at an affordable price, and have some equity grow? This is the need.

  • Avatar Gigi

    A real New England cottage so typical of this pricey area of western Massachusetts not far from where I lived for a half century. The Berkshires are a favorite destination for wealthier New Yorkers who want country homes. I noticed on the Tumbleweed blog a lot of nasty exchanges about price and rip-offs. Sure you can save a lot of money by building your own place, but not all of us can. Others have the bucks to splurge on high end materials. It’s all good.

  • Avatar Deb

    What’s the sq footage on this beautiful cottage?

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