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700sf A-frame Chalet Cabin in Belfair WA For Sale 003

This is a 700 sq. ft. A-frame cabin that’s listed for sale on Zillow in Belfair, Washington. Asking price is $145,000. Do you like it? Do you think it’s a good deal?

Photos © NWMLS/Zillow

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794 Sq Ft Tiny Cottage FSBO in Farmingdale ME 001

This is a 794 sq. ft. tiny cottage on a foundation that’s for sale by owner (listed on Zillow) in Farmingdale, ME. It’s a two bedroom, two bathroom home on a .36 acre lot and an 8’x12′ garden shed. Asking price is $117,000. What do you think?

Photos via Zillow

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Tiny Houses Now Legal in Portland

The answer is, not really! The truth is that tiny houses on wheels and RV’s parked on residential properties are simply being tolerated while parked on residential property in Portland, Oregon for the time being.

In other words, they’re de-prioritizing code enforcement in these cases because changing the law is complicated (so this is a temporary solution for tiny dwellers in Portland). Please learn more, see what you may be able to do to help, and spread the word below. Thanks!

Will Other Cities Do The Same Thing and ‘Tolerate Tiny’?

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Contemporary THOW For Sale in Oakland 001

This is a contemporary tiny house on wheels that’s listed for sale at the Tiny Home Builders Marketplace. Learn more and enjoy the tour below. Thanks!

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Modern THOW by Tiny House Belgium 001

This is a modern tiny home on wheels by Tiny House Belgium. It’s beautiful, isn’t it? According to Tiny House Town, it was built for The Pop-Up Hotel in Oostkamp, Belgium (and it’s one of three you can stay in). Learn more and enjoy the tour below!

© Tiny House Belgium

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Georgia THOW 003

This is the Georgia Tiny House on Wheels by the Tiny House Building Company in Fredericksburg, VA. It’s a 315 square feet tiny home built onto a 28ft gooseneck trailer. Enjoy!

© Tiny House Building Company

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North Sister THOW via Faircompanies 004

This is the story of a family who has been living tiny since they started out together. Today, they’re in a custom built, high-end tiny home on wheels. But thanks to Faircompanies, they share not only their THOW with us, but some of their previous adventures in living tiny. Enjoy!

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