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Old Wheat Mill in Greece Turned Tiny Home

It’s so wonderful when old things are repurposed and given a new life, and that’s especially the case with old mills. While modern technology might make these structures obsolete, they are still gorgeous relics of a time gone by. And in the case of this stone one in Greece, it’s architecturally sound! Why get rid of something made so well?

The house has a small kitchen and bathroom on the first floor, and then two bedrooms on the next two floors. But the inside isn’t the best part — outdoors there’s a pool, hot tub, outdoor shower, and breathtaking ocean views. Could you live in a windmill?

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Historic Stone Windmill Makes Amazing Guest Accommodations

The windmill has access to a gorgeous pool.

Or enjoy the hot tub.

A shaded outdoor eating area.

Look at the amazing door that welcomes you inside.

A curved kitchen takes up the first floor.

You have a little mini-fridge and a sink.

Glass doors close off the bathroom.

The sunlight shines through the door.

The toilet is behind a privacy screen.

Look at the stunning timber roof above the queen bed.

Look at the cool windows in the floor.

Pulleys open some of the windows. Take a look at those views.

The smaller bedroom is on the second level.

A beautiful road leads to the windmill.

The pool has incredible views.

Look at the sails! So beautiful.


It is a real old windmill that worked to grind wheat and produce flour. This operation stopped with the appearance of the machines a few years later when it was used as a residence. It consists of 3 floors. On the ground floor there is the kitchen and the bathroom, the children’s bedroom upstairs and on the third floor there is the main bedroom with a 360th view of the endless blue but also in the mountainous part of the island. Outside there is a pool,kitchen ,shower.

What makes the Windmill stand out is its authenticity. It is a true relic of the past that is renovated and well-equipped to give its visitors its positive energy and aura.

Our guests have the opportunity to enjoy all the space of our property which includes, apart from the interior, all the natural environment that surrounds the Windmill. The view of the endless blue of the Ionian Sea that extends from the coast of Kefalonia and reaches the coast of the Peloponnese and all the northeastern side of Zakynthos and all the mountainous side of northern Zakynthos is magnificent.

Due to the uniqueness and authenticity of the space there is an exterior fully equipped kitchen ,an outdoor shower and a new swimming pool.

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  • Eric
    January 6, 2024, 12:54 pm

    Loved it when I saw the outside… but when I looked at the inside… OMG! What a cramped disaster zone. Got dizzy just looking at it. Its a NO from me.

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