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Vintage 1978 8′ Sunline Micro Travel Trailer for Sale (Sold)

I had to show you this 1978 8′ Sunline micro travel trailer that’s for sale on Craigslist right now (SOLD).

It’s very similar to a teardrop camper since it’s ultra small and light weight.

This means you can tow it with just about any vehicle… Even a 4 cylinder car.

The entire thing weighs only like 800 lbs. so you might even be able to tow it with some motorcycles!

And you’ll be surprised at how much you are able to fit into this micro camper:

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  • Sink.
  • Icebox.
  • Removable table inside.
  • Generator.
  • Jack.
  • Gray water tank.
  • Couch/table converts into bed.
  • 32″ flatscreen inside.

1978 Sunline Micro Travel Trailer For Sale


If you like teardrops you’ll probably enjoy just looking at this micro travel trailer below:

sunline-micro-travel-trailer-for-sale-002 sunline-micro-travel-trailer-for-sale-003 sunline-micro-travel-trailer-for-sale-004 sunline-micro-travel-trailer-for-sale-005 sunline-micro-travel-trailer-for-sale-006 sunline-micro-travel-trailer-for-sale-007

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sunline-micro-travel-trailer-for-sale-008 sunline-micro-travel-trailer-for-sale-009 sunline-micro-travel-trailer-for-sale-0010

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More Features/Details

  • 8′ x 5′
  • Fits easily into a garage.
  • Rare/Vintage

Available right now (as I write this) on Craigslist in Portland (Canby): http://portland.craigslist.org/clc/rvs/4460866905.html

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  • Avatar Eugene

    that is very cool, perfect to hide in when the inlaws come for a visit.

  • I think this is really nice.

  • Did anybody else not SEE that HOOT of a retro sign which clearly states: “Coffee Keeps You Busy…Til It’s Time To DRINK!” LOVE it! And the teeny-tiny camper, too! ;-D

  • Avatar Barb B

    Well Done! Loved it—wish it was an option for me. Very, very cozy!

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