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True North Retreat Tiny House: A Country Cottage on Wheels

I can’t wait to see what the True North Retreat looks like when completed! Acorn Tiny Homes just sent us this press release of their latest tiny home design along with tons of renderings of the space you can check out below. The house can be either placed on a trailer or on skids as a cottage, depending on where you want to put it.

Amazingly, this 38′ by 10′ THOW can sleep up to 7 people! There are two lofts, a private gooseneck bedroom, and you could even put someone on the couch. Additionally, there’s a spacious living area, an amazing U-shaped kitchen with full-sized appliances, and a 3/4 bathroom. The Cottage-Country finishes make this a cozy place to call home!

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Country Cottage Tiny House on Wheels by Acorn Tiny Homes

True North Retreat Exterior (3)

Images via Acorn Tiny Homes

Spacious Design: Boasting a generous 546 square feet of living space, the True North Retreat provides ample room to live, work, and play comfortably.

True North Retreat Interior Living Area

Images via Acorn Tiny Homes

Measuring 38′ x 10′ 6” x 13′ 6” on a Gooseneck trailer, this tiny home offers a well-optimized layout.

True North Retreat Interior Living Area (2)

Images via Acorn Tiny Homes

Accommodating: With sleeping accommodations for up to seven individuals, it’s the perfect place for families, friends, or solo adventurers.

True North Retreat Interior Living Area (3)

Images via Acorn Tiny Homes

Abundant Natural Light: Featuring 19 triple-glazed, energy-efficient windows, a classic craftsman front door, and a secondary access point with a 5′ wide full-glass patio door, the True North Retreat invites the outdoors in.

True North Retreat Interior

Images via Acorn Tiny Homes

Durable Exterior: The stylish faux stone and metal siding and roofing are designed to last a remarkable 50 years, providing a low-maintenance and timeless appearance.

True North Retreat Interior Stairs

Images via Acorn Tiny Homes

Fully Equipped: This turn-key home includes all appliances and furniture, with options for mattress, skirting, and onsite setup.

True North Retreat Interior Stairs (2)

Images via Acorn Tiny Homes

Outdoor Oasis: Enjoy outdoor cooking with the built-in BBQ station, complete with a grill, mini-fridge, washing station, and BBQ pass-through window all included.

True North Retreat Interior Main Bedroom

Images via Acorn Tiny Homes

Clever Storage Solutions: The True North Retreat features custom cabinetry with integrated storage throughout, including a raised master bedroom with an oversized wardrobe offering 36 cubic feet of storage. It includes 2 loft/storage spaces.

True North Retreat Interior Main Bedroom (2)

Images via Acorn Tiny Homes

Bathroom Functionality: The bathroom boasts a 4′ concrete-look shower with luxury floor-to-ceiling tile, with flushable and water-less (off-grid) toilets available.

True North Retreat Interior Kitchen

Images via Acorn Tiny Homes

Energy Efficiency: Constructed with wood framing and spray foam insulation, the True North Retreat also includes an exterior insulated layer that exceeds code requirements.

True North Retreat Interior Kitchen (2)

Images via Acorn Tiny Homes

Two ERVs (Energy Recovery Ventilators), a Navien tankless water heater, and a ductless mini-split with a built-in heat pump ensure a comfortable and efficient living environment.

True North Retreat Interior Bathroom (2)

Images via Acorn Tiny Homes

Certified for Permanence: CSA Z240 MH certified as a permanent dwelling in Canada, this model offers options for the USA market as well.

True North Retreat Interior Bathroom

Images via Acorn Tiny Homes

When on wheels, the trailer is purpose built and engineered by Kangaroo Trailers.

True North Retreat Loft

Images via Acorn Tiny Homes

Off-Grid Living: Explore the off-grid lifestyle with solar power system and fully off-grid packages available.

True North Retreat Exterior Rain (3)

Images via Acorn Tiny Homes

Home Automation: Stay connected and in control when home or away with optional home automation features.

True North Retreat Exterior BBQ Station

Images via Acorn Tiny Homes

Green Living: Elevate your space with an upgradable stylish exterior and/or interior plant wall, available in both faux and live wall options.

True North Retreat Exterior (6)

Images via Acorn Tiny Homes

Finally, here is the floor plan!

True North Retreat aerial floorplan

Images via Acorn Tiny Homes


  • $258,000 CAD ($186,859 USD) for a Tiny Home on Wheels
  • $238,000 CAD ($166,859 USD) for a Garden Suite
  • 546 sq ft
  • 38′ x 10′ 6” x 13′ 6” on Gooseneck
  • Sleeps up to 7
  • 19 triple glazed, energy efficient windows, classic craftsman front front door and secondary access with 5′ wide, full glass, patio door
  • Stylish faux stone and metal siding and roofing with a 50 year life span for a long lasting and maintenance-free look
  • Turn key home with all appliances and furniture included (mattress, skirting, and onsite set up are also available)
  • Custom cabinetry, with integrated storage throughout
  • Built in BBQ station with grill, mini fridge, and washing station included
  • Large U-shaped 26 sq ft kitchen quartz counter top, with eat-at bar and BBQ pass-through window
  • Raised master bedroom and 2 loft/storage spaces
  • Master bedroom includes storage bed, and an oversized wardrobe with 36 cubic feet of storage
  • Flushable and water-less (off-grid) toilets are available
  • 4′ concrete look shower with luxury floor to ceiling tile
  • Wood framed construction with spray foamed insulation, and an exterior insulated layer for continuous insulation that exceeds code requirements
  • 2 ERVs (Energy Recovery Ventilator) to ensure healthy air and a healthy home
  • Navien tankless water heater
  • Ductless Minisplit (A/C) with built in heat pump
  • Purpose built and engineered trailer by Kangaroo Trailers
  • CSA Z240 MH certified as a permanent dwelling for Canada (USA options also available)
  • Solar system and fully off-grid packages available
  • Home automation available
  • Upgradable stylish exterior and/or interior plant wall (both faux and live wall options are available)

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Natalie C. McKee

Natalie C. McKee is a contributor for Tiny House Talk and the Tiny House Newsletter. She's a wife, and mama of three little kids. She and her family are homesteaders with sheep, goats, chickens, ducks and quail on their happy little acre.
{ 5 comments… add one }
  • Victoria
    October 9, 2023, 10:57 pm

    I like this one alot. Nice bedroom area that you can stand in and the kitchen is super cool. I can see having a deck right outside of that and serving right from the kitchen.

  • Donna Rae
    October 11, 2023, 2:57 pm

    Though this Tiny House is livable with all the right things in the right places, I have to say that, for me personally, I find it a bit awkward. The main thing that I saw a problem with is how everything around the perimeter is elevated. The door is elevated. The sofa is elevated. The ladder to the loft is elevated. I know that many times this is how builders deal with running plumbing or electrical, or the elevated bits are hiding the wheel wells so I can understand about that being an easy solution but I am especially concerned about is that elevated door, requiring you to step down as you enter. I know that many people wouldn’t see it as a problem but what about people in wheel chairs or other mobility issues, or the elderly who could easily trip and fall because of it. It’s not a horrendous problem but it makes me feel uncomfortable about it even just looking at it. Perhaps in actually walking through the house that feeling might not be as bad so I’m not totally against it but I just find it concerning. I’d rather have a regular couch and not the elevated built-in. Again, it just looks awkward to me personally. Others won’t mind at all, I’m sure. Don’t elevate the refrigerator, either, please. Give me a regular sized, tall, rest on the floor fridge so I have a lot of room so I don’t have to go shopping very often. A regular fridge is easier to replace as it ages, too. RV style refrigerators are more expensive and are more of a bother to replace. And perhaps the designer wanted to add a unique feature with the corner angle in the bedroom but to me that represents a loss of floor space. And, lastly, there are just too many different finishes on the exterior. It’s just too busy and as it weathers, refreshing it would be more of an effort if there were only a couple different finishes. If that plant wall is removable so it can go out of the way while you paint the exterior, I am ok with that, sort of. Again, all of that is based solely on personal preference and many others will love everything I have suggested changing. And that’s just fine, too. It may not be a favorite Tiny but it is definitely something that could make a nice home.

    • James D.
      October 12, 2023, 5:30 pm

      “The sofa is elevated.”

      Note, the sofa shown has no feet or base. It’s mounted to the raised floor, which means it’s not elevated and would thus be used normally.

      While, the floor plan photo doesn’t show that raised floor under the sofa, just the raised entrance door. The whole thing is also just a CG model rendering. So it could just be a rendering issue, also may have just been simpler to hide the front feet of the sofa than show the rear cut off as is often the case with a sofa over the wheel wells, and side from dealing with the wheel wells, there isn’t a reason for the whole perimeter to be raised. Meaning it should only be where the living room intersects the wheel wells and rest was just not to deal with too many details in a rendering.

      • Donna Rae
        October 13, 2023, 6:56 pm

        I just hope that, because it is merely a rendering, the designers will at least consider what potential customers have to say. And whatever changes I mention are suggestions and are only my personal point of view…things I would take into consideration when thinking of buying something. All comments should be paid attention to and at least taken as food for thought.

        • James D.
          October 14, 2023, 1:05 am

          Of course, but context should not be ignored to avoid misunderstandings. For example, custom builders, by definition, always take into considerations their client’s concerns but also that not everything shown are going to apply to all client’s or will be exactly as shown because that is not what a custom builds represents.

          Changes are actually encouraged by custom builders as it is suppose to be tailored to the specific client. Their FAQ even states that their client’s, “Tiny Home is 100% custom built, made to your exact specifications”…

          So it’s always open to discussion…

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