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Stylish Ash Tiny Home with Home Office by Made Relative

This is a gorgeous shiplap and birch tiny home on wheels called the “Ash” built by Made Relative Tiny Homes. It’s available now for $92,000 and can be shipped anywhere in the United States.

The 30-foot tiny house features a raised living room space, a fixed desk/office, and two lofts — one for storage and another sleeping area. There’s a beautiful live-edge countertop in front of a large window for a meal with a view.

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Spacious 30 Ft. Tiny Home on Wheels with Dedicated Workspace in Shiplap & Birch

I love the accent wood on the ceiling.

The galley kitchen has an oven.

Perfect desk space for working from home.

A ladder can be added for loft access.

There’s some cool wood-work on the wall.

I always love the light provided by ceiling-height windows.

There’s an apartment-sized refrigerator.

It’s great to have four burners.

The electric panel is behind the fridge.

These countertops are cool.

The ladder hides underneath the countertop.

There’s so much light in this design!

Open shelving for plants and dishes.

There’s a large luxury bathroom.

Such a pretty bowl sink.

And a residential toilet with towel shelf.

One-piece shower stall.

Here’s a trippy photo!

Storage under the staircase.

Here’s the main sleeping loft.


  • $92,000 (Reduced)
  • Exterior features:
  • House built on 30’ x 8.5’ industry leading PAD Tiny House Trailer with (3) 7K axles
  • Built in leveling jacks
  • Sealed aluminum floor pan
  • Beveled cedar siding finished with all in one weather protection stain
  • Horizon-Loc matte gray concealed fastener metal roof and siding installed
  • White modern LED lighting fixture at front door
  • Under trailer plumbing/sewage reading to connect to fit living style
  • Under trailer outdoor rated propane lines run to gas stove and hot water heater from included propane tanks
  • 50 amp 125/250 volt twist lock RV inlet on back side of house which can be used with an RV cord for 50 amp service as well as 30, 20 or 15 amp service with proper adapter (50 amp to 15 amp adapter included)
  • Mini-split AC/Heating ready (unit not included)
  • Interior features:
  • Modern white shiplap and birch throughout interior
  • Overhead dimmable LED lighting
  • 320 sq. ft. of living space
  • Engineered, waterproof vinyl plank hickory tongue and groove wood floors throughout living area
  • 11 windows allow maximum natural light as well as air flow through the house
  • 6” insulfoam R-23 floor insulation, R-15 roxul wall insulation, R-23 roxul ceiling insulation
  • 80 sq. ft. master loft complete with engineered, waterproof vinyl plank hickory tongue and groove wood floors
  • 32 sq. ft. secondary loft complete with engineered, waterproof vinyl plank hickory tongue and groove wood floors
  • Rinnai tankless hot water heater conveniently located in bathroom cabinet for easy access and adjustment
  • Living Room:
  • Full wall coverage osage bookcase, with multiple cubbies with outlets for electronics
  • Ash entertainment center with outlets perfect for TV set up
  • Custom made caramel velvet couch with ash accents and storage underneath, easily converted to sleeping area
  • Attached ash work desk with coordinating chair
  • Secondary storage loft above with room for twin size mattress
  • Included removable loft ladder with storage area underneath bar
  • Kitchen:
  • Thick oak counter-top with black drop in kitchen sink
  • Single-handle matching black faucet with pull down spray
  • Walnut backsplash around countertop and sink area
  • Open-faced storage with custom made live-edge oak
  • 30’’ full size black gas range with oven and warming drawer
  • Fitted black refrigerator with freezer on top
  • Multi-speed matching ventless hood fan with lighting
  • Osage bar with 2 gun metal bar stools and matching ash foot rest
  • Woven light hangs above allowing focused light on Kitchen/Bar area
  • Bathroom:
  • Luxury floating vinyl tile installed throughout
  • Custom made wood bathroom door
  • Thick oak counter-top with black vessel sink
  • Cedar backsplash throughout bathroom counter area
  • Ash shelving slabs placed throughout bathroom for great storage space
  • Black towel hangers installed throughout
  • Black LED vanity light provides excellent lighting over mirror and sink
  • Combo washer/dryer unit (not included) fits perfectly under counter with all hook ups
  • Optional dual flush toilet with sleek one-piece design or ready to fit your own composting toilet (composting toilet not included)
  • 48” by 36” shower stall with seating bench
  • Vented fan allows for optimum air flow throughout bathroom
  • Loft:
  • Switchback staircase with finished ash tops allows for easy access to loft
  • Staircase designed for maximum storage with 3 large cabinets
  • 80 sq. ft. loft complete with engineered, waterproof vinyl plank hickory tongue and groove wood floors
  • Custom made wood loft railing
  • Dimmable overhead LED lighting along with modern bedside reading light
  • 2 drop down windows to allow airflow in loft
  • Added ash corner pieces allow for easy close-to-bed storage
  • Easily fits Queen size mattress

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  • Donna Rae
    April 17, 2023, 4:25 pm

    If you are looking at this for its aesthetic appeal, it is there in spades, for sure. Very lovely, very appealing. And overall, the designers fit a lot of nice features into this tiny space. I love that there is a normal sofa and it still feels roomy. I like that there appears to be a space for a washer/dryer unit in the bathroom so no trips to the laundromat. I love the counter by the windows! Meals and being able to have a view while working on your laptop is wonderful! I do think I would add a couple inches to the width, though. Probably ok as is but that little bit of extra room on a counter is always appreciated. Like most people, I can see a few things I would change if I was ordering one of these for myself…others will be more than happy with this very nice Tiny as is, of course. I know that raised floors in a Tiny usually means that some plumbing or electrical is hidden there but I’d really like the floors to be completely flat. Not that it’s a huge step but it’s just more appealing and less choppy if it’s a nice smooth floor…less awkward looking in this case with the slightly odd angle and less of a tripping hazard for those of us who are maybe a little clumsy. Minor but it can make a bit of a difference to me and possibly others. Please find a better place for that electrical panel so there could be a full sized refrigerator. Again, minor, but it could mean fewer trips to the grocery store. I know that open shelves is an attempt to make it look roomier but I prefer cabinets with doors to hide the less than attractive kitchen stuff that is just a pain to keep looking nice enough to be viewed by the public. Spices, packets, odd shaped bottles, boxes…we all have it in our kitchens and I would really like mine to be behind closed doors. And, if you need to move your Tiny, you don’t have to pack it all up so it doesn’t fall off the shelf…though moving probably doesn’t happen all that much. I agree that it is a trippy photo of the stairs…well done…but for me, anyway, the key word there is “trippy.” I can’t imagine having to navigate those in the middle of the night to use the facilities and, like so many Tiny staircases, there is no hand rail even along the wall to give you some stability while going up and down. We all can trip or miscalculate once in a while and there’s nothing to stop you from ending up on the floor below. I’m not complaining, only noticing things that would make my life just a little bit easier. I think the design team did a nice job and I give them Kudos!

    • James D.
      April 17, 2023, 9:04 pm

      “And, if you need to move your Tiny, you don’t have to pack it all up so it doesn’t fall off the shelf…”

      Just a cautionary point but having cabinets doesn’t mean you don’t have to pack up everything. First, they can still open during a move and spew their contents out. Second, even if they remain close doesn’t mean the contents are safe as anything breakable could still break inside the cabinets. Third, it doesn’t mean the contents won’t become a jumbled mess and be a hazard when you finally open them at your destination.

      While what you may need to pack often won’t be limited to what you keep in cabinets. Like even appliances may need to be packed up because more residential appliances are not designed to handle the vibrations and wear and tear that they will experience in a moving THOW, which is one of the reasons photos from the builder don’t always show all the appliances installed because it’s safer to install them once the home is delivered and that can mean they may need to be moved separately if the home is moved again.

      Unless using RV appliances or appliances made for marine use, for example, then moving a THOW can involve more than just moving the home. Even full time RV’ers can still need to pack up when they’re going to move to a different location, depending on their setup.

      Conversely, having open shelves doesn’t preclude not needing to pack up before a move. Since, there are other ways to secure items. Depending on what you have on the shelves, a simple bungee cord may be all that’s required to secure what’s on the shelf for the move, for example. Some people have made that work for them with strategically placed hooks that allow them to quickly secure for a move. People have even made ways to enclose the shelving during the move to lock everything in place or built in ways to secure the items on the shelf.

      While it also depends what you’re going to be keeping, like someone who likes lots of indoor plants may need at least some shelving instead of cabinets because not everything can be just put away. Along with items that may be too large for a cabinet but can fit on a shelf… It’s not always just for appearances but for practical reasons.

      Doesn’t mean cabinets won’t be easier to handle for a move but moving can have problems either way…

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