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Tiny House Hunters TV Show on HGTV Tonight 10 PM EST

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This is an announcement to let you know that the NEW Tiny House Hunters TV Show is premiering tonight, Monday, Dec. 15, at 10 PM EST on HGTV.

Tonight’s show features a Jersey City newlywed couple who are searching for a tiny house on a large rural lot. The tiny house movement sure is gaining momentum in the mainstream world, isn’t it?

Yesterday I told you about our friend Derek “DEEK” Diedricksen’s Tiny House Builders show which is also on HGTV called Tiny House Builders. Great show! Hopefully this one will be good, too.

Tiny House Hunters TV Show on HGTV Mondays at 10 PM EST


Image © HGTV

Learn more: http://www.hgtv.com/shows/tiny-house-hunters

Tonight’s episode: http://www.hgtv.com/shows/tiny-house-hunters/episodes/jersey-city-newlyweds-search-for-tiny-house-on-large-rural-lot

More Upcoming Episodes Include:

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This post contains affiliate links.

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  • DavidR
    December 15, 2014, 1:17 pm

    Since it’s part of HGTV’s “House Hunter” franchise, I’ll have to pass. Never has a more annoying tv show been foisted off on us since the beginning of the unreality tv movement. People still religiously watch this despite the recent revelations that it’s always been scripted.

    • Susie Hardin
      July 28, 2015, 2:25 am

      I couldn’t agree more. It’s time to read a book!

  • Nysha
    December 15, 2014, 1:42 pm

    I realize that it’s totally scripted, but I watch because I like to see the different houses and I like to guess which one they’ve chosen. The actual people are superfluous.

  • Martha
    December 15, 2014, 1:55 pm

    I watch House Hunters once in a while and am embarrassed to hear the way most people complain about the rooms being too small, the bathrooms too small, the kitchen will have to be totally gutted, and on and on. I grew up in a family of 8, with only one bathroom, and I don’t think I ever look back and wish I had had more space. I just can’t imagine what the show will do with a tiny house.

    • 2BarA
      December 15, 2014, 8:50 pm

      Martha, I agree with you. It makes me mad to hear all the complaints about what I often consider to be a nice house. Also get mad when they tear down the walls, reducing four rooms to one. Some people like to get on every passing bandwagon.

  • alice h
    December 15, 2014, 3:33 pm

    Maybe on this show they’ll complain that everything is too BIG! Moot point for me, I don’t get this channel.

  • Kelly Libert
    December 15, 2014, 3:40 pm

    As HGTV is a cable show, it seems incongruous to air a show about tiny homes on that network. One of the first things I simplified was getting rid of cable. An antenna connection, Apple tv, and a streaming Netflix membership reduced that monthly bill from around $100 to $7.99 a month. I would like to hear otherwise, but I suspect that the attitude of the show will be less “this is how YOU can do it” than “look at the wacky way some people live.”

  • Susan
    December 15, 2014, 8:14 pm

    I’m excited and looking forward to it! So happy to see Tiny Houses getting more exposure. I love the all the Tiny Houses and enjoy hearing about the people that choose to live this way. I will be watching for sure!!!!!!

  • Cahow
    December 16, 2014, 9:24 am

    Aarrrrrggghhhhh! I wanted to beat Adam (the husband) with a stick!!!! That man worked my LAST NERVE and I had to literally FORCE myself to watch the 20+ minutes of the show!!! What a Control Freak over his wife (Karen, I believe). Clearly, the desire to “Go Tiny” was HIS agenda and he dragged her into his “dream” of “seeing how tiny we can go” with severe reservations on her part.

    I laughed at his hypocrisy of continually dismissing HER non-negotiable need to have a FLUSH toilet while his #1 complaint in viewing the Tree House home was “There’s No Stove.” Yeah, Mr. Idiot, Buy A Clue! If you go truly as TINY as YOU want, there ain’t gonna be any 6 burner gourmet stove such as you had in your New Jersey flat.

    I would have had far more RESPECT for this show if A) They showed the couple MUTUALLY happy and in agreement that “tiny” is what they wanted vs. one person bullying the other over their lifestyle choice, and B) If the couple hadn’t been so stupidly “Deer In The Headlights” in regards to WHAT THE ‘F’ they both wanted/needed in a tiny house. Heck, I do more research on buying a crock pot or bathroom scale than this couple did for a HOME! They should have sat down with two separate pieces of paper and written their “Non-Negotiable” vs. “Negotiable” needs before they wasted that real estate agents time.

    Couldn’t Adam have done his social experiment with a girlfriend before he foisted HIS beliefs on Karen? Did he tell her about his desire to go micro BEFORE they got married or did he only spring it upon her after the fact? In order to have a long term marriage that works, you must TALK-TALK-TALK about your joint needs, whether that’s where you live, how many kids you have (or not), what religion to bring them up in (or not) and also, WHAT kind of home you live in! The fact that they are burning up every.single.weekend. to drive out to Bumble-F Egypt to do Sweat Equity on their tiny home is going to erode away their fledgling marriage and result in nothing but resentment on Karen’s part. It was clear from her exit interview that she is NOT happy with the arrangement; good luck getting any decent paying teaching job out in the Wilds of Wherever they found their 12 Acres and a Mule.

    I’ll give this silly show 2 more trials but if it proves to be a clone of last night’s train wreck, I’m outta watching it. Right now, it makes Tiny House Dreamers look like unprepared idiots.

  • kris
    December 22, 2014, 7:59 pm

    Cahow I couldn’t agree more. My husband I had to keep pausing the TV to vent because Adam was such a control freak. Obsessed with a composting toilet of all disgusting things without any consideration of Karen’s feelings whatsoever. Talk about ridiculous, buying 12 Acres and blowing their house budget! So dumb spending $80k on the land and only $30k on the house. Forced to do the work themselves burning up all that gas, hogging more land than they need, but live in a closet. Not smart at all.

  • Eva
    January 26, 2016, 12:00 am

    I would LOVE to see follow up shows where they show how it’s been going living in such tight quarters ….I bet many are no longer living tiny or even still together (couples that is)!!!

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