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Solar Off-Grid Transforming Castle House Truck

This transforming castle house truck was designed and built by a young family who live off grid in it.

They live in New Zealand and travel often. But once they find a parking space, their house truck expands incredibly.

I’m absolutely amazed by this project. I’m almost speechless after watching the video below. You’ll have to see it for yourself below to really understand how incredible this tiny house is.

Unbelievably, this tiny expanding house truck has…

  • A rooftop bathtub.
  • An upstairs open balcony space.
  • A separate shower downstairs.
  • A separate toilet room downstairs.
  • Solar panels.
  • A Large kitchen.

And more. Much more. You really have to see it to understand.

Solar Off-Grid Transforming Castle House Truck


Images © Living Big in a Tiny House

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Images © Living Big in a Tiny House

Video: Transforming Castle House Truck Tour (And Interview)

Original story: http://www.livingbiginatinyhouse.com/transforming-castle-truck/


Our big thanks to Princess Rockefeller for sharing this with us!

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  • Avatar Kelly Libert

    I absolutely LOVE the concept. How whimsical and creative. It is too rustic for me, but how much fun to live in your own castle!

  • Avatar Karen R

    WOW!!!!!! I hear the whirl of creative minds . . .

  • Avatar Mike

    This is an excellent example not just of tiny living, but also of individual creative expression. Too often tiny homes look all too similar and, like traditional homes, lack artistic style. Tiny homes are the perfect way to express creative design because it can be incorporated without becoming prohibitively expensive. The style might not suit everyone, and that’s a good thing!

  • Avatar Alex

    This house just blew my mind today.

    • Avatar Mike

      Me too, the more I look at it! I wish I had some of Justin’s engineering skill!

    • Avatar morbious

      Any chance of getting plans for this? I can think of some great variations!

  • Avatar Brenda

    This is by far, hands down, the coolest, most awesome tiny house ever. I would live in one like this with no problem. Love the treadle sewing machine, great idea. My father was an engineer and I could so see him letting his creatives juices flow in something like this. Being a person of the ’60’s (and 70’s) I would have loved this home. Great job you two…..I am impressed. Very creative.

  • Avatar CSB

    Well just WOW! It is wonderful! What creative engineering! I am blown away!
    What an ARTIST/builder/engineer! This pretty much blows all the other[very nice] designs out of the water! LOL! Shades of the old hippy days! Congrats guys you win!

  • Avatar Paul

    Ah… makes me proud to be a Kiwi… must check on when they will be around my way so I can pay a visit and see it first hand.

    Go Kiwis! Yay!!!!

  • Avatar Linda

    That’s an incredible amount of space but I think it will be incredibly difficult to heat.

    • Avatar Claire

      In the north of the North Island, heating probably wouldn’t be an issue since it seldom gets particularly cold. Further south, a good little fireplace and some seals on the joins and gaps would probably keep the place nice and snug. I don’t know that I’d want to stay in the snow though .

  • Avatar Rue

    I’m blown away. What a creative, unique, and well-designed home this is!

    One of the things that impressed me most is how they managed to create separate spaces within the total. In most tiny houses the kitchen is in the living room’s face, so to speak, and there’s almost no sense of moving from one part of the house to another. But here, the different areas really feel like they have their own identity, even when the open doors invite the outdoors in and make the grass feel like it’s part of the living room.

    And that revolving underbed storage system is nothing short of genius…I’ll have to remember that one.

  • Avatar alice h

    Genius! Would love to know more about the mechanics of the transformation and how the components are secured when deployed.

  • Avatar Aaron

    Awesome engineering, Craftsmanship, and artistic aesthetic. It’s a beautiful thing. It inspires me to get building. Very livable. I like the semi-detached, lightweight, bathroom turrets. And the rooftop deck and tub are fabulous. Truly the best I have seen and all on a fairly compact truck.

  • Avatar Nancy Mock

    What an amazing home! Absolutely love it! An engineering and creative genius, with so many features that make it so fun and functional!

  • Avatar Cat

    In the midst of gasping in awe over all the features large and small, I kept finding myself wondering, out of curiosity, how much does this weigh?

    • Avatar morbious

      Might be a lot less then you think. They used steel tubing to frame it and that has much more strength then wood for the weight. Amazing work and concept, isn’t it?

  • Avatar morbious

    This is the work of a couple of mad geniuses! How do I get one?

  • Avatar Patty

    Would it b possible to get the plans for the castle?
    Awesome job!!!

  • Avatar Derek

    Only thing to change is the rear mud flaps! I just don’t think the huge Firestone logos ‘belong’! <:O)

  • Avatar Marsha Cowan

    Oh my gosh! How many ways can one say clever, ingenious, beautiful, unique, and amazing? This goes beyond all those words. What an amazing pair! Can’t wait to see how brilliant the tiny baby turns out to be. Wow! Thanks so much for sharing your gorgeous amazing home with us!

  • Avatar MPaula

    Alex, I do not have enough superlatives to do this project justice. I hope you will follow their work and keep us updated.

  • Avatar Dawn

    This is AMAZING! I only wish this would work in my neck of the woods… alas I am in Wisconsin, USA. It has been so cold here lately that going outside actually hurts your face. lol

  • Avatar Randy Spence

    Wow, that is great! I appreciate all the time and effort that went into it,unfortunately my building skills are not up to this level. So I will just live vicariously thru the video!!!

  • Avatar Kathy Kohler-Schwartz

    I really like this design. The only thing that would hold me back from living in it would be a semi-attached bathroom- unless it is staged in a warm climate. I’m sure this gentleman has a solution for it. He seems to be a genius. So creative!

  • Avatar Andie Celeste

    I absolutely adore this home. If i ever found a way to live in this magical place i would do it in a heart beat! I may have to look for homes like this to buy it would be perfect for je life style i want!

  • Avatar BECUZ


  • Avatar Lera

    A bit too cluttered visually for me. But, I absolutely LOVE the rooftop deck with hammock and bathtub! Amazing

  • Avatar Cosy

    Wow…I am speechless. The imagination and skill it took took create this is incredible. I have to agree with the host, this one raises the bar on what is possible. That little baby has an interesting life ahead of him. Mama’s an acrobat & artist, dad’s a creative engineer. They are an adorable family. It’s like they say ‘I think I’d like this.’ & then actually make it. Don’t see that very often. These are folk I’d like to know. Thanks for sharing this Alex. Made my day!!

    • Avatar Bj

      Did not want to report…want to comment! I want to see HOW this couple made this happen.. Plans? Notebook pdf? SOS!!! There is so much here I need to redo my truck!

  • Avatar Carlos

    What a brilliant mind! Now, he needs to build mine, it is just perfect.

  • Avatar Jan

    This is just fabulous!!! What an Artist couple / designers, and a darling baby! It takes some really really creative Artists to design such a wonderful functional place to live! I also am a professional artist and by the way, I use an abaloni shell for a soap dish! lol. Thank you for showing this and all that went into us seeing it. Jan

  • Just WOW!!! Amazing! Great family designed and built the great house!
    It will be great to catch up with the and see the project myself. We deal with great quality and very creative cost effective LED lighting, so may help to anybody with great solutions!
    Regards, Michael. http://Www.brightmis.co.nz

  • Avatar Liz

    I guess I’m missing all the great things everyone else is seeing. To me, it looks like a house that keeps getting added on to using different architectural styles. It’s kind of messy, and ducking to enter the door wouldn’t be for me. The baby, however, is very cute.

  • Avatar Rita

    Very creative and impressive!

  • Avatar Gabrielle Charest

    What a fun place! I love that people are releasing their imaginations and creativity into their living spaces!

  • Avatar Darcy

    The biggest heap of garbage I’ve ever seen on wheels. A kids playhouse on steroids. Honestly they just seem to add on when they need more space. Reminds me of something you see in a travelling circus.

  • Avatar Larry Schoenemann

    Love the castle feel. Very creative. Great way to travel and take everything with you.

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