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10-ft. Wide Denali XL Cottage on Wheels

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While we’ve shown you a few versions of the Timbercraft Denali XL, this one is unique because it has absolutely no lofts! Set on a 10-foot-wide trailer, it’s a whopping 42 feet long and is technically classified as a park model.

It’s a great set up for a retired couple. The back door walks into a spacious living area that seamlessly blends into the kitchen that includes a dishwasher (a must for me!). In the bathroom you’ll find a flush toilet, washer and dryer unit, and a stand-up shower stall. At the very back of the THOW is the wonderful bedroom with cathedral ceilings — you’ll feel like you’re falling asleep in a resort every night.

All finishes can be customized, so if you’d love something like this be sure to contact Timbercraft Tiny Homes here.

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Is This The Perfect Retirement THOW?

There’s something about lots of windows and tall ceilings that make this place feel extra spacious.

Put your choice of couch in the living area.

Blinds offer plenty of privacy when it gets dark out.

Now here’s a kitchen I’d love to cook in.

Plenty of counterspace around the four-burner stove.

I’m here for the dishwasher and farmhouse sink.

Easily walk around the storage bed in the Master.

A look at the shower in the bathroom.

Stacked washer and dryer mean no laundromat!

Exterior colors can be customized to your liking.

Could you retire in this stunning home?

VIDEO: Timbercraft Denali Luxury Tiny Home


  • Timbercraft Denali XL Cottage on Wheels
  • Unique feature: No lofts; classified as a park model; 42 feet long, 10-foot-wide trailer.
  • Ideal for retired couples due to its spacious living setup.
  • Interior features a spacious living area, kitchen with a dishwasher, bathroom with flush toilet, washer and dryer, stand-up shower.
  • Bedroom at the back with cathedral ceilings provides a resort-like sleeping experience.
  • Customizable finishes available.
  • Numerous windows and tall ceilings create an open and airy feel.
  • Well-designed kitchen with ample counter space, four-burner stove, dishwasher, and farmhouse sink.
  • Master bedroom with a storage bed that allows easy movement.
  • Bathroom features a shower stall and stacked washer-dryer unit.
  • Exterior colors can be tailored to preferences.

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This post contains affiliate links.

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Natalie C. McKee

Natalie C. McKee is a contributor for Tiny House Talk and the Tiny House Newsletter. She's a wife, and mama of three little kids. She and her family are homesteaders with sheep, goats, chickens, ducks and quail on their happy little acre.

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  • Sheila C Plourde
    February 11, 2021, 12:48 pm

    Let me put my eyes back in my sockets. WOW!!!!! This is perfect. Beautiful and I want it. 🙂 I will take my meds now.

  • Mario C.
    February 11, 2021, 12:51 pm

    Well at first look this certainly seems like a nice place, visually it’s beautiful. However, like so many of these homes designed by people who will never live in it, I’d pass…

    There is no need for that door by the sofa. What use is it anyways ? There is already another larger door by the kitch… From the living room, you come in, there’s not even a closet for boots or coats or anything. With the windows there, there’s not even a spot for a wall hook. With the door gone, the sofa could be place on that wall, leaving more room to walk around. There might even be room for a nice chair to read in…

    And there is no closet for that large door by the kitchen either… Where do people put their jackets and boots and gloves and scarfes and all that ?

    The kitchen is huge for such a small house and could have been configured differently and made smaller. As there is no room for a dining table anywhere, what’s the use of having an olympic-size kitchen ? Space could have been better used with a smaller sink, no bottom cabinets on either side of it and a smaller stove and fridge. From the looks of it the only dining area is that counter behind the stove, and that doesn’t look very deep so am sure anyone eating there would bang their knees on the back of the stove.

    The bathroom with the washer/dryer seems ok but the bedroom seems to lack a closet, unless there is a small one by that depression in the wall we see from the bathroom side. Although it looks about as big as a Smart Car glove box. The bathroom could have been configured with a slightly smaller shower, a one-piece washer/dryer so they’d be room above the appliance for a towel storage and/or laundry supplies. Or even toilet paper…

    Speaking of the bedroom, a much better design would have been to use that back wall in the bedroom, where those 2 windows are, and make that a wall to wall closet and put the bed the other way around. Maybe put shelves all around the room, just below the upper windows for knick knacks. Or just enclose the area, put a foldable stepladder in there and use the space for off-season storage ?

    I don’t see any closets or storage area anywhere in this tiny house, except those drawers under the bed.

    I see these homes very often and most of them are very flashy but when you get down to trying to see how practical they are, you go wow, there’s no room to live in there for people with clothes, with boxes of old important tax papers, a stereo system, a few good books and a table where you can sit and read the newspaper on. And as a retirement trailer, where’s even a spot for a table to have the kids over for supper ? or even have a few friends over for a book club meeting ?

    Sorry but I thought I’d say what I am sure everyone is thinking… Nice to look at but I’d pass…

    Thanks !

    M. 🙂

    • Marcia
      February 11, 2021, 2:49 pm

      You might be able to talk to the contractor while it is still a shell and get some of your modifications in. I don’t need that big of a sink with a dishwasher and my hubby would LOVE a central grill on the stove. We are happy with a Queen bed, and a recliner couch with a chair-and-a-half would suit. He likes to eat breakfast at the bar so modification would help there. I COULD live in the house, and use some ideas for my “own ideal” but I’d bet a contractor would definitely work with you. Best of luck and keep us posted ❤️

    • Jean Briggs
      February 11, 2021, 4:00 pm

      All good points, Mario. My only addition is that the refrigerator/freezer doors have the wrong orientation. The doors need to be reversed to open toward the kitchen. The way they are now, you’d set a few things on the counter to put away in the fridge, then have to pick them up in one hand, carry them around to the other side, open the door and put them away. We just had to ask the appliance installers to do that with some of our small (568 sq. ft.) apts – that have lots of storage. You hit the nail on the head – someone needs to live in one for a bit to correct some of the inefficiencies.

      • James D.
        February 12, 2021, 2:35 am

        @Jean Briggs – On the point of there always being trade offs, one thing to note about reversing the fridge doors is that would make it harder for more than one person to use the kitchen. Since, someone in that corner or even by the sink would be in the way until the fridge door is fully open and may even require they get out of the way… There is also the issue of the dishwasher door, when fully open, could block the lower freezer door from opening in that direction… So the layout may just be more suited for multi-tasking, and doing certain things like maneuvering some large like a turkey into and out of the fridge can be easier when you can back out into an open space rather than against the counter or always have to open the door all the way…

        In my experience, there’s rarely an actual preferred way to design a layout but rather just different reasons people can have to do different layouts that fits them and how they will use the space but may not fit someone else and vice versa…

        That said, you are right that many of these doors can be easily reversed but not all. So it also depends on the fridge you get, depending on your layout and preference… There are also drawer type fridges that can just be pulled straight out or you can mix and match different types of freezers and fridges and work them into the design in alternative ways, like European kitchens will often make the appliances look like the rest of the cabinets… There’s even door opening & closing driveline options to have the door open on its own when you approach or on command for truly hands free use.

        So lots of options available these days that may be worth considering if you have the budget for this large of a THOW…

    • Sherry
      February 11, 2021, 8:40 pm

      Totally agree with you, nice idea yet not designed for living really. People that build these do not live in them, so they have no idea what a senior would live like in their home, we have personal stuff like you said. The 2 windows with the TV in the middle, would get rid of them and use that entire wall for bookcases with a TV in the middle and a fireplace below, small sofa and that kitchen needs to be resized for a table and 2 chairs at least to eat at, who as a senior needs a king size bed, for me a full size is plenty so that there would be room for a closet…would love to see the entire floor plans to redo them to fit me. Your right about the door in the LR and the lack of closet space for coats, ,shoes ,boots in all seasons…..yet this size is great, just not designed for seniors is all.

      • Eric
        September 19, 2022, 4:59 pm

        Not designed for seniors? Maybe not for you (if you are a senior) but the person whom it was designed for obviously it is.
        Two windows with TV in between can be changed, but with it comes loss of light. That’s a personal choice.
        Not designed for seniors? No, not designed for you is more like it. As James D so frequently points out, you can have what you want but everything comes with trade offs.

    • James D.
      February 11, 2021, 9:45 pm

      While this builder does focus on specific model designs they’re still a custom builder and custom homes are really designed by the owner… Doesn’t mean they can’t make design choices that won’t work out for them, many people won’t really know what works for them until they’ve lived in it awhile and may start out with a completely different idea of what works, but reasons for designs can be unique to the owner and/or where it will be placed. Like the side door may function similarly to having a back door for access to the yard instead of walking all the way around the house to get to it. One of many scenarios can be that’s the side they’ll park the car and the front is primarily for guests and curb appeal…

      Mind, also, having more than one exit can also be beneficial in terms of safety in case of fire as it gives more ways to exit the structure in case any one path is blocked and jumping out a window isn’t always ideal.

      While the all white interior in this one can make details hard to see but there is storage spaces throughout, like the closet in the hallway just before the bathroom, bathroom uses a pocket door so that door in the hallway isn’t part of it, storage cabinet above the stacked washer and dryer, etc. There’s details not really shown in the photos like there’s another TV on the wall in the bedroom, which you could always remove and have a dresser or wardrobe there instead but some people may prefer the open space to be able to use it for other things as not everyone only uses their bedroom just to sleep…

      Similarly, some hard to see details include a recessed space for that kitchen sitting area. So a bit more room to sit than it may first appear.

      Always trade offs, though, like making the bedroom far wall storage would mean you could not view anything out in that direction, along with not letting in natural light from that direction, and would only have the side windows to look out of and can make the space feel that much more enclosed and smaller feeling… Putting the bed by the door would limit its maximum size and may not be suitable for people who want a large bed but may get the model that’s only 8′ 6″ wide… Remember, this one is 10′ wide and the door can’t be blocked, add it can make the bed harder to fix if you can’t easily access it from at least three sides but in a corner you’d only have access to two sides…

      Some people also prefer a large kitchen and may still consider this small for them. So YMMV on the size of the kitchen and that’s just one of the many different ways people can prioritize the spaces in their home that can be very different from the next person.

      Some details may also be missing that only the owner knows about as well, like they may be adding exterior spaces like an enclosed deck, etc. and features like a mudroom function can be in that space instead of on the interior of the home.

      A lot can be just what you will make of the home, as homes don’t have to remain exactly the way the builder designed it and sometimes these photos are just staged as well and not how the owner will have it when they actually move into it… Usage of the home can also vary from an occasional guest house to something a family will be living in full time. Along with whether the occupants actually embrace tiny living and have less stuff or just a smaller home. So it won’t always require the same things to make it useful for its intended role…

      Regardless, they do have other models and you can pretty much make any changes you want to them that’s within reason and within budget…

      • Natalie C. McKee
        February 12, 2021, 1:06 pm

        I think another thing to remember is tiny homes are just that: tiny. At the end of the day, you have to make *some* sacrifices in order to live tiny. So each owner ends up prioritizing different things and letting the least important ones go. For example, I don’t think I could live without a dishwasher! I would sacrifice storage for a dishwasher. But plenty, plenty of tiny house owners go without dishwashers.

    • Carolan S ONeill
      May 22, 2021, 10:06 am

      When will the designers of stack unit washer/dryer combinations figure out that a less than five foot person cannot comfortably reach controls that are six feet high?

  • Linda Baker
    February 11, 2021, 12:59 pm

    this looks great, like an actual home, wish they used slide outs though to make the BR and LR a little wider to provide space for built in closets for coats etc at front. My 2002 park model has them and it makes all the difference in the world for storage. I like that the bathroom isn’t a pass through and that there are so many drawers in the kitchen .

    • Natalie C. McKee
      February 11, 2021, 1:07 pm

      Oh that’s an awesome idea!

    • Marcia
      February 11, 2021, 2:51 pm

      Slide outs would be fantastic!👍

    • Lily Roberts
      February 12, 2021, 5:08 am

      I like the slide out idea too. Would leave more room for storage, table, and wider hall. I would probably have them build a fold-down table on the wall next to the sliding door. Could use that for meals, computer and folding laundry. And I like the idea of making room for a regular side-by-side washer and drier with shelves above. It’s harder for seniors to reach up and get clothes out of the stacked ones. And the combination units don’t dry well. But I love all the windows in this one.

  • Bob H.
    February 12, 2021, 7:47 am

    Nice size, like the layout. I would remove the wheels place this on a block foundation add a massive full length deck, partially covered with a pergola, and a swimming pool . My perfect retirement spot.

    • Natalie C. McKee
      February 12, 2021, 1:02 pm

      Love that idea! Sounds magical.

  • February 12, 2021, 2:43 pm

    This has been my favorite tiny home since first time I saw it! Love the layout and only tweak I would make inside the home is change out kitchen sink to stainless steel

  • Kimberly A Poirier
    March 17, 2021, 6:27 pm

    I mean, What’s not to love! I would only add a loft , and appreciate every bit of workmanship invested in this Beautiful work of Art !!!

  • May 23, 2021, 2:55 am

    I like the large sink and the size of the kitchen. Would reconfigure the bedroom for a closet. I’m widowed so a full size bed would work for me. I like stacked w/d. Have the one w/d combo in my RV and it really restricts how much you can wash at one time. A few modifications here and there for personal needs and it would be quite comfortable. Now, how much is it?

  • Maria Kentala
    August 19, 2023, 6:34 am

    Too many windows to have to clean! Who needs a dishwasher? Mini spit in wrong place,can blow out pilot light on gas stove. No closets! Poor design!

    • James D.
      August 20, 2023, 11:32 pm

      “can blow out pilot light on gas stove.”

      No, that won’t happen…

      “No closets!”

      No, it has a closet and plenty of additional storage like the storage bed.

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