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How They Built Their Dream Bus in Just 3 Months

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Raela and Tyler were working normal jobs when they got married and took a road trip for a honeymoon. They didn’t want to go back! Soon they got a big bus and turned it into their first home on wheels, which they traveled in for about a year.

After that year, they realized they needed something shorter if they wanted to get to some of the more remote places they had on their bucket list. So they sold the old bus and did this $40K conversion in just 3 months! Now they make money on the road as a musician and virtual assistant while enjoying all the country has to offer.

  • Raela and Tyler’s journey began with a honeymoon road trip, inspiring their nomadic lifestyle.
  • They converted a $40K bus in just three months, creating a cozy, wooden-toned tiny home.
  • Now, they earn a living on the road, embracing minimalism and the freedom of life on wheels.

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On the Road Again: A $40K DIY Bus Conversion Adventure

Couple’s Second Stunning Bus Conversion 3

Images via Tiny Home Tours

The interior is so cozy with all the rich wood tones.

Couple’s Second Stunning Bus Conversion 2

Images via Tiny Home Tours

They made a lot of changes to their new bus to improve it based off their first build.

Couple’s Second Stunning Bus Conversion

Images via Tiny Home Tours

VIDEO: Unique $40K DIY Bus Home Build


  • Raela and Tyler’s journey began with a road trip honeymoon that inspired them to pursue a unique lifestyle.
  • They initially converted a big bus into their first home on wheels and enjoyed it for a year.
  • Their desire to reach remote destinations led them to sell their first bus and embark on a $40,000 conversion project.
  • In just three months, they transformed their new bus into a cozy and functional living space, complete with rich wood tones and a fixed bed.
  • Raela ensured that there was space for her precious antiques, adding a personal touch to their tiny home.
  • The couple now makes a living on the road, with Raela working as a virtual assistant and Tyler pursuing a career as a musician.
  • Their story highlights the joys and challenges of downsizing and embracing a nomadic lifestyle.
  • The tiny house community and the freedom of life on the road have been central to their happiness and adventures.
  • The couple reflects on the transformative power of minimalism and the satisfaction of living their dream.
  • Their journey continues as they explore new horizons in their tiny house, embodying the idea that home is where you park it.

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This post contains affiliate links.

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