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Abodu is a startup that specializes in building ADUs, or accessory dwelling units. These are small homes that are built on a concrete foundation and are designed to blend in with the main house. The backyard cottages are often used as rentals or extensions of the main home for family members. Abodu has already built over one hundred of these units across California, Oregon, and Washington! They are typically much cheaper than renting an apartment or retirement home.

The company makes a point that its units should be viewed as assets that appreciate in value, just like a regular house. This is because they are built on a solid foundation and are a permanent part of the property, instead of being classified as vehicles or trailers that normally depreciate in value over time. These prefab backyard tiny homes can be installed in as little as a month’s time.

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They’re Building 340 and 500-square-foot Prefab Backyard Cottages

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This is Jenna’s dreamy tiny house in the woods!

It’s a rustic cabin in Clinton, Washington that you can rent for vacation through Airbnb. And yes, it’s the famous tiny house on wheels from the popular YouTube channel, Tiny House Giant Journey.

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Airbnb Tiny House In The Woods near Seattle

Airbnb Tiny House in the Woods via Jenna-Airbnb 001

Images via Jenna/Airbnb

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This is an Escape Tradition Tiny House in the Olympic Mountains of Sequim, Washington.

There are hundreds of trails for hiking, horseback riding, and mountain biking just a few miles away. This is a Tradition model from Escape which features a covered front porch and a sleeping loft. This model is no longer listed on their website.

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Escape Tradition Tiny House In Washington

Escape Tradition Tiny House In Olympic Mountains Sequim Washington Pamela-Airbnb 002

Images via Pamela/Airbnb

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This is a lakefront tiny house with .31 acres in Grapeview, Washington.

According to Zillow, it’s on the NWMLS for $194,900 as I write this. The property gives you the ability to have outbuildings, multiple tiny homes or RVs, and you’re in a private community with a park and dock. What do you think? Learn more below!

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Tiny House Built in 2019 on .31 Acres in Grapeview, Washington… Lakefront!

Tiny House with Land in Grapeview Washington via NWMLS-Zillow 001

Images via NWMLS/Zillow

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This is a whimsical A-frame cabin in Hoodsport Washington for $174,950, according to M4 Real Estate Group via Zillow.

The tiny cabin, including loft space, has 876-sq.-ft. of space inside! It features 3-bedrooms and 1-bathroom. The lot is surrounded by mature trees and even features RV parking so it may even be a tiny house-friendly property. Seems like it could be something to consider. What do you think?

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Whimsical A-frame Cabin on .7 Acres in Hoodsport

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This is a tiny cabin in Hoodsport, Washington with land (.41 acres) for $198,500. When you walk inside, it’s an open floor-plan with a living room, fireplace, kitchen, and bath. Then you take the staircase up to the loft bedroom.

The property is listed on Zillow via Sharon Dolan with the M4 Real Estate Group. Please inquire via Zillow if you’re interested in a purchase or to make an offer. What do you think? How do you like this cabin’s design?

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Tiny Cabin in the Woods with Land in Hoodsport Washington for sale!

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This is a 776-sq.-ft. cottage in Olympia, Washington that’s on the market for $289,900, according to RE/MAX Northwest Realtors via Redfin.

It’s a rambler-style two-bedroom cottage with a covered front porch, updated kitchen, remodeled bathroom, mudroom, rear alley access, fenced backyard, built in 1925, and on a 7,201-square-foot lot. What do you think?

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776-square-foot Rambler Cottage in Olympia, WA for 290k

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This is the Model C Tiny House by Wolf Industries out of Battle Ground, Washington.

It’s available for $69,900 via Tiny Home Builders (Marketplace). Learn more below!

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Model C 400-sq.-ft. Tiny House on a Foundation by Wolf Industries

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This is the Laurelhurst DADU in Seattle, Washington by MicrohouseNW, they specialize in backyard cottages. This one is a 575-square-foot home with a 390-square-foot footprint. The cabin even features a living/green roof, exposed trusses, and interestingly enough, the bedroom is downstairs. Opposite of a loft, hehe.

DADU stands for Detached Accessory Dwelling Unit, which is basically just another term for a detached guest house. These guest houses are one way to design and build small homes while still meeting local building codes. And in Seattle, people are even creating their own homeowners associations (HOAs) and selling their backyard cottages to others. Yes, some have been listed and recently sold, and we talk about that in this article.

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Beautiful Small Backyard Cottage in Seattle, Washington… The Laurelhurst Detached Accessory Dwelling Unit

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