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This is a 120+ year old Finnish Log Cabin that has been modernized and is now available as a vacation rental in Biwabik, Minnesota. It’s called the Green Gate Log Cabin and to me, it’s the perfect tiny house, wouldn’t you say?

From the outside, it looks like a very simple cabin from the 1900’s. But when you step inside, you immediately notice the modern updates! Inside, you’ll find a living area, kitchen, bathroom, and a cozy upstairs sleeping loft. Enjoy!

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120+ Year Old Finnish Log Cabin in Biwabik, Minnesota

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This is the Scotty Point Cabin near the Redwood Forest where you can vacation.

You can book your stay at Redwood Vacation Rentals.

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Scotty Point Cabin Near the Redwood Forest Vacation Rental

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This is a tiny cottage in Portland, Oregon.

It’s a backyard rental cabin designed by Emily Katz.

Inside, you’ll find a kitchen with bar stools, studio bed, and a full bathroom.

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Tiny Cottage in Portland

Tiny Cottage in Portland 001

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The design of tiny homes owes a lot to the design of boats, and while I’ve spent a lot of time in tiny houses on wheels, I’ve had practically no experience with life on the water. So I decided that staying in a docked, 25-foot sailboat would be a fun counterpoint to my time in tiny homes.

I spent two nights on the “Mother Goose”, which is available on Airbnb as a nightly rental in Port Angeles, Washington. My two nights on the water were a fun experiment in small spaces, and a great opportunity for me to briefly try on boat living.

The Mother Goose

The Mother Goose is probably best for one person or a couple. It has a full bed that narrows considerably at the foot, an eating nook that can convert into a single bed if needed, and a minimal kitchen with an icebox, electric kettle, and sink that drains directly into the water. There are several little storage areas, and no real bathroom, but there were nice centralized facilities a brief walk from the dock.

Mother Goose sailboat exterior

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If you’re ever looking for a place to stay in Colorado Springs this Victorian style little yellow cottage might be just the right place. I think this might make for a great little anniversary celebration getaway, too.

It’s so much better than a hotel, and you can get a taste of the small house lifestyle in this beautiful little bungalow. It’s a one-level floor plan with a porch and outdoor furniture for your enjoyment outside.

Originally built in 1909, according to the vacation rental listing over at HomeAway, and recently remodeled with inspiration from Paris. Please enjoy!

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Beautiful Little Yellow Cottage in Colorado Springs


Images © HomeAway

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I thought you would enjoy touring this tiny cottage vacation rental in Savannah, Georgia.

It’s available as a monthly rental through HomeAway by the owners who converted it into a vacation rental in 2013.

Inside you’ll find a lovely living area, fully equipped kitchen, bathroom, and an upstairs loft area. Please enjoy!

Tiny Cottage with Loft in Savannah, Georgia


Images © HomeAway

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Right now I’m showing you a small cottage that the homeowners are using as a vacation rental for extra income in the Mississippi district of Portland, Oregon.

As you walk towards the entrance from outside you’ll walk right beside the main house which perfectly matches and compliments this little cottage.

The outside entry way features beautiful brick pavers with artistic tiles that add some color and fun. And they give you a preview of the tile inside.

Once inside you’ll realize that this little cottage has a lot of space saving features that you might want to consider when designing and building your own small or tiny home. Please enjoy and re-share below!

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Homeowners Use Small Cottage for Extra Income


Images © HomeAway

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I thought you might also enjoy touring this 301 sq. ft. modern treehouse cabin designed by Andreas Wenning who is a treehouse specialist at baumraum architects.

It’s located in Berlin and is available as a one of a kind vacation rental where you can connect with nature in a unique way. And best of all, you’re not far from a subway station with access to restaurants and more.

There are actually two treehouses on the property and they’re almost identically designed. Inside you’ll find a kitchenette, living area, full bathroom, and lots of windows that bring the nature in. I hope you enjoy below.

Baumbaum 301 Sq. Ft. Modern Treehouse Cabins


Images © Laura Fiorio & Urban Treehouse

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If you’re into tiny house living too when vacationing you might consider staying in a micro cabin like this garden pod instead of in a motel.

Many times you can also save money doing this, as in this case. This beautiful tiny backyard cabin in Winchester is a fantastic getaway if you’re in the area.

And inside you’ll find everything you’ll need (giving you a taste of the tiny house lifestyle). There’s a kitchenette, bathroom with shower and toilet, sofa bed that converts into a bed, and a television for entertainment.

Garden Pod Micro Cabin Tiny House Vacation Rental

Garden Pod Micro Cabin

Images via HomeAway

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