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Homeowners Using Small Cottage for Extra Income

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Right now I’m showing you a small cottage that the homeowners are using as a vacation rental for extra income in the Mississippi district of Portland, Oregon.

As you walk towards the entrance from outside you’ll walk right beside the main house which perfectly matches and compliments this little cottage.

The outside entry way features beautiful brick pavers with artistic tiles that add some color and fun. And they give you a preview of the tile inside.

Once inside you’ll realize that this little cottage has a lot of space saving features that you might want to consider when designing and building your own small or tiny home. Please enjoy and re-share below!

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Homeowners Use Small Cottage for Extra Income


Images © HomeAway

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dual corner kitchen sink, like the one shown above, is a great idea for little kitchens, don’t you think?

small-cottage-in-mississippi-district-portland-oregon-vacation-rental-00015 small-cottage-in-mississippi-district-portland-oregon-vacation-rental-00016 small-cottage-in-mississippi-district-portland-oregon-vacation-rental-00017 small-cottage-in-mississippi-district-portland-oregon-vacation-rental-00018 small-cottage-in-mississippi-district-portland-oregon-vacation-rental-00019 small-cottage-in-mississippi-district-portland-oregon-vacation-rental-00020 small-cottage-in-mississippi-district-portland-oregon-vacation-rental-00021 small-cottage-in-mississippi-district-portland-oregon-vacation-rental-00022 small-cottage-in-mississippi-district-portland-oregon-vacation-rental-00023 small-cottage-in-mississippi-district-portland-oregon-vacation-rental-00024

Images © HomeAway

=> Check availability and if interested book your own stay in this little cottage.

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Our big thanks to Maddeline Bourgerie for sharing this little gem with us!

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This post contains affiliate links.

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  • D. H.
    September 24, 2014, 2:59 pm

    What are the overall dimensions of the base and what is the total square footage?

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