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Do you have a helicopter fanatic in your life? Or just love staying in unique places? Well, this Chinook CH-47D helicopter has been transformed into an awesome two-bedroom vacation cabin, and you can sleep in the cockpit!

Plexiglass panels allow you to see some of the original helicopter workings, while the rest of the interior has been finished in a “modern space” aesthetic that fits perfectly with the location. There’s a full kitchen, two queen bedrooms, and a couch that becomes two twin beds. The wet bath is quite spacious and has the coolest basin sink! Take a look below!

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Military Chopper Turned into Two-Bedroom Vacation Stay

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It’s so exciting when you run across something unique, and this folding tiny house with wings is undoubtedly one of its kind!

While bump-outs in RVs have been around for a long time, this home features swinging “wings” that fold out when the home is parked. Also, the house is created almost entirely out of reclaimed or recycled materials, making it incredibly eco-friendly. It was handcrafted by Nick (@knicknack on Instagram) and his friend Jay and is for sale in Salt Spring, British Columbia.

The home is currently for sale, and you can contact Nick via Instagram with questions on pricing (according to his Instagram post, the price is 24,000). Thank you, Exploring Alternatives, for finding this gem of a tiny home and doing the video tour at the end of the post.

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Tiny House with Wings Built with Reclaimed Materials

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