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This is a tiny loft apartment in the River Valley neighborhood of Singapore, Singapore that you can book on Airbnb.

When you step inside, you’ll find a kitchenette, bathroom, living area with your sofa plus an additional single bed, and an upstairs sleeping loft with a queen bed.

All in one tiny but very functional space! How would you like living in an apartment like this in your favorite city?

Tiny Loft Apartment Studio in Singapore

Tiny Loft Apartment in Singapore 001

Images © Kingston via Airbnb

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This is the Utopian Villa’s 28′ Dragonfly THOW in Oak Creek, WI that’s for sale soldThe price has been reduced to $55,000.

Utopian Villas purchased the plans to build their version of the Robinson’s Dragonfly. The beautiful, modern build has a nifty “hidden staircase,” a retractable extra countertop and a myriad of top-of-the-line features including keyless entry and USB power ports. It has a loft bedroom, fun roof line with a skylight and a very comfy-looking couch!

Get additional details below the pictures, and contact the seller via the contact form!

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Utopian Villa’s 28′ Dragonfly THOW

Images via Utopian Villas

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This is the Cassie Model THOW by NJ Tiny House that’s for sale.

This little build includes two SMART TVs, a living room “nook,” l-shaped kitchen and even a washer-dryer. I really love the fold-d0wn table that holds the chairs when tucked away. Take a peak!

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For Sale: Cassie Model THOW by NJ Tiny House

Images via NJ Tiny House

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This is Cosmo’s Tiny Vacation Teardrop Home on Wheels.

The little Vistabule trailer has been Cosmos’ bed for 52 nights over the past year and he uses it as a “step-up” from a tent as he takes in beautiful nature views. You can watch his entire video tour below, where he explains all the amazing features of his little home away from home. Enjoy!

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Screenshots via YouTube/Cosmo Weems

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This is the Fremont Tiny House in Wyoming that belongs to Jessica and James Wooten.

It was built by Luke Anderson and this model starts at $95,000.

Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

Fremont Tiny House in Wyoming by Luke Anderson

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This is a 302 sq. ft. micro apartment at Carmel Place in New York City.

Carmel Place includes 55 similar apartments ranging from 260 to 360 sq. ft.

You can read an interview with the man who lives in the luxury apartment here and watch a video of the space below.

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Stunning Modern Micro Apartment in New York City

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These are two tiny house shells for sale in Colorado.

You can purchase them for $15,000 each from the owner.

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Two $15K Tiny House Shells for Sale in Colorado

Tiny House Shell for Sale

Images © Beth Lakin

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Mandy Harris

Mandy Harris/Rock Mountain Tiny Homes

We hear it all the time…Why do tiny houses cost so much?

Folks on the coasts or in big cities (who could easily pay $400-900K for a home) typically understand it, but if you are from a more rural spot where you can get a regular home for $70,000, the cost of tiny house can seem exorbitant.

In order to help you see where all that money goes when a builder creates a tiny house for you to purchase ready-made, I’m relying on a great breakdown from our friends at Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses. Then we’ll compare that with a DIY-ers cost breakdown.

Rock Mountain starts by laying out its goals: an 8×16 tiny house with average finishes should cost $35,000, while a larger one with great finishes should cost $80,000.

But Why?
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This is a park model tiny house in Texas on a fenced-in lot.

On the outside, you’ll see the taupe siding, brown metal roofing, and a front deck. When you step inside you’ll find a large living room with a cathedral ceiling, a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and loft bedroom.

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Park Model Tiny House on Fenced-in Lot

Park Model Tiny House in Texas

Images © Nancy Eakin

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