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This is a gorgeous shingled tiny house on wheels with no loft, for sale on eBay for $60,000.

From the outside you’ll notice a rounded gypsy-style roof and french doors to let in lots of natural light.

When you go inside you’ll find a living room, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom all on the first floor. No ladders!

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Gorgeous shingled THOW, no loft, for sale


Images © Mindymindywilson

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This is the story of a man living out of his Prius.

Would you ever consider doing something like this?

On the outside of his Prius, you’ll notice it has a roof pod, or “attic”, for extra storage.

When you look inside you’ll see a bed, closet area and even a small stove top for cooking.

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Man Living out of his Prius


Images © Chris Sawey

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I smiled from ear to ear when I read these words from the messages area of our Tiny House Talk Facebook Page, “I haz a tiny cabin in the woods! I’m on the Olympic Peninsula.”

Yes! I love when I get to hear of people achieving their goals, especially when they finish building a tiny cabin in the woods. So Bogdan was nice enough to let me share some photos of the tiny cabin with us so you can enjoy them below… So, when are you going to start building your tiny cabin in the woods?

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He Built A Tiny Cabin in the Woods!

I Haz a Tiny Cabin in the Woods!

Please enjoy more photos and info on this little cabin in the woods below.

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Support the Project Ventura Kickstarter:

Girls High School Engineering Class tackles ecological literacy by rebuilding a vintage trailer with off-grid flair!

These girls are inspired by the Tiny House Movement and are poised to make a big difference in their community.

But they need your help.


Texas has more TINY going on than one might think, considering it’s the state known for the slogan, “Everything is Bigger…”.

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If you currently find yourself in a house that exceeds your needs and you want to create extra time or money for yourself then this article is for you. But what would you do with the extra time and cash?

You might be tighter on money than you used to be or you might just want to increase the amount of money that you’re saving for whatever reason. Whatever your goals are, we all know that more time and money directed towards them will help you. Maybe you’re trying to save money for retirement, start your own business, or help your kids out.

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Save big by moving into a smaller house?

Small House in FloridaSmall house in Florida, photo credit Alex Pino

So here’s how my friend saved $11,076 one year on housing alone

In 2007 my friend Mike did something crazy. He decided to go from a luxurious two-bedroom condominium to sharing a smaller and less expensive apartment with a roommate.

He went from paying $1,473 per month in house-related payments to $550 per month. That’s a savings of more than $923 a month and a total of $11,076 in one year.

That’s an extreme example but what if you went from $900 per month to about $650? That’s still $250 a month and $3,000 after one year. It’s an idea that can be pretty powerful after a while. I know, moving sucks but it’s worth it sometimes.

So what would you do with the extra money you’d have if you lowered your living expenses by more than $300 per month?

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Tiny motorhomes are appealing because you get better gas mileage and they’re easier to drive around in, park, and clean, right? Especially when comparing to larger motorhomes and travel trailers.

Almost everyone that I talk to that likes the idea of tiny houses loves the idea of really small campers. Unfortunately, most of these are not available in the United States. On the bright side, I think it’s very feasible to convert a minivan into something like this with a little creativity and the right tools. The pop-up feature might be the most expensive part of the project, what do you think?

This one is a Piaggio commercial vehicle converted by JC Leisure. It has a pop-up roof, pull-out bed, and a kitchen unit. There’s even a hidden port-a-potty along with some storage for your traveling needs. The great thing about a vehicle like this is that it can easily be used as a daily driver as well as an adventure traveling machine!

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Updated January 4, 2019

Tiny Motorhomes That Get Up To 30MPG!

Tiny Motorhomes That Get Up To 30MPG!Photo credits: JC Leisure

According to the website, this one gets over 30 miles per gallon!

Not bad, right?

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This tiny solar house is called the Fab Lab House Project designed by the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC).

It was chosen to be one of the participants of the Solar Decathlon Europe competition in Madrid, Spain.

It has a unique design and utilizes solar power as you see on the roof.

The house uses the resources of the environment (water, sun, and wind) to adapt.

The house has a control panel which gives you information as to how much power the lights, oven, and washing machine are consuming.

It also tells you how much power is being produced by solar panels.

The control system provides real-time monitoring of the technology within the house as well as the environment.

It keeps historical information along with the capability of sharing this information through the Internet. Could be helpful if you’re away, etc.


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