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This is a larger than usual tiny house you can build using these $39 downloadable tiny house plans from Michael Janzen. It’s called the 10×42 Carrack because, well, it’s 10-feet by 42-feet. It’s a big tiny house on wheels, technically would be classified as a park model. This type of unit is great if you want to go tiny, but not too tiny.

It’s comfortable, spacious, and still mobile if you ever really wanted or needed to move. The Carrack 1042 is part of Michael Janzen’s new generation of tiny house designs for 2019. Michael says, “It’s wider and longer than most tiny houses but a project sized for many do-it-yourselfers.” He’s offering the plans for $39.00, he just released them, and so the first 100 customers can enjoy 25% off by using the coupon code EARLY25 at checkout. Remember that if you end up liking the house so much you decide to get the plans.😊

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10×42 Carrack Tiny House by Michael Janzen… Plans for a larger than usual tiny house on wheels😊

1042 Carrack Tiny House Design by Michael Janzen 004

Images © Michael Janzen/TinyHouseDesign.com

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This is the Nora Tiny House by Go Tiny. It’s a tiny home built onto a 28-foot drop axle trailer with approximately 240-square-feet of space inside.

It features large windows and is inspired by modern architecture. The design includes a kitchen, living area, dining/desk space, main floor bedroom, and a full bathroom. The company offers plans so you can build it yourself or hire a contractor to do it for you.

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28-Foot Nora Tiny House on Wheels with a  Main Floor Bedroom by Go Tiny

28-Foot Nora Tiny House on Wheels with a  Main Floor Bedroom by Go Tiny

Images © Go Tiny

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This is the Tiny Tack House! And for a limited time, you can actually book a vacation in it while it’s on Airbnb. And if you like it so much that you want your own, you can actually get the Tiny Tack House Plans and build your own version of it!

Together with my wife, Malissa, we built The Tiny Tack House 8 yr. ago and have enjoyed living tiny so much that we want to open up the opportunity for others to “Try on Tiny” before deciding to do it themselves. Welcome to tiny, now enjoy your stay!

Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thanks!

Take Your Next Vacation in the Tiny Tack House in Everett, Washington

Tiny Tack House Vacation in Everett WA 001

Photos via Airbnb

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