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These are the plans for your very own 8×12 Walden Cabin created by Lamar over at Simple Solar Homesteading. The base cabin can sleep up to 4 people in just 96 square feet, and it includes a bathroom with a toilet and shower!

Lamar’s plans also include an optional 9×8 addition to the cabin, which can be added on later, and instructions on how to build a deck and patio on your dwelling.

Even buying all new materials, you can build the 8×12 portion of the cabin — insulated, drywall, foundation and roofing — for just $2,000 according to Lamar’s calculations.

Note: Lamar does not sell pre-built cabins, but you can buy his plans for it here for just $5!

Plans are 35 pages full color in PDF ebook form and includes all framing for the cabin, porch, addition and patio. Material list for cabin and recommendations for materials and equipment is included. Buy it here!

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Lamar’s 8×12 Walden Cabin (Plans available)

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The 2020 Tiny House Bundle is here, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. Being stuck at home in quarantine, we could all use a muse!

This year’s bundle features 20 expert contributors and $2,175 worth of tiny house-related products for only $49. What’s the catch? It’s a once-in-a-lifetime deal and it ends forever Saturday, April 18th, 2020 at Noon EST. It’s like getting 95% discount on all 20+ products. You honestly get so much, it would be hard to get through it all in one year, and the pricetag is easily worth it in tiny house plans alone. But if you used all of it, it would almost be like going to tiny house college!

Courses and products include a DIY tiny house build e-workshop with Andrew Morrison, Dowsizing31 with Brenda Mason, How to Design Your Own Custom Tiny House with Jake and Kiva, Remote Work for Nomads with Kristin Hanes, FullTime RV Travel eCourse with Macy Miller, Your Message Here by Andrew Odom, 12 Issues of the Tiny House Magazine, 7 tiny house plans, and more. For the complete list of what’s included click and purchase here using our affiliate link.

=> Learn more and get yours here. (our affiliate link – thanks for your support! Enjoy your bundle!!)

8 Tiny House Courses, 6 eBooks, 12 Tiny House Magazine Issues, and 7 Tiny House Plans Worth $2,175 for only $49 – Ends on 4/18 (Saturday)

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This is to let you know that the Stem-n-Leaf Tiny House Plans are on a New Year Sale. Not sure if you remember, but the designer, Adam Rasmussen, of tmbrz, shared some of his designs with us back in 2015 as part of our 8×12 tiny house design contest back then (that was fun!).

Anyway, not long after that, Adam designed and developed the Stem-n-Leaf Tiny House which we featured here. It’s been several years now, and so, if you liked that design now is a really great time to invest in the plans so you can build it later because they’re on sale for 80% off which brings the price down quite a bit. The basic plans, for example are only $20 down from $100. The full plans are $35 down from $175, and the plans + model (which include SketchUp files), are only $40 down from $200. Pretty awesome! Anyway, if you want to learn more about it below and spread the word. Thanks.

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Stem-n-Leaf Tiny House Plans New Year Sale 80% Off

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These are the Crestone 14-ft. Tiny House Plans by Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses.

It was first built and known as the Upslope Tiny House, then it was refined and built again as the Mac Shack, and then it was improved a third time when a new customer made another variation to the design and so now it is called the Crestone that could make for a great tiny house project.

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14-ft. Tiny House Plans by Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses

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These are the Silverthorne Gooseneck Tiny House Plans. It’s a gooseneck tiny house designed by Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses.

It features a 24-ft. deck with a 7-ft. neck for a total of 31-ft. of tiny house length! And with the plans, you can build it yourself. Take a look below.

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31-ft. Silverthorne Gooseneck Tiny House Plans by Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses

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These are the plans for the 16-ft. Boulder Tiny House on Wheels by Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses.

That’s right! You can get the full detail plans so you can build it yourself or hire someone to help you build it with you/for you. What do you think?

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Boulder Tiny House Plans by Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses

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