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This is the 24-ft. Aspen tiny house on wheels from SimBLISSity, by Dot and Byron Fears.

You may recognize the design from here and well now you can buy the plans and build one yourself. The design features 290-sq.-ft. of space, ample for one or two people. There is 192-sq.-ft. on the main level, an 83-sq.-ft. bedroom loft, a 35-sq.-ft. storage loft, and 16-sq.-ft. of external shed space. You can see some examples of the build below and of course one can customize it to the heart’s content.

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24-ft. Aspen Tiny House Plans by SimBLISSity

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If you’re looking for something just a bit smaller than the Sno cabin we showed you earlier, the Kyka cottage might be just what you want!

The Kyka has a nice open layout, with the living room and kitchen in one “Great Room” and then a bathroom and master bedroom adjacent to it. There is a loft, but it’s for guests so you don’t have to climb up there every night!

Perfect for a couple, “granny pad” or even an Airbnb property — you can buy the plans here!

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Cute Cottage Plans: 500 Sq. Ft.

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This is a 288-sq.-ft. tiny house with a sleeping loft, kitchen, bathroom, and deck. It’s an easy-to-build design, according to the plans description.

It’s called the Koteji and it’s designed by The Small House Catalog, where you can get the plans and license to build it yourself.

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Koteji Tiny House by The Small House Catalog

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While a professionally-built tiny house is often the dream, it can come with a pretty hefty price tag. Cheeky Monkey is trying to make tiny homes more financially accessible by selling plans, shells, and trailers so you can DIY a tiny house.

You can purchase plans for their Jude and Strawberry tiny homes, and they also sell 18/24/28-foot trailers. Finally, their Blackbird and Jude shells are also available to purchase on their website.

Additionally, they are trying to help connect homeowners/landowners with tiny home dwellers looking for a spot to park. They’ve created a webpage where people with land and those looking for it can connect here.

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They Offer Trailers, Shells, And Are Even Leasing Land

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If you’re looking to build a tiny house for the most affordable price, here’s how you may be able to do it for only $3,000 in material costs. Our friend LaMar Alexander is looking to help anyone out there looking to get into a self-built quality tiny house for the least amount of money with his new tiny house plans.

So if you can do the labor yourself, you may be able to build yourself a tiny house very affordably. Need it to be built on a trailer for mobility or zoning? That will run you up approximately $6,000 in materials so you can build it on a Big Tex Trailer. Just remember, these prices are approximate and can change and vary depending on various factors like location, trailer choice, material choices, as well as any uncontrollable events and material price hikes. Learn more below!

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Build A $6,000 Tiny House on Wheels, Or Just $3,000 On A Foundation/Skids

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While plenty of people do attempt a tiny home build without official plans, directions can make the entire process go more smoothly, especially if you don’t have any design/construction background. That’s why I love the plans from Tiny Easy, like this “Uno” model that has a single floor layout.

Without a loft it’s much more senior-friendly. The bedroom holds a queen-sized bed, closed off with a sliding barn door. It has an L-shaped kitchen with space for a full oven, fridge and even a washer/dryer unit. There’s a defined living room, and a bathroom with a simple shower and toilet set-up.

You can purchase the plans online for $199 and get started on your tiny today!

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Senior-Friendly Tiny House Plans

Uno by Tiny Easy 5 11

Images via Tiny Easy

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