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One thing I love about tiny spaces is that owners frequently go “all-out” because it’s most cost-effective in a tiny space. That’s what happened in the bathroom of this Austin tiny house. It’s completely tiled with gorgeous orange and gold tiles!

The rest of the house keeps it simple (which is nice, there is such thing as “too much”) with white walls and wood accents. There’s a loft bedroom, storage stairs, and a kitchen set up for simple meals. It had a first life as an Airbnb and comes fully furnished! They’re asking $49K on Facebook.

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They’re offering the Tiny House fully furnished for $49,000

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Now this is a gorgeous luxury tiny house on wheels!  The Gooseneck design allows for an elevated (but not lofted) main bedroom area, and you’ll love all the storage they packed into this 36-foot design.

It’s been decked out with high-end materials like custom cabinetry, in-window blinds, marble finishes and high quality appliances. It’s for sale right now on Tiny House Marketplace.

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36′ Tiny House with Loft & Gooseneck Bedroom

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The students at EHOVE Career Center in Ohio built this amazing tiny house, and the sale will pay for next years’ build! They are asking $49,000.

Experts in construction, carpentry, electricity, plumbing, insulation, heating, flooring and interior design assisted the students to make sure you’re getting a quality home sweet home! Plus there’s an elevator bed, which is super cool.

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Tiny House with Elevator Bed for Sale!

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Wow! This stunning 28 ft THOW is bright and magical with it’s 8 large skylights and abundance of other windows. There’s even an awning off the front to allow you to extend the 375 sq ft of living space outdoors.

You’ll love the bedroom cubby, which is up at fifth-wheel height and accessible via just a couple stairs. There are heated floors in the kitchen, a bathtub in the bathroom, and even a “walk-in” closet under the bedroom with a washer/dryer unit and plenty of clothing storage space.

The gorgeous home is for sale in Washington State for $100K. Ask questions or make an offer here.

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28 Foot Tiny House with Gooseneck Bedroom!

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The ESCAPE One XL is a popular model from ESCAPE Traveler, and this used one is for sale in Long Beach, California. It features a downstairs living space that could double as a ground-floor bedroom, as well as two lofts: One accessible via ladder, and the other via storage stairs.

In the bathroom there’s a flush toilet, washer/dryer combo, and shower, and you’ll find a fully-stocked kitchen with all major appliances included. Big windows let in plenty of light and lovely views if you find a good spot to park it!

They’re asking $69,500 for the build, and it’s RVIA-certified making it eligible for an RV loan. Contact the seller here.

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Get Your Own ESCAPE One XL for $69.5K

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Here’s your chance to get both a tiny house AND a place to put it all in one go! Laurie lives at Park Delta Bay in Isleton (the first legal tiny house community in Northern California) and has to sell her Pacific Coast Traveler built by Tiny SMART House for personal reasons.

The buyer is welcome to take over Laurie’s spot in the tiny house community, and Tiny SMART House may have financing options available to interested parties. She’s selling the home for $65,000 (down from $75K) and you can contact Tiny SMART House to purchase.

Inside features cedar throughout, a closet, craft area, custom built pull-out bed (sleeps 1-2), butcher block counters, farm sink, 2-burner propane stove, dorm size fridge, convection toaster oven, floor-2-ceiling pantry cabinet, storage loft, office desk, full (!) tub & shower, glass bowl sink & RV flush toilet. The sale also includes the TV.

Enjoy the photo tour!

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Get Your Pacific Coast Traveler Tiny House & A Place to Park It!

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This is a quality custom tiny house on wheels built by two craftsmen (one with 3 years of tiny living experience) that’s now for sale. While one of the craftsmen, Corey (@coreydoesit on Instagram), intended to live in this home with his wife, the couple are now expecting a baby and decided to sell the THOW and have a little more space for their new addition.

The home is solar-ready, N.O.A.H.-certified, and never-been-lived-in. Be sure to check out the full video tour below! Get all the details/specs/price for the house here.

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N.O.A.H.-certified Tiny House on Wheels for Sale Built by Sonoma County Craftsmen

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This is a 12′ wide tiny house on wheels for sale in North Carolina by the current owner.

Amazing cabin/ tiny house for sale. Has two Murphy beds (double doors in the back), washer & dryer, bathroom, shower, kitchen, stove, fridge and everything else you need in a house! It is 12×20 feet 250 sq. ft. not including the loft upstairs. Has 14 foot high ceilings and already on a trailer to easily pick up and move. This is a very comfortable cabin house and my family fits 6 people sleeping comfortably when vacationing. Only selling because I am building a permanent house to move in full time. This has everything you need or could want in a house.

Enjoy the pictures and get more details and contact information below!

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12′ Wide Tiny House on Wheels For Sale in NC

Images via Seller

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This is the Landon 24′ x 8′ Tiny Home on Wheels that’s for sale in Locust Grove, VA by Cutting Edge Tiny Homes.

Featuring sealed cedar siding, metal corrugated roof, full glass exterior door, and also high impact windows. This house is beautiful on the inside and out. Built on factory-built AMP tiny home trailer with double axle. This home is constructed with only the best materials and is constructed right. This is a great first tiny home for those looking to join the tiny home movement.

Get additional details, price and contact information at the end of the post. Enjoy!

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The Landon 24′ x 8′ Tiny Home on Wheels by Cutting Edge Tiny Homes

Images via Jill

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