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We hope you’re enjoying the selection of new small home plans we’ve been digging up for you! While many people can handle life in less than 400 square feet, others need a little more elbow room. This 624 sq. ft. uses that extra 224 square feet to add a practical mudroom and a full bathroom, which is so nice for hiding things that often clutter up tiny spaces.

Another perk of this design is the covered front porch, which helps extend your living area outdoors. The traditional home style will fit in just about any neighborhood across the country, and because it’s over the “tiny” limit, you may have an easier time securing permits. What do you like about this design?

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624 Sq. Ft. Traditional Small Home Plans

Small Home Plans w: A Mudroom! 3 2

Images via House Plans

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While this looks like a poolside cabana, these tiny house plans could work as a compact single-level home for someone. They include a ground-floor queen bedroom, a 6×6 bathroom, and a living room/kitchen, so you can cook and hang out!

The home is also designed with big, beautiful windows to let in lots of natural light. I love that the plans include dimensions for the furniture you see in the house so you could recreate the same look if you wanted to. You can purchase the PDF plans on Etsy.

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Cute 220 Sq. Ft. Cabana Plans (No Loft!)

10’ x 22’ Tiny House Foundation Plans 4

Images via Etsy

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For $67,900, this beautiful 24′ x 8′ tiny house cottage could be yours! Built by Cheeky Monkey Tiny Houses, it has a simple open floorplan with tons of charm.

There’s a stunning blend of dark wood and cream walls, alongside an awesome barnwood accent wall. The compact kitchen sits next to a functional bathroom, and storage stairs lead to a loft bedroom.

Enjoy the photo tour below, and get in touch with the builder with questions/offers here.

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Charming 24×8 Cottage by Cheeky Monkey Tiny Homes

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Big thanks to Dwayne for sharing these awesome 480 square foot homes that were built in the community of Orange Mound in Memphis, Tennessee. According to Wikipedia, this community was the first in the United States to be built by and for African Americans.

The homes have the same layout, but different elevations, and both sold for $55,000 (so affordable!). These one-bedroom, one-bathroom homes are new construction and show that small/tiny houses can be built on foundations!

What do you think?

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$55,000 Foundation Tiny Homes in Tennessee

480 sq feet memphis house 1 3

Images via Dwayne Jones

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I really love this open-concept tiny house with no wheels! Because there are no trailer size restrictions, the living space is 12 feet wide. It’s amazing how airy it makes the whole space feel.

You get a kitchen complete with hookups for the full-sized appliances you’d like to add, and a bathroom with a large walk-in shower (plumbed for a normal toilet, but you can go composting if you’d like).

In the bedroom, there’s a slightly-lofted bed that still allows for tons of headroom, and if you added some permanent steps would be easy to get in and out of. It’s for sale in Pennsylvania, asking $35,100, and you can contact the seller with questions and offers here.

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Get a 12×28 Tiny House (For A Slab) For $35.1K

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Shawn and Jess have been living tiny now for more than four years in an RV, and they recently finished this tiny house on a foundation where they will vacation and plan to retire someday!

This is a great example of a new shed transformed into a tiny living space. They purchased the shell from Tuff Shed and then Shawn built out the entire interior of the home. It has two lofts, a large main living area, and a bathroom/kitchen in the back. While the indoor kitchen is quite minimal, there’s a large outdoor patio area with a grill and more.

Watch the video tour below, and enjoy our Q&A with Jess after the photos!

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They Took A Brand-New Shed And Turned It Into Their Mortgage-Free Tiny Home!

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This is the model house for Tiny Lofts, a new tiny house builder in Germany with an eco-friendly design for a modular tiny house sans wheels.

The sleek, modern house has a minimalistic Nordic feel on the exterior, but many of the exterior and interior finishes can be selected from a catalog and customized to suit your tastes. At about 323 square feet, the home includes a compact kitchen, spacious open floor plan for the living space, and a super-luxurious bathroom with a full soaking tub in front of a whole-wall window.

You can customize the house to be off-grid, or let it hook up to power and water like a standard house. A wood stove, radiant floor heating and electrical units are all choices for climate control. Enjoy the photo tour below and check out more options and details on the Tiny Lofts website here. The model house is also open as a vacation rental, in case you want to see the quality and function of the house up close. Book here.

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Customizable Modular Tiny House in Germany


Images via Tiny Lofts

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Scott & Ashley have done it again! They found an amazing tiny home, this time in Durham, NC, that you can rent on Airbnb.

The amazing part of this little cottage is that it started out as a dilapidated shed! Now, the 451 square foot farmhouse is a lovely one-bedroom, one-bathroom vacation property that shows you just how lovely a tiny house on a foundation can be.

Enjoy the video tour from Hive Drive Bus below. They got to take their dogs to this pet-friendly home, and the results are pretty adorable.

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451 Square Foot Tiny Cottage in North Carolina

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Crystal is a self-proclaimed introvert who prefers living on her own, so she jumped at the opportunity to put down roots in the “middle-of-nowhere” Alaska in her own dry tiny cabin.

She purchased her basic shell about four years ago, and has used reclaimed, thrifted, and gifted materials to transform the place into her happy home. During the past 9 months she’s been adding a loft to the space and creating a master bedroom. Her next project will be getting a shallow well so she can have running water.

Her simple life has made her grateful for the little things — like electricity which she lived without for a whole year! Watch her interview with Tiny Home Tours below.

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She Lived Without Electricity for a Year!

Her Middle-of-Nowhere Alaska Tiny House on a Foundation

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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