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After owning a conventional home and feeling stressed by the pressure of paying a large mortgage on her own by mortgage arrangers, Natalie, a Canadian woman in her mid-thirties, decided to build a tiny house on wheels.

Starting with plans from Tumbleweed, she adapted the design for extreme winter weather by installing spray foam insulation, a heat recovery ventilation system, electric in-floor heating and a propane heater. Natalie built the house with the help of a contractor and the whole project, including labor, cost approximately $36,000 CAD (although the roof still needs to be shingled).

The tiny house is currently parked in a suburb of Montreal, Canada where she has been living in it for a year and a half. She plans to live in this house forever and, with a little bit of work (i.e. taking down a portion of the backyard fencing), she can take her home wherever she goes.

Woman Ditches Mortgage and Builds Tiny Home

001 Montreal Tiny House 72dpis

Images © Exploring Alternatives via YouTube

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This is Haley Kalb’s Buddhaful Tiny Home on Wheels. She used to be a banker but has now transitioned into a new career where she teaches yoga and is also an Ayurvedic practitioner.

With her new career change came an entirely new lifestyle with her custom-designed and built tiny house on a trailer that she parks in a growing tiny house RV community in Orlando, Florida. Please enjoy and re-share below. Thanks!

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Her Tiny House in Orlando, Florida

Tiny Buddhaful Home 001

Images © Haley Kalb

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The idea of a tiny house lifestyle is fascinating, adventurous, and even freeing.

But you and me both know that a tiny home isn’t going to fix all of our problems.

And assuming that a tiny house is going to make all aspects of our lives better (or easier) is just plain wrong. The truth is that tiny houses work for some people, couples and even families while they fail miserably for others. But why?

That’s why I want you to see why these five people decided to leave their tiny houses and go back to a more mainstream type of home. Beware. Tiny living isn’t right for all. The good news? As the years go by, tiny living options are increasing and the lifestyle will be less challenging and more obtainable to most. Is a tiny house right for you in your life right now? Are you prepared to go tiny? Read the full article and let us know in the comments below. Either way please enjoy and re-share below. Thanks!

Why These 5 People Left Their Tiny Houses

Why These 5 People Left Their Tiny Homes

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You may have already met Alek and Anjali of Tiny-Project.com before. They’re a young couple living tiny in their 160 sq. ft. tiny house in California.

In this post you’ll get to watch a video tour and interview with Morton and Maria of GoDownsize.com as they explore what’s it’s really like to live tiny as a couple (with a dog).

So if you’ve ever been curious about tiny living, especially as a couple, here’s your chance to gain an insider’s perspective on what it’s like. Please enjoy and re-share below. Thank you!

Couple Living Tiny in 160 Sq. Ft. Home (Video + Interview)

Maria Interviews Alek and Anjali on Tiny House Living

Images © GoDownsize.com/YouTube

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I’ve talked about April Anson and her tiny house before. She’s a Ph.D. graduate who decided to go tiny for economic reasons since there were no jobs in her field. Living in a tiny house has made things better for her.

With the cost savings from her decision to be living tiny she’s able to travel to more conferences she enjoys, she can buy and read more books, and she just gets to have more personal freedom.

Otherwise, April says, she’d be having to spend  up to 75% of her income on rent. And that’s no way to get ahead.

Ph.D. Grad Benefits from Living in a Tiny House

Image © TheTinyHouseFilm

I encourage you to watch the quick tour as she talks about living tiny in the video below:

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