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Now, we’ve seen tiny homes with living rooms in a half-loft situation, but this is the first time I’ve seen someone put a kitchen on top! There’s a little cave bedroom underneath the kitchen with lots of windows and built-in storage to keep it from being claustrophobic.

This newest Kenai model from Tiny Idahomes also includes an awesome full bathroom with a tub and a spot for a washer/dryer unit. There is also a bedroom loft and a spot for a couch across from the storage staircase. What do you think of the design?

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28-ft. Kenai Tiny House RV by Tiny Idahomes with a Loft Kitchen!

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Emilie is one of the lucky ones! He got a beautiful tiny home from Baluchon that looks wonderfully well-crafted. His biggest want was a reading nook with bookshelves, and he has one right in front of a huge picture window that will offer lovely views of his Normandy property.

The name “Piccola Casa” means “little house.” He has a functional kitchen for cooking meals for guests, a large bathroom, and a storage staircase to hold his things. Upstairs in the loft, he fit a double bed. What’s your favorite part?

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Emilie’s Tiny Home in Normandy

Piccola Casa with Cozy Reading Nook 18

Images via Baluchon

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What’s a better way to start off Monday morning than checking out a truly affordable tiny house that’s on the market? Lauren had purchased this THOW for her daughter during the pandemic, and now that daughter is off to Europe and the tiny house needs a new owner.

The inside features a large galley kitchen with lots of storage cabinets, a futon bed and no need for loft-sleeping, and a bathroom in the back with a tub! With some finishing paintwork and your own decor, it could quickly become home sweet home.

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8×16 Finished Tiny Home (No Loft)

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With the rising costs of everything these days, it’s pretty rare to find something cheaper than normal, but this $22k tiny house by Simply Futher is a real affordable housing solution!

Of course, it’s truly “tiny,” with a living space of just 84 square feet, with an additional 24 square feet of covered deck space on the front. But even as micro-small as it is, there is a kitchen, toilet, shower, bed and office space ingeniously “tetris-ed” (is that a word?) into the home.

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84 Sq. Ft. Tiny House w/ Kitchen, Bathroom & Bed!

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M was one of the first 5 long-term tiny homes that rolled into Acony Bell Tiny Home Community in North Carolina. Her lot abuts two winding creeks on the 56 acres in the community and features not only her professionally-built THOW but her pottery studio as well.

She’s a professional artist and sells her pottery and teaches classes onsite. The walls of her THOW are covered in meaningful art she’s purchased, been given, or created herself. She chose a design without a loft and has no regrets on that front.

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Living Tiny With Her Adjacent Pottery Studio

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This lovely tiny house built by Serena.House in Spain features a coveted downstairs bedroom as a separate room for the buyer’s 7-year-old. Above his room is a family loft living space.

There’s also the parent’s loft room, with awesome built-in storage. Beneath their room is the bathroom with a dry toilet, and a fully-functional kitchen takes up the middle of the THOW. The whole house has a wonderful, modern aesthetic.

You can contact the tiny house builder and see more of their work on their website.  They also have tiny houses for vacation rentals.

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Family of 3 THOW with Downstairs Kid’s Room

The Idle Tiny House 7

Images via Serena.House

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Meet The Wattle, designed and built by Treehab in Australia. This adorable one-floor tiny house maximizes space with a daybed that transforms into a queen-sized bed for sleeping.

The rest of the streamlined interior includes a spot to eat, a full kitchen, and a bathroom with composting toilet. There are many upgrades you can choose to customize the home, but the base model starts at 69,900 AUD (or ~49,719 USD). It features a sleek black exterior with a simple and stylish shed-style roof.

Enjoy the photo tour below and check out all the specs and additional features at the end of the post! Get in touch with the builder about this home here.

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No Loft in This Tiny Home For One (or Two!)

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Build Tiny in New Zealand created this lovely custom THOW for a client who was previously a world traveler. After stay in a Build Tiny Airbnb, she was able to picture herself living tiny! Her home will live next to a historic church, thus the moniker “Tiny Grace.”

Two features that I love in this home are the platform in the loft that allows her to stand upright, and the cool under-floor storage in the office area. The office area also allows a dedicated space that could be used as a bedroom if she ever had a need for it. The home also has a full kitchen with a wonderful pull-out pantry, and tons of soft-close drawers.

You can watch a video tour from the builder at the end of the post, and if you’re in New Zealand looking for a tiny home, you can get a quote for your own build here.

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New Zealand THOW with Home Office

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This is the latest custom build from Truform Tiny and I’m drooling over the kitchen! If money hadn’t been a concern I would have definitely put copper counter tops and a stone farmhouse sink in my own home – I first experienced a stone sink at the Coperthwaite Yurt I stayed in last summer and I’ve been wanting one ever since!

Their client wanted an off-grid coastal escape from fire smoke out of California and Oregon and spared no expense in creating her dream tiny home. Another awesome feature is the wrap-around couch/dining area that transforms into a guest bed! She chose a split shower and toilet/sink area, like we often see in school bus conversions, with a mudroom in between.

Take a look at the photo tour and get in touch with Truform Tiny for a quote for your own custom tiny house!

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Check Out the Kitchen in this Truform Tiny Custom Coastal Escape

Truform Tiny's Custom Coastal Escape

Images via Truform Tiny

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