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While it might be almost twice the size of many THOWs, this little foundation home is still quite compact compared to the McMansions all over the U.S. And it comes with 3.5 acres of land! Perfect for starting a little homestead — or just enjoying privacy.

The house is on sale for $150,000 and sits in Sheridan, Arkansas. It has one bedroom, one bath, and a beautiful farmhouse-chic kitchen. There’s also a wrap-around porch and carport. What a deal!

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Little Home in Arkansas — Foundation & Land

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While going tiny is great, sometimes just downsizing works better for families. This family chose a lovely Mønhuset Longhouse, which includes two bedrooms and 753 sq. ft. of living space.

The main living area is connected to the bedrooms via a breezeway, that can be closed off in inclement weather. There’s also a little office/shed area on the property. Mønhuset — a Scandinavian company — has now opened in Canada offering homes as modular, prefabricated panels or as site built and can be customized as per client wants and needs. Awesome!

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Two-Bedroom Scandinavian-Style Small Home

moenhuset longhouse 4

Images via Mønhuset-Canada

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Here’s an awesome opportunity to get a small house on land! This renovated cottage/bungalow is for sale in Village, Virginia, and has two bedrooms as well as an insulated outdoor shed and a patio covered with a copper roof.

The inside has been remodeled to the current owner’s taste, reflecting her Greek heritage with white walls and stunning blue trim. There’s a washer/dryer, a large kitchen featuring tile countertops, and one bathroom.

It’s on the market for $169,000. You can check out the Zillow listing here.

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Small Home with Land in Virginia For Sale: $169K

839 Sq. Ft. Virginia Cottage Remodel for Sale 55

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Now isn’t this a dream? A little log cabin on 6.5 acres with mountain views!

This cozy cabin is currently for sale in Fitzwilliam, New Hampshire for $275,000 and it’s about as lovely as it gets. The home has a fireplace, woodstove, and electric baseboard heating (you won’t be cold!), and there’s an enclosed porch for enjoying coffee each morning.

With two beds and one bath, it’s certainly not a tiny space, but a simple space where you can get back to nature. Get more information from Verani Realty.

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New Hampshire Little Log Cabin on 6.5 Acres

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This is such a unique find! This giant barn has a 551 sq. ft. tiny house built into it, complete with a ground-floor bedroom and a bath, kitchen and living area.

But the whole thing sits on a lovely 14 acre lot of land, with a build site further away from the barn already ready with utilities and it’s own septic system. You could build another small home on the lot and use the existing space as an in-law or rental possibly (depending on local regulations). Or just enjoy the existing home and all that amazing land!

It’s for sale for $250,000 on Zillow. (Sold).

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Tiny House, Huge Barn in Texas

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One of the Tiny Ten Urban Homes in downtown Reno, Nevada is now for sale! This small home is just 682 square feet (I know, big for a “tiny” house), and sits on its own fenced-in lot surrounded by 9 other gorgeous little houses. There’s even a detached garage for your vehicle or storage.

It’s currently for sale for $283,700 (sold). The home has two bedrooms: One on the ground floor and another in the loft that can be used as an office or second living area instead. The high vaulted ceilings make the place feel extra spacious! Click here to schedule a tour or get more information from the selling agent.

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Tiny House on Land in Reno, Nevada: 682 Sq. Ft. Home For Sale (Sold)

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This is Jacqueline Mallegni’s 800 sq. ft. solar home for sale in Abiquiu, New Mexico.

The contemporary adobe home sits on 10 acres of wide-open New Mexican landscape with views from custom-made windows of the Cerro Pedernal, Jemez and Sangre de Christo mountain ranges. But this tiny home isn’t only beautiful – it runs on passive solar exposure making it eco-friendly and off-the-grid.

Two water catchment cisterns, as well as a 1,200-gallon cistern, pump the open-floor-plan house with water. Step through the colonial dutch doors to see a propane stove, hot water heater, mini-refrigerator and even a tub. WiFi access and a wood burning stove combine new technology with the old and provide all the luxury of the 21st century with the peace of mind that accompanies self-sufficiency.

Best of all? If you’re interested you can buy it! The asking price is $187,000. (Sold)

800 Sq. Ft. Solar Home

800 Sq. Ft. Solar Artist Retreat For Sale 01

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I’m excited to show you this small A-frame house for sale in Texas thanks to one of our readers, Katie Meredith, who tipped us on it.

It’s a 1080 sq. ft. A-frame cabin with one bedroom, one bathroom, full living area, kitchen, and a large storage/entertainment basement underneath.

This home sits on a beautiful 1.75 acre lot in Burleson, Texas. Please enjoy and re-share below. Thank you!

Small A-Frame House For Sale in Texas

Small A-Frame House For Sale in Texas 0001

Images © North Texas Real Estate Information Services (via Zillow)

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This modern small house that was for sale is in Victoria, Australia back in 2015. The first thing you’ll probably notice is the sleek and modern slanted roof, right? Once you step inside you’ll find a very open space with plenty of natural light because of the large windows throughout the main living area.

This modern small home boasts two bedrooms, one bathroom, an amazing kitchen, a large open living space, and a cozy covered outdoor space. It also features a separate garage/storage. This isn’t a tiny house, but it’s a pretty cool small home, isn’t it? And it’s definitely no McMansion so I thought you might be able to get some inspiration from it. Please enjoy and if you like it re-share below with your friends. Thanks.

A Modern Small Home in Australia


Images via Hodges.com.au

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