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This modern small house that was for sale is in Victoria, Australia back in 2015. The first thing you’ll probably notice is the sleek and modern slanted roof, right? Once you step inside you’ll find a very open space with plenty of natural light because of the large windows throughout the main living area.

This modern small home boasts two bedrooms, one bathroom, an amazing kitchen, a large open living space, and a cozy covered outdoor space. It also features a separate garage/storage. This isn’t a tiny house, but it’s a pretty cool small home, isn’t it? And it’s definitely no McMansion so I thought you might be able to get some inspiration from it. Please enjoy and if you like it re-share below with your friends. Thanks.

A Modern Small Home in Australia


Images via Hodges.com.au

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This 766 sq. ft. cottage with garage and additional finished basement for sale is in Columbus, Ohio.

It’s on 443 E Kossuth Street and is listed for sale here. It’s a two bedroom two bathroom home.

When you go inside you’ll see that the kitchen is new with granite countertops and all. Outside there’s even a 2-car garage so there’s plenty of storage space here.

And the listing says that you can even finish the attic space if you wanted to add even more living/storage space later on. The asking price is $189,900. What do you think, pretty good deal these days or not? Either way please enjoy taking the tour and re-sharing with your friends below if you want to. Thanks!

766 Sq. Ft. Cottage with Garage and Basement For Sale


Images © GRT-Group

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This is an 832 sq. ft. 2-bedroom, 1-bathroom cottage for sale in Memphis, Tennessee from one of our readers, Dwayne Jones who is a contractor and missionary.

“I have been following you site for a while and decided to submit some pictures from my latest project a 832 sq. ft. home located in Memphis, Tennessee. My name is Dwayne A. Jones and I’m a contractor and missionary. Traveling to Ghana West Africa since 2003, Haiti since 2008, and India for the first time last year in 2014, I’ve dreamed of building small affordable houses world-wide. This house is a start of many projects to encourage sustainable living. I plan to start on a trailer-mounted tiny home in a few months. Please see the attached pictures of my 2 bedroom and 1 bath home with 10′ ceilings. The selling price is $68,500. Thank you for any consideration of sharing my home.”

Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share this little cottage below. Thank you!

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832 Sq. Ft. 2-BR 1-BA Cottage For Sale (SOLD)

2970 Hoskins 832 sq ft cottage for sale 001

Images © Dwayne Jones

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