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After going through a big breakup, Rebecca had to live with her sister in a room without windows for a time. She says that was good practice for tiny living and solidified her resolve to have her own tiny space someday. With the housing prices in New Zealand at well over $780K, she saved a lot of money, even though she spent $250K NZD (~$147K USD) on her home.

Her son has a lovely first-floor bedroom with plenty of space for his clothing and toys, while she has a loft bedroom adjacent to her separate loft office space where she can work from home. There’s a great U-shaped kitchen, a large living room, and lots of hidden storage spots! Enjoy the incredible tour below.

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Mother & Son in Two-Bedroom Tiny Home

Single Mom’s Incredible THOW w: Office Mezzanine

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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This single mom wanted a way to raise her daughter in their own space, and regular homeownership was out of the question financially. But a DIY tiny home? Stephanie knew she could do it if she committed herself! And she did!

For the past six years, she’s been living with her daughter in their custom house on wheels, and just recently she was able to move the tiny house onto their very own piece of land! They have a whole off-grid set-up and love the freedom of this lifestyle. Watch their tour below.

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Her DIY Tiny House on Her Own Land!

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Ashley and Alexis are sisters who were sharing an apartment in Tampa, Florida when their landlords were raising rent — again. That’s when they decided to go tiny! Instead of sharing a tiny home, they each bought their own and customized it to their own unique style and needs — but they live right next door to each other at the Circle Pond Tiny Community.

We interviewed Alexis a couple years ago. She lives in her cozy farmhouse THOW with her young daughter. Her sister Ashley lives in her own modern THOW with two dogs and enjoys cooking in her large kitchen. The video below tours each of their unique homes!

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They Each Have Their Own Tiny Home!

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Amanda is a single mom of two girls, ages 8 and 2.5. After flipping houses for awhile, she decided to settle down in not one, but two amazing THOWs built for her by Aussie Tiny Houses.

One home houses the living room, kitchen, bathroom and Amanda’s room, and the other tiny is split in half, with each girl having their own room and wardrobe. The homes (which are about 168 and 219 square feet, respectively) are connected by a large covered porch which nearly doubles their living space. Amanda (@amanda_lee_consulting) is now debt-free, and because her homes are off-grid, she spends very little in utilities. This allows her to spend most of her time at home with her girls, and work at her consulting business on the side. Awesome right?

We got to do a Q&A with her about tiny life, so be sure to read it at the end of the post.

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Check Out These TWO Off-Grid No-Loft Tinies!

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Meet Alexis, and her 11-month-old daughter Nalani. Alexis bought her amazing tiny house from Cornerstone Tiny Homes, and it has everything she wanted including a built-in bookshelf for all her books and an under-the-stairs reading nook.

She found a tiny home community in Florida to park her little house and it costs just $450/month rather than the $750 she had previously been paying in rent (while living with a roommate!). Now she has a place of her own designed to meet all her needs (wait until you see the kitchen sink!) that she can share with her adorable daughter. She wants other single moms to know this a dream they can achieve!

We interviewed her so be sure to read the Q&A after the photo tour, and follow Alexis on Instagram for updates!

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Single Mom’s Tiny House With A Book Collection

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