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This is a new tiny house build by Norkse Mikrohus in Norway.

It features a unique double glass door entry, a full kitchen, lounge, bathroom, and cozy sleeping loft with sky views. How’d you like getting to live in a tiny house like this?

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Tiny House on Wheels by Norske Mikrohus


Images via Norske Mikrohus

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This is The Bolder Skylodges, a pair of 200-sq.-ft. tiny houses that overlook Norway’s Lysefjord near Pulpit Rock.

The tiny homes are nearly 2,000 feet above sea level with the most magnificent views one can hope for, or even imagine.

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200-sq.-ft. Bolder Skylodges Tiny Homes

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This is Norske Mikrohus (@norske_mikrohus on Instagram), a Norwegian tiny home builder and their tiny houses on wheels. I first learned about them when Natalie introduced us to Ida and her incredible tiny house on a Norwegian farm in this post.

Well, right now, I’d like to tell you a little bit about the builder who helped make her tiny house fairytale possible. The company currently offers two models, one is 7.5 meters (24.6-ft.) long and 2.5 meters (8.2-ft.) wide (22 m2 incl. loft, 237-sq.-ft.) and the other is 6.5 meters (21.3-ft.) long and 2.5 meters wide (19.5 m2 inc. loft, 210-sq.-ft.). One starts at 890,000 Krones, and the other at 930,000 (approximately $96,000 USD, and $100,402 USD, respectively).

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Norwegian Tiny Home Builder: Norske Mikrohus and their Tiny Homes on Wheels

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This is the Fosen Folk School, an organic folk school in Norway that teaches unique and useful skills like construction. If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to grow your own food, build a tiny house, learn how to build a traditional boat, and other useful skills, please continue.

Students learn about self-sufficiency, organic living, and useful skills like being able to create your own equipment like forging your own knife, making your own sandals, and more. Sounds pretty interesting, doesn’t it? Don’t you wish we learned about all of this stuff in school? Now that would be fun…

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Organic folk school in Norway that teaches tiny house construction and other useful skills…⚒

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This is the story of Tone’s La Couette (Little Owl) Tiny House on Wheels in Norway.

I have travelled for years and have thought for a while about getting a camping-van. I don’t like the look of ordinary trailers though, so I decided to build my own house on wheels, accommodated to my likes and needs.

Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thanks!

She Designed and Built Her Little Owl Tiny House on a Trailer

Little Owl Tiny House on a Trailer 001

Images © Tone Wasbak Melbye

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This is a minimalist tiny cabin in Norway.

From the outside, you’ll see it’s a bare-bones cabin with a small surrounding deck.

When you go inside, you’ll find a kitchenette, fireplace, and a living area with a collapsible bench, bed, and table. Super simple, and super awesome, isn’t it?

And yes, you can even book a stay in this tiny cabin to try out the simple life if you want to. Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

Minimalist Tiny Cabin in Norway

Tiny Cabin in Norway 001

Images © Ernst via Airbnb

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This one of a kind modern tiny mountain cabin in Norway is sure to amaze you.

I hope it’ll at least slightly amuse you because it’s definitely something you’ve probably never seen before thanks to the creative entrance into the cabin (see below).

This structure was designed and built by students and architects at Bergen School of Architecture. It was done using mostly scrap wood materials from local mills in the area. As you’ll see, this tiny cabin is modern, sleek, and minimalist. Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

Modern Tiny Mountain Cabin in Norway


Images © Espen Folgerø, Gunnar Sørås, Helge Skodvin, Marina Magreøy, and Stine Elise Kristoffersen

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This old bread van converted into a guest bedroom isn’t exactly a fully functioning cabin or tiny house but I still thought you might enjoy it (since I did).

Basically… It’s just a private bedroom! But inside there’s no bathroom, shower, or kitchen. Just space for sleeping and hanging out in peace. And it’s heated (and has wi-fi), too.

The van is available as a nightly rental if you’re ever wanted to stay in Vestby, Akershus, Norway. It has over 43 raving reviews from previous guests.

The van is a 1968 Citroen HY. It has a double bed and little sofa inside. The bathroom you get access to is inside the house on the property.

1968 Citroen HY Van Turned into Guest Bedroom Micro Cabin


Images © Airbnb

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When this writer was seeking for a peaceful retreat he already knew he wanted a tiny writer’s cabin.

So he sought the services of a Norwegian architecture firm Jarmund/Vigsnæs to design a one of a kind geometric writing cottage on the hillside.

There are two areas of the cabin… The living space inside which consists of a desk, fireplace, open area, and a day bed. Then there is the outdoor space surrounded by three walls which also serves as the entrance to the cabin.

173 Sq. Ft. Geometric Tiny Writers Cabin in Norway


Images © Jarmund/Vigsnæs

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