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I don’t think I’ve seen a Baluchon build that I haven’t liked, and Anne-Claire’s Green Titmouse THOW is no exception. The client wanted a green roof to blend in with the woodland surroundings where her home is now situated. It even has a built-in window box to add a little green right outside her window.

It features a standard tiny house layout, with the living room in the front, bathroom/kitchen in the back, and a loft bedroom. The Baluchon builders included an adorable cat door in the living room for Anne-Claire’s cat, Milka. The home is heated by a Cubic Mini Wood Burning Stove they imported from Canada.

Enjoy the photo tour below!

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Her Tiny House with a Window Box and Cat Door

Anne-Claire’s Green Titmouse 014

Images via Baluchon

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This is Sylvie’s Tiny Bubble — a gorgeous tiny house on wheels designed and built by La Tiny House in France. The home is similar to a teardrop camper, but with so much more space.

Her home was designed to be retirement-friendly. While it does feature a loft guest room, everything else Sylvie needs is on the first floor: A ground-floor bed, a wide-open floor plan, and a wet bath with plenty of space. Off the front door is a partially-enclosed porch that protects her from winds but still lets the light in!

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Sylvie’s Tiny House with Protected Porch

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I’ve seen a lot of tiny homes, but La Tiny Houses in France has really thought outside the tiny house box on this design for a family of four! This French Tiny Home has a loft bedroom for the parents, and then built-in bunk beds for their kids separated by a partition. In the end, everyone has their own bedroom cubbie.

They also used the top of the cabinets as the final “stair” to the second floor/loft, which always for easier getting in and out of bed. There’s even a spot for a keyboard in this little home.

Usually, family THOWs are incredibly long, but this little house looks pretty easy to tow and has a fun exterior shape. Enjoy the photo tour!

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French Tiny Home with Built-in Bunk Beds

French Tiny Home

Images via La Tiny House

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Here’s another incredible build by Baluchon, the French tiny house builder responsible for this Tiny Hauméa House.

Built for Célia and Damien as their new home, it features the most beautiful teal aluminum siding, a tiny-house-shaped window, and even a chip-activated cat flap for their furry friend! Enjoy the photo tour.

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Loft for Three in this Tiny Hauméa House by Baluchon

Tiny Hauméa House with Cat Door by Baluchon

Images via Baluchon

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This is Nadia’s Tiny Appalache built for her by La Tiny House in France. The stunning build features one of the best living room arrangements I’ve seen with a partial-loft (plenty of headroom!) with a sectional sofa and a hidden guest room tucked underneath!

The main bedroom is located in the loft, and there’s also a full kitchen and 3/4 bathroom. Nadia chose a tiny house so she could move closer to family, and now she has a place to read books (her passion) and welcome guests.

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Sectional Sofa in Nadia’s Tiny Appalache

Nadia’s Tiny Appalache

Images via La Tiny House

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At just shy of 11 feet, this is the smallest tiny house built by Baluchon, but it still manages to sleep three between a twin-sized loft (encased in netting), and a pull-out couch for two.

On one end of the THOW, you’ll find the shower, toilet, and functional kitchenette with a hot plate, mini-fridge, and sink. Then on the other end is the stunning porthole window over a desk/table. In the middle is the bench for relaxing. The home was designed for a family who wanted a comfortable place to spend the night on fishing trips. Enjoy!

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Check Out the Porthole Window in this Tiny House Nano

tiny house nano

Images via Baluchon

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This is the Tiny House Mogote built by the French company, Baluchon. As with all Baluchon’s creations, this home is absolutely stunning.

Inside the 20-foot-long tiny house on wheels, you’ll find a kitchen, living room with sleeper sofa, and a spacious bathroom with a wardrobe. The bedroom is up in the loft, accessible via a ladder that pulls out when necessary.

Enjoy the photo tour of this lovely home, which now belongs to their customer, Marion. It’s parked not far from the Baluchon workshop.

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Modern French Tiny House on Wheels by Baluchon

Tiny House Mogote by Baluchon in France

Images via Baluchon

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This is the 20′ Tiny House Ostara by French builder Baluchon, created for Nathalie and Sebastien, and named after the stable near their new tiny home.

It’s actually built on a 6-meter trailer, making it just under 20 feet long. The stunning interior includes a large, comfortable couch that looks out at horse-farm views through French doors, a compact kitchen, a loft bedroom accessible via stairs, and a bathroom with a luxurious shower stall and dry toilet. Get more details below and enjoy the tour below!

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20-ft. Ostara Tiny House by Baluchon

Images via Baluchon

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You might have seen this awesome video floating around Facebook recently, but if you haven’t, meet the Brikawood “Studio Kit” that allows you to build a tiny house without any nails or screws.

Yes, you read that correctly! These innovative bricks fit and click together much like LEGO bricks, and it would only take you and a few friends a couple days to put the whole house together (minus the electrical/plumbing, etc.).

If you happen to live in France, you’re in luck! If not, I sure hope they’ll ship it overseas because I would love one of these. What do you think?

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Brikawood Studio Kit: Build A House with Wooden Bricks

Build A Tiny House with Wooden Bricks

Screenshots via Brikawood

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