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Neal hasn’t had it easy — first, he had to get sober, only to find out about a cancer diagnosis soon afterward. He beat cancer and then decided he didn’t want to miss out on any opportunities. As a travel nurse, he used to rent an apartment for a few months at a time in each city he moved to — now he brings his off-grid cargo trailer conversion with him!

He’s actually had a couple of rigs, but right now he lives with his girlfriend in the trailer that he converted in a couple of months. There’s a bathroom, kitchen, and a living/sleeping area with a convertible couch. Enjoy the tour below!

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Totally Off-Grid Trailer Rig Can Go Anywhere

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Robert was living in Oregon, hunting, fishing, hiking, and chasing his dreams of working at a local restaurant he admired. He had finally made it — he got the job! — when a drunk driver pinned Robert between the vehicle and a tree and Robert lost his leg. For a long time, Robert felt aimless, until he found himself throwing a bed in the back of his utility trailer and spending a few weeks camping.

That was the beginning of Robert’s journey to his nomadic lifestyle. He eventually got a second, larger cargo trailer and made it into his home sweet home. He loves the desert in particular and has made his cargo trailer house meet his needs.

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Awning, Solar Power, and Cook’s Kitchen!

His Wheelchair-Accessible Cargo Trailer Conversion with Elevator Bed 3

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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This couple began their relationship simply — they hiked the Appilachian Trail and enjoyed nature. Then they hopped on the normal ride and were getting further into standard American life when Jordan asked Meghan if she’d like to live in a van.

To his surprise, she said yes! They ended up settling on this awesome toy hauler and altogether spent $30K on their dream home. Here’s to them!

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Toy Hauler Tiny Home With Awesome Layout

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Cargo trailers make a great blank canvas for tiny home conversions. Unlike vans, they feature straight sides which are usually easier to insulate/frame. This couple did an awesome job making their trailer a true home, including a bathroom.

They hang out on a futon from Amazon that turns into a comfortable Queen-sized bed. When it’s all folded up, they have desk space and a living room. The wife paints, and her art is the stunning focal point of the trailer.

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Queen Sized Bed, Nautical Design and Stunning Art!

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This is Amy’s Awesome Converted Sprinter RV.

She is selling the 2013 motorhome that she used to travel the United States for $52,000. Please note, this post has now been archived. Thank you!

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Amy’s Awesome Converted Sprinter RV


Images via Sprinter RV For Sale

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This is Melissa’s fully-furnished converted utility trailer for sale (update: sold).

It’s located in Lake Worth, Florida and she’s selling it for $6,500.

Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

Converted Utility Trailer for Sale: $6.5K (SOLD)


Images © Melissa Cipriani

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This is a beautifully converted cargo trailer tiny house that was available for $15,000 out of South Carolina from Bridget, the builder.

We featured this back in 2016, so it has since then very likely already sold, but you can still look at it below. It’s very nice. Enjoy!

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Cargo Trailer Tiny House Conversion in South Carolina

Converted Cargo Trailer

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Gary Goldberg is sharing his 8×12 tiny house design floor plan as part of our 2015 8×12 tiny house design contest. His is designed as a cargo trailer tiny house. I’ll let him explain it and show you below. 🙂

“Hello. My pencil drawing for submission to the book contest. 8’x12” says to me — cargo trailer. So I laid it out appropriately. The fantastic fan in the roof is for ventilation. In hindsight I might swap the locations of the Dickinson propane furnace and the A/C mini-split interior component, although I like the idea of being able to see it burning from the bed and table. Assumed wet-wall between kitchen counter and shower. Could move potable water tank to front wall. Bunk beds are 32” wide; kitchen counter is 30” deep. Hard wall in front of composting toilet and door could be replaced with something flexible. like curtain. Hope you like it.”

Gary Goldberg’s 8×12 Cargo Trailer Tiny House Design


Image © Gary Goldberg

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This stealth tiny house cargo trailer project is a guest post by Jesslyn Wolff

We have a 100 sq. ft. stealth tiny home project that we will not be able to finish. We just bought it and were so excited to get going on the renovation. But no sooner did we buy it, I ran into some personal issues which requiring us to sell our first road worthy tiny house project.

Please post this as soon as you can. It will make a great tiny home for someone as it’s already well on it’s way with the following features.

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16′ Stealth Cargo Trailer to Tiny House Project (Sold)


Images © Jesslyn Wolff

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