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This is the story of Shelley’s 40-foot shipping container tiny home in Russell Island, Southern Moreton Bay, Queensland, Australia. Yes, she recycled a container and turned it into very own tiny, but not too tiny, home.

Grab a coffee or tea and enjoy the photo tour, read our exclusive interview with her, and learn about getting a rare opportunity to book a vacation in Shelley’s 40-foot container home if you’d like to. Short stays only.

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Shelley’s 40-foot Shipping Container Tiny Home in Russell Island – Interview, Tiny House Tour, and How You Can MAYBE Stay Here…

She turned a 40-foot shipping container into her tiny home 001

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This is the Australia Tiny House in Agnes Banks.

It’s a vacation tiny house near Sydney, Australia that starts at around $149 per night.

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Australia Tiny House Vacation near Sydney, Australia

Australia Tiny House in Agnes Banks near Sydney, Australia

Images via Airbnb/Tiny Away

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This is a retirement tiny house that’s in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. The house offers a 23.5′ by 8′ living area and a 23.5′ by 10.5′ veranda area that more-than doubles living space. It’s very well done.

Outside you have a wheelchair-friendly ramp that leads directly to the motorized entryway. Inside, the bed is on a lift so you can hide it away during the day or when you have company over. Please take the brief photo tour below, watch the full video tour, and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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The Perfect Wheelchair-Friendly Retirement Tiny House That’s Affordable to Build and Simple

Elderly-Friendly Retirement Tiny House

Images via Living Big in a Tiny House/YouTube

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