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PRICE REDUCED: Stunning 20 ft. Vesper Model

Update: Reduced price from $109K to $89K. Click here to contact the seller. Watch a NEW video tour below. 

Look at this beautiful new tiny home created by Redbud Built. It features a loft bedroom with a lovely staircase protected by a full, beautiful banister! The 3/4 bathroom sits under the loft next to the galley kitchen.

I love that they included a dedicated spot for mops/brooms which so many tiny homes don’t have. The living space is rather versatile, and they show it off with both a table/recliner setup or a love seat and side table combo. Which would you choose?

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Artistic Tiny Home Design w/ Beautiful Banister


Images via Red Bud Built

A classic layout with the storage stairs across from the kitchen.


Images via Red Bud Built

I just love the color scheme in this one.


Images via Red Bud Built

The fridge is built into the steps.


Images via Red Bud Built

Look at that awesome double sink.


Images via Red Bud Built

Some open shelving for dishes.


Images via Red Bud Built

Handy drying rack and cutting board.


Images via Red Bud Built

Using every square inch!


Images via Red Bud Built

Double burner and a spot to put your broom.


Images via Red Bud Built

The detail here is just stunning.


Images via Red Bud Built

One option for this corner: A table and recliner


Images via Red Bud Built

There’s a ceiling fan and mini-split.


Images via Red Bud Built

Or you could put a love seat here.


Images via Red Bud Built

A folding barn door to the bathroom.


Images via Red Bud Built

A one-piece shower stall.


Images via Red Bud Built

Flush toilet and recessed lighting.


Images via Red Bud Built

The exterior on this model is so fun.


Images via Red Bud Built



$109,000 $89,000
NOAH Inspected and Certified
New 2021 Carry-On Trailer w/ Trailer Brakes
20 ft. long with 2 ft. loft extension in rear x 8.5 ft. wide
Accepts 2 5/16″ hitch ball
Weighs ~8500-9000 lbs.
2×4 foundation and wall framing with 2×6 roof trusses
Framing secured with Simpson Strong-Tie hurricane straps and ties
ForceField sheathing by Georgia Pacific
Insulation: R-17.5 Floor, R-13 Walls, R-19 Ceiling
Windows covered with security film for safety while in transit
12 windows (including door window) with 0.30 U-Factor
Metal Pro-Rib roof and siding with limited lifetime warranty
10 year warranty on exterior paint and stain

All electric appliances (no changing propane tanks!)
2 burner electric stove
20 Gallon electric water heater
120V Pioneer 9,000 BTU 0.75 ton 20 SEER mini split AC w/ heat pump
7.4 cu ft. fridge with freezer
Accepts 50 AMP RV cord
Full size 120/240V electric panel (can be easily covered by artwork)
Standard RV water inlet
PEX plumbing with 3 water shut-off valves
Detachable PVC waste plumbing allows for safer travel
Full size kitchen sink with built-in strainer, grid, drying rack, cutting board and a pull down faucet
Standard flush toilet installed (can be replaced with composting toilet)
3ft x 3ft interior shower stall with overhead faucet
Outdoor shower!
Ceiling fan with light in living area with recessed LED lighting in bathroom, kitchen, and loft

Countertops, stair treads, shelves, newel posts, and spindles all milled and crafted from locally sourced ambroisa maple
Newel posts and spindles for the staircase hand-turned by the artist
Full size kitchen with custom-made cabinets and staircase with ample storage
Handcrafted cabinets, cabinet faces, doors, and drawers made from tulip poplar and high-quality sande plywood
7.4 cu ft. fridge with freezer fits perfectly under stairs
Large full extension drawers and under counter storage
8ft x 10 ft loft

Learn more and inquire

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Natalie C. McKee

Natalie C. McKee is a contributor for Tiny House Talk and the Tiny House Newsletter. She's a wife, and mama of three little kids. She and her family are homesteaders with sheep, goats, chickens, ducks and quail on their happy little acre.
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  • Marcia
    September 29, 2022, 7:20 pm

    Absolutely LOVE the handrail! Elegant and safe. Nicely done ☑️

  • Kathy
    September 29, 2022, 9:37 pm

    I swallowed a large lump in my throat when I saw the (assuming) “as shown” price – $109k for a 20ft tiny home. I am sad to see such a price settled on the smallest size tiny that 2 people can fairly comfortably actually LIVE in. Don’t lecture me on the outstanding finishes obviously used in this house and different strokes for different folks…..doesn’t matter. Even with less costly finishes in this house the price would still be something around $85-90k. I am profoundly disappointed. Half of the tiny home-buying potential customers soon will be priced out of the market as other builders say “If they can charge that much, so can I.” THAT’S how inflated pricing happens.

    • Top Secret
      September 29, 2022, 10:42 pm

      Totally agree! Too EXPENSIVE!

    • James D.
      September 29, 2022, 11:40 pm

      I know it’s tempting to just blame it all on artificially inflated prices but the economy actually has a lot to do with it and is making just about everything cost more from groceries on up, which is the reality all these business have to operate in too to run their business.

      However, there still has to be a differentiation between a high end designer home build that is custom built for someone and what a budget low cost model price range will fall into…

      Actual budget builders like Incredible Tiny Homes can still start as low as around $20,000 for a sale price on a 8×16 THOW for their lowest cost model. There’s just a lot different from that budget model and a high end designer custom build like this one. A lot more than even just the choice of finishing or size of the structure can go into the final price and those complexities of details have to be understood to know what the price is actually for and to know how different details will thus effect the price.

      • Kathy
        September 30, 2022, 5:13 pm

        Yes James, I understand the poor economy we are operating in right now. But I still say that even the reduced random guess $85k figure I quoted tor a 20’ home with lesser expensive finishes is still beyond what the market and poor economy calls for. I am familiar with Incredible Tiny, and it is unfair to even try to compare the two. Any way, this home just doesn’t deserve its high end price….the kitchen is tiny (as the size of the house would require), and the cooking is to be done on a 2 burner stove top; no oven, no cool convection oven, not even a microwave. Nice double bowl stainless sink. But eh, they need not be expensive. A plain flush toilet — no expensive composting or Electric toilet. No handwashing sink for pete’s sake, and “just” a shower stall. No tile in the bathroom no attractive great extra-cost decor in either the kitchen or bath. And I have to say that is the most boring lounge area — not even any book shelving or other storage. No bathroom storage. I have a seen washer/dryer worked into a 20’ home, but that appliance is not included. No skylights, no slider glass door or even a stair to the front door. Again no storage anywhere unless there’s something in the loft. Sorry James, inflation and all, this house is way overpriced for its size, and I am afraid it will set the market price on 20 footers, and impact pricing on the larger ones as well. Oh I mustn’t forget the wonder of hand turned balusters and newel post on the stairs, surely that should impress one into buying an inflated house. Forgive my sarcasm. I am distressed.

        • James D.
          September 30, 2022, 6:02 pm


          Sorry but it’s just not that simple because the cost includes things you’re just not appreciating, like the simple fact you can’t get a hand turned balusters unless you actually pay for one or make one yourself.

          The fact is that when you pay for a job that involves craftsmanship, especially handcrafted, you’re not only paying for the material used, but also the builder’s:

          Time to go punctuality
          Safety and security
          Payment of tax obligations

          Much of which cost the builder a lot of time, personal costs, and labor to achieve and to be able to provide. Among other things that can be part of the true costs and value that are actually part of the exchange. Not understanding that is just taking for granted and disrespecting the people in the trades who do anything more than the minimum and most basic that is required of them.

          Sorry but there’s just real reasons for the cost difference of higher end homes that are part of the trade offs of getting a higher end home.

          Yes, houses don’t have to be expensive but it’s a choice and choices have real consequences! You just have to get around the simple fact it is YOUR CHOICE!

    • Alison
      September 30, 2022, 1:07 pm

      There’s something to what Kathy says, about prices rising to what the market will bear, which only works well for buyers with higher incomes—and for sellers who can find those buyers. But we also have to remember that with tiny houses you are putting in bathrooms and kitchens, two of the most expensive parts of any home. The overall square footage isn’t much, but all the expensive parts are included. Electric system, heating/AC. All of these elements cost a lot in materials and labor.

    • CC
      October 9, 2022, 1:21 pm

      I agree. 🙁 I’m glad to see what can be done with 20ft because my current budget will probably only allow for this size at the moment, BUT I’m considering purchasing from Incredible Tiny Homes. Their 8×20 model that’s made from still SIPs is currently $25K. The only difference is there’s only a 4ft loft. But I think that cold be worked around, considering what I’d save in price.

      • CC
        October 9, 2022, 1:22 pm


      • James D.
        October 10, 2022, 3:52 pm

        If you’re considering the 8×20 Incred-I-Box, be aware that is a limited time offering right now. They’re not quite set up for adding it as a permanent model line yet and will still be focusing on their 8×16 version. Unless you go up to one of their higher end model series, then you have more time to consider…

        Being their budget model, the Incred-I-Box is bare bones, intended for you to DIY the finishing details. So exposed metal, fasteners, and you provide furnishing and most appliances.

        While DIY can extend to modifying the structure, like there’s already plumbing for a sink in the bathroom and you can just add it yourself… Outlet so you can install an AC above the window in the kitchen… You can cut out a section of the wall if you want to add a window. While they can recommend a synthetic stucco that is very durable and easy to apply for a more finished look for both interior and exterior or you can stick to their recommendation of painting.

        ITH’s Tom has set one up as hunting cabin, providing a version of how it can be set up and finished and he’s going to be testing some of their off-grid options on his hunting trip soon…

        While, if you can get a referral number from one of their enlisted sales people then you can probably get $500 off as part of the promotion they’re running for the Incred-I-Box series.

  • David Elo
    October 3, 2022, 11:26 am

    Absolutely to High ! I believe the market should be focusing on the citizens in the lower to low middle class !

    • James D.
      October 3, 2022, 7:17 pm

      Except the market is focusing on the low to middle class, this is just an example of what the middle class buys because when people are given a choice they invariably will want to get the nicest home they can get and will want a home that caters to their preferences and needs, which is why so many are done custom despite that being the more costly way to build, with up to high levels of craftsmanship and other details that add to the costs.

      While the actual rich will take this to extremes and is why what they buy can be priced into the millions with some even exceeding $3 million.

      However, the market doesn’t ignore the lower cost needs. There’s just the issue that if given a choice people just prefer to get nicer homes and what’s affordable for the lower range tends to be below what they may consider acceptable.

      For example, this site posts many articles on lower cost tiny homes but people invariably comment on the high priced ones as if they’re the only options. There’s examples of people building their tiny home for as little as a few thousand but instead of focusing on those, to see how others could do the same, we see the focus on these higher priced homes as if there was no other choice.

      There’s even examples like when Jay Shafer introduced a modular home option that lowered the threshold where people could start to have shelter and then build upon it over time till they got a complete home that was largely ignored because of how basic it starts.

      I’ve also already pointed to examples like Incredible Tiny Homes, as an easy to look up commercial budget builder, and how low they can go for a model actually intended for budget pricing. But there have been other examples like a company called Compact Cottages once tried to sell 8×16 THOWs for only $16K each but that effort failed because not enough people were willing to buy that budget of a model and now that builder focuses on Park Model RV’s as most of their customers have certain minimum standards they want to adhere to even if it effects the price of homes they can get. But there are always other companies who occasionally put out new efforts to offer more budget options, it’s just often a continuing cycle but options persists to be created even in this market.

      So it’s not like people don’t have options, which leaves it more of whether or not they are willing to accept those options and the trade offs involved.

      It really comes down to choice, cost can be reduced by being truly minimalistic and carefully choosing the type of home, the location, the materials and what is going to be put into the build, and how it is going to be built. Everything just has trade offs and consequences to deal with and accept…

  • Maria Kentala
    October 4, 2022, 7:59 am

    Nice house. I would make some changes. Price is too high for my pocket.

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