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Snowplow Turned into Off-Road Motorhome

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You might remember Trevor and Rae’s first Overlander that they built on a budget. When we last talked to them, they were in the process of taking an old snowplow truck and making their second epic overland rig. Now it’s finished, and you’ll love the tour!

The rig is beautiful and decked out with an amazing solar system which allows them to run a mini-split to keep their dog comfortable. While they think nomadic living gives you more freedom than any other lifestyle, they make it clear that it’s not necessarily cheaper or easier. Check out their rig below!

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Their Second DIY Overlander Tour

They have a DIY wood stove in the corner.

The lights throughout change color!

VIDEO: 4×4 Snow Plow Turned Overland Tiny House


  • Trevor and Rae successfully completed their second epic overland rig using an old snowplow truck.
  • The rig is equipped with a fantastic solar system, enabling them to power a mini-split for their dog’s comfort.
  • They believe that nomadic living offers more freedom but clarify that it may not necessarily be cheaper or easier.
  • The DIY overlander features a wood stove in the corner and color-changing lights throughout.
  • For more details and a tour of their impressive creation, check out the video: “4×4 Snow Plow Turned Overland Tiny House.

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This post contains affiliate links.

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