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Rebecca’s 10×30 THOW with Standing Room Loft

While loft bedrooms can be unpractical, the lofts that MitchCraft has been putting in their THOWs are a perfect compromise: There’s a landing where you can stand to get ready and put away clothes, and then a platform for the bed that’s more of a true “loft.”

But this lovely home has more than a good bedroom — the U-shaped kitchen with a dishwasher, the bathroom with a soaking tub, and even the compact office entryway make this a home you’ll want to bookmark! Custom-built for Rebecca, the final cost was around $175K for what you see.

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Full Kitchen, Bath & Bedroom in This MitchCraft Creation

Rebecca’s 10×30 27

Images: MitchCraft

I’m always a sucker for the two-tone exterior!

Rebecca’s 10×30 26

Images: MitchCraft

There’s a step down from the French doors into the living room.

Rebecca’s 10×30 21

Images: MitchCraft

A wood burning stove warms up the home.

Rebecca’s 10×30 20

Images: MitchCraft

The kitchen is tucked under the main bedroom loft.

Rebecca’s 10×30 22

Images: MitchCraft

The other door takes you into the mudroom/office space.

Rebecca’s 10×30 23

Images: MitchCraft

Here you’ll find a desk and some shelving.

Rebecca’s 10×30 15

Images: MitchCraft

U-shaped kitchen always feel like a great idea.

Rebecca’s 10×30 15r

Images: MitchCraft

Notice there’s an oven and a dishwasher!

Rebecca’s 10×30 14

Images: MitchCraft

A beautiful deep farmhouse sink.

Rebecca’s 10×30 13

Images: MitchCraft

You’ll also find a washer/dryer under the kitchen counter.

Rebecca’s 10×30 4

Images: MitchCraft

These bookcase stairs go to the secondary loft.

Rebecca’s 10×30 5

Images: MitchCraft

While these steps go to the main bedroom.

Rebecca’s 10×30 12

Images: MitchCraft

You can stand in front of the bed to get ready!

Rebecca’s 10×30 11

Images: MitchCraft

A skylight over the bed gives star views!

Rebecca’s 10×30 10

Images: MitchCraft

The view from the bed: A wardrobe!

Rebecca’s 10×30 7

Images: MitchCraft

Bookshelf, side table cube & a reading light.

Rebecca’s 10×30 8

Images: MitchCraft

Look at all the storage!

Rebecca’s 10×30 6

Images: MitchCraft

These cubbies for shoes right under the door are brilliant.

Rebecca’s 10×30

Images: MitchCraft

The secondary loft.

Rebecca’s 10×30 3

Images: MitchCraft

Storage built into the partition.

Rebecca’s 10×30 2

Images: MitchCraft

A lovely bowl sink under the medicine cabinet.

Rebecca’s 10×30 18

Images: MitchCraft

A stock tank tub gives you a spot to soak.

Rebecca’s 10×30 17

Images: MitchCraft

Separette toilet.

Rebecca’s 10×30 16

Images: MitchCraft

Just a close-up on these gorgeous tiles!

Rebecca’s 10×30 19

Images: MitchCraft


  • Rebecca’s 10×30 THOW by MitchCraft offers a practical loft design with a landing for standing room and a platform bed.
  • The home features a U-shaped kitchen with a dishwasher, a bathroom with a soaking tub, and a compact office entryway.
  • Custom-built for Rebecca, the final cost for the tiny home was approximately $175K.
  • The exterior showcases an attractive two-tone design, and inside, a wood-burning stove provides warmth.
  • The kitchen includes an oven and dishwasher, while a beautiful deep farmhouse sink adds charm.
  • Clever storage solutions are scattered throughout the tiny home, including bookcase stairs and cubbies for shoes.
  • The main bedroom loft allows for standing in front of the bed, and a skylight above offers star views.
  • The bathroom features a lovely bowl sink, stock tank tub, and Separette toilet, complemented by gorgeous tiles.

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  • David Pedersen
    November 14, 2022, 1:57 pm

    I am getting old. I would need a step to get up on the bed. But I really like this house. It is well thought out.

  • Laila Stephen
    December 8, 2022, 12:41 pm

    I really love how this has incorporated so much into 30 feet. Love the soft blue color accents on cabinets throughout. Love the book shelves and desk. It all is done so well. It’s just a shame though that they couldn’t make the roofline a bit more pitched to allow a bit more headroom upstairs in the lofts. A bit too tight for those of us with a touch of claustrophobia. But love the incorporation of the closets and bookshelves upstairs. Nicely done!

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