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He Built An Incredible Tiny Home from a £1 Grain Silo

Bob is an incredible sculptor with an artist’s eye for turning trash into treasure, and that’s what happened when he came across a £1 grain silo for sale on eBay one afternoon. Since he works with scrap metal already, an entire silo’s worth of it seemed like a gold mine. What he didn’t expect at the time was that he’d turn it into a fully functional tiny house and live in it with Carol Ann for 5 and a half years!

What’s remarkable about the silo is not just that it’s a DIY home, but that most of the interior — including the furniture — was also crafted out of reclaimed materials. The couch is welded from chains and the back seat of a VW beetle! A washing machine door window is the porthole in the bathroom. Old piping became the ladder to the bedroom loft. This tour is just so fascinating, so don’t miss out on the video below.

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Five Years of Living in This Recycled Masterpiece!

Bob added a retractable ladder he welded himself.

The table is made from an old saw blade, chain and concrete.

Yes, the couch is welded chain!

VIDEO: They Turned This £1 Grain Silo Into An ASTOUNDING Tiny Home!


  • After a few beers, Bob found an old grain silo for sale for just £1 on eBay and decided he needed it! As a sculptor who works with recycled metal, it was just the kind of material he could use.
  • He didn’t actually intend to build a home at first, but wanted to put up the silo and see what happened. Carol Ann was even less enthusiastic about the whole project, but now she loves it.
  • Almost all the furniture and finishings inside are also recycled and crafted by Bob (the crochet items were Carol Ann’s touch!).
  • It has a bathroom with a shower stall and composting toilet, and a full kitchen.
  • In total, he spent around £4,000 (~$5,000) on the build, which is impressive!
  • The couple have spent the past 5 and a half years living in the silo while renovating their “big house” on the property. They plan to eventually move back into the big house, and then put the incredible silo on Airbnb and use it as their own personal retreat from the world.

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  • Marsha Cowan
    December 17, 2023, 10:27 am

    Really amazing artistic endeavor! It’s lovely inside, very comfy and cozy. I love the wood walls and floor, and the kitchen is great! My daddy was a welder and, like you, loved to make furniture for the house and items for the yard. He once welded a three tier bunk bed for me and my sisters when we were very young. We all three had to share a room, and that gave us a lot more floor space. He also welded together the wood stove we used for heat and to cook. I didn’t watch the video, but I’m wondering if you welded together your wood stove, too?

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