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Eric’s Redwood Tiny House in California: REDUCED

This is Eric’s Redwood Tiny House that’s currently for sale near El Cajon, California. He reduced the price to $58,000.

The little dwelling has beautiful (you guessed it!) redwood exterior and boasts 250 square feet of living space. Step inside and you’ll find a lot of warm wood accents and industrial pipe fixtures to give it a cozy feel. Be sure to take the video tour to see it all!

Get all the details and price below, and contact Eric via the form if you want to buy the home. Enjoy the pictures!

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Eric’s Redwood Tiny House in California

Images via Eric

That’s a super cool entry door! It’s inviting.

Checking out the loft bedroom and all the counter space.

The couch has awesome upholstery and there’s the washer/dryer.

I like that the eating nook is in by the front window. Good view!

Gorgeous detail work in the secondary loft. Looks like sun 🙂

Ladder leads up to the main loft. Cute Christmas lights below.

Open storage with room to hang things. Microwave and fridge.

Induction cooktop next to a nice large sink. Love that it’s double!

Simple and classy white shower stall. Nice exposed beam.

Residential toilet for those who don’t like composting ones.

Well that’s one cutie! Will it be yours?

Images via Eric

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Video: Eric’s Redwood Tiny House on Wheels Tour


  • PRICE: $58,000
  • Here are the basics, you or anyone else is welcome to come visit at any time, it is currently in El Cajon, California.
  • If it gets to that point, I can deliver the house with a U-haul no problem, it is road worthy.
  • I did most of the work on this myself with a little bit of help from friends, I am a licensed general contractor.
  • I bought the trailer which was made brand new by American Eagle Trailers in Portland Oregon in April 2015. It has everything you’d want. Heavy duty wheels, heavy duty axles, attached leveling jacks on all 4 corners, electric braking system and hookups to a truck for lights AND brakes.
  • The trailer is insulated underneath with 4 layers solid foam board insulation, it is flashed and powder coated so effectively weatherproof.
  • There is no rust anywhere
  • The trailer measures 8.5′ wide and 20′ long plus the front hitch which is about 5 more feet. I also have a small trailer dolly that can move it by hand on solid surfaces like cement.
  • The house height can go up and down a bit, but it measures 13′ high at a natural resting position. It is legal size to be on the road and fits under bridges.
  • The house is built like a traditional home which makes it last as long, a heck of a lot longer than an RV of any sort.
  • -I had architectural plans and it is made to withstand winds over 130 mph, it has all of the tie downs, straps, hold downs, sheathing, hardware, and everything you can think of to make it very safe and stable.
  • The outside is waterproofed and there is a gap between the the exterior redwood and the siding so air can get through and mold will not grow.
  • The exterior redwood is grade A clear heart redwood and has a Thompson finish on it with a 7 year warranty from Thompson.
  • The electrical uses a 50 amp standard RV hookup, this can be drawn from most panels or sub panels, there is a standard sub panel inside which has 5 separate circuits just like a normal house.
  • The water hookup uses a standard water hose, there are shutoffs and controls
  • 250 sq. ft.

Interested in this tiny home? Have questions? 

Contact Eric (Seller) Here:

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  • Rob
    July 1, 2017, 1:09 pm

    I’m sure this is a very nice tiny house, but for me the biggest turnoff about this or any other THOW is a 24″ entry door. Don’t get me wrong I can easily fit thru the door but what about doing simple things like carrying grocery’s in. The real issue would be bringing in furniture, replacing major appliances, or maybe a shower enclosure. It’s just not smart or practical to have an entry door that small.

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