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Eric Muss-Barnes “Galatea Meridian” Toy Hauler Tiny For Sale

You might be familiar with Luthorville and Eric Muss-Barnes, a man who started an off-grid homestead in the middle of the desert, lived in his awesome tiny house, and documented the how-tos of homesteading on YouTube. He still has the land, but his toy-hauler tiny dubbed “Galatea Meridian” is now up for sale!

This build is definitely one-of-its-kind, with an unfolding ramp deck, 5th-wheel bedroom and all kinds of off-grid amenities. Plus, Eric made an hour-long “user manual” video showing you exactly how everything works so that’s a huge plus!

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Images by Luthorville

It looks serene out ther in the desert.


Images by Luthorville

His fixed bed with lots of storage in the back.


Images by Luthorville

Hanging baskets provide storage for kitchen goods.


Images by Luthorville

Basic stainless steel sink.


Images by Luthorville

Hooks for all the coats.


Images by Luthorville

Sliding blinds and some extra counter space.


Images by Luthorville

The bathroom is adjacent to the outdoor deck.


Images by Luthorville

I really like the seat in the shower!


Images by Luthorville

He kept things simple appliance-wise.


Images by Luthorville

There’s a mini-split.


Images by Luthorville

Storage under-the-bed is always great.


Images by Luthorville

Wall mount for a big tv over on the back wall.


Images by Luthorville

Plenty of storage for clothing and shoes.


Images by Luthorville

Chest fridge.


Images by Luthorville

More built-in open shelving.


Images by Luthorville

Oh and a Nature’s Head composting toilet.


Images by Luthorville

Really neat front door!


Images by Luthorville

Second entrance.


Images by Luthorville

VIDEO: Tiny House User Manual


  • Built in 2016
  • 305 square feet (including porch and shed)
  • 9000 BTU Pioneer mini split (both air conditioning and heating)
  • 6 gallon GE electric water heater
  • 7.08 cubic foot Engle refrigerator
  • 3.2 cubic foot Engle freezer
  • 6 solar panels (250 watts each)
  • Full-size kitchen sink
  • Full-size bathroom sink
  • Flat Screen TV Wall Mount
  • Addable Twin Mattress
  • 14′ Werner Aluminum Extension Ladder
  • Black Widow Aluminum 4-Beam Folding Arched 3-Piece Motorcycle Ramp
  • Pitbull Motorcycle Mount Plate on Porch
  • 4′ Wide Folding Ramp for Porch/Toy Hauler
  • Double Pane Aluminum Windows
  • Aquatank II Portable Folding Water Tank (150 Gallon)
  • MORE on Website here

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