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Tiny House Construction

Couple Builds Tiny House & Skoolie in New Zealand 24

They Built a Tiny House & Skoolie in New Zealand

Mati and Luli moved to New Zealand about 7 years ago and lived for a time with a woman in her treehouse. During that time, they discovered they needed far less than they originally thought and got the idea to build a tiny house! They built the entire thing from the trailer-up, and did it [...]

28′ Cascade Model RV 6

28′ Lift Bed Tiny House for Sale in Washington

This beautiful 28-foot tiny house was built in 2018 and is for sale by the owner! It includes a super cool elevator bed over the living room area, so you don’t have to climb a ladder if you aren’t up for it. That said, there is an 8-foot loft if you need it for more [...]

Her DIY Tiny House Led Her To Become a Carpenter!

Building a Tiny House Turned Her into a Carpenter

Marie, like so many others, was introduced to tiny homes on YouTube, and that sparked her curiosity about building her own home. With a lot of hard work and trial and error, she was able to complete a gorgeous little space that meets all her needs. She loved building her own space so much, she [...]

Brothers (& Dad) Build $1K Truck Camper! 2

Brothers (& Dad) Build $1K Truck Camper!

Chay and his brother Colby wanted a truck camper they could use to go camping, and it had three requirements: It had to cost under $1K, it had to sleep both of them in bunks, and it needed to come *off* the truck. With a lot of hard work and ingenuity — and only 10 [...]

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She Started Building Her Tiny Home at 18 7

She Started Building Her Tiny Home at 18

Tiffany fell in love with tiny homes when she was in high school, and when she was 18, she decided to start building her very own while taking online college classes. It took her about 3 years to complete it because she was also working on two other house flips while building her THOW. That [...]

2023 NOAH Certified 28′ Double Loft Tiny Home ‘

2023 NOAH-Certified 28′ Double Loft Tiny Home

This is a gorgeous Double Loft Tiny Home for sale, originally built by Nomad Tiny Homes. The 30-foot tiny house has a dedicated living room, galley kitchen, and a large bathroom complete with a larger shower stall, residential toilet, and a stacked washer and dryer unit. There are two lofts, one which you can access [...]

Teenager Cooks Thanksgiving Meal in Her DIY Tiny House 4

Teen Cooks Thanksgiving in Her DIY Tiny House

Chloe is an amazing teenager in Georgia who built a tiny house on wheels with her dad! The home sits on a standard utility trailer and includes a twin-sized bed, mini table, and Mr. Buddy heater to keep her warm and cozy. In the videos below, you can watch her build the home from start [...]

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