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Tiny House Construction

Monarca Kendall 1 1 with Loft w Land Lease Options 10

Park Model Tiny Home with Option for Lot Rent in Liberty Hill, Texas

This 399-square-foot park model tiny house is called the “Monarca Kendall 1/1” — it has a ground-floor bedroom and a bedroom loft with access via a staircase. The bathroom has a stunning walk-in tile shower and there’s a lot of storage in the kitchen. The covered front porch, however, is this home’s most remarkable feature.  [...]

He Finished His $15K Tiny House w No Experience 2

He Finished His $15K Tiny House w/ No Experience!

Do you remember David Rule’s tiny house that he started building last summer? Well, he finished it for a grand total of $15,000! And he documented the entire thing in a recap video below, which just might be the most entertaining tiny house video I’ve ever watched. The end result is a completely off-grid home [...]

28′ Kenai Tiny Home RV 11

This Tiny House has a Unique Layout with a Loft Kitchen!

Now, we’ve seen tiny homes with living rooms in a half-loft situation, but this is the first time I’ve seen someone put a kitchen on top! There’s a little cave bedroom underneath the kitchen with lots of windows and built-in storage to keep it from being claustrophobic. This newest Kenai model from Tiny Idahomes also [...]

Non toxic eco friendly tiny house 8

$45K for Non-Toxic Eco-Friendly THOW

Here’s a lovely 36-foot tiny house that’s for sale in Alabama for $45,000 as is. A family was building this non-toxic, eco-friendly tiny house to live in, but land issues are forcing them to sell. The house has no loft, but rather a huge family-size bedroom that fits a twin and a queen bed! There’s [...]

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Paying Off Student Loans in Their Tiny House on Wheels 4

Paying Off Student Loans in Their Tiny House on Wheels

This couple had more than $100,000 in student loan debt and being able to purchase a home was a far-off dream, but going tiny allowed them to have their own space at an affordable price. They had the THOW professionally built, and they live in the Acony Bell Tiny House Community in North Carolina. Their [...]

Grandma & Grandson Build Awesome Micro THOW 9

Grandma & Grandson Build Awesome Micro THOW

Remember tiny-house-extraordinaire Marsha? She’s built 8 (or 9?) different amazing tiny homes, and recently helped her 19-year-old grandson build a micro THOW to sell! Due to lots of unexpected happenings this fall (read the story below), Marsha finished up the building process on her own. This little tiny home fits a bed and a kitchenette [...]

She Built Her $40K Tiny Home with Cash

She Built Her $40K Tiny Home with Cash

Amanda is a sweet girl who knew what she wanted and made it happen. She worked multiple jobs, moved in with her mom, and her dad offered to use his skills to work alongside her most of the way. With each paycheck she got, she purchased the next piece she needed for her tiny home. [...]