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Tiny House Construction

Musician’s $23K DIY Tiny Home on an Alpaca Farm

Musician’s $23K DIY Tiny Home on an Alpaca Farm

Meet Nick Soave, a musician who built a tiny house on wheels between 2017 and 2019, and has been happily living in it since 2020. It sits on an Alpaca farm in Michigan, and the living room is almost entirely dedicated to his awesome drum set. Nick is starting a YouTube Channel talking all about [...]

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The Aurochs Duckworth Overland 4

The Auroch: Handcrafted Defender Camper Van for Off-Roading

Now here’s a breathtaking one-of-a-kind creation: A custom-built aluminum pod built on top of a fully-refurbished Defender chassis! Called the Auroch by designer/builder Tom Duckworth, this is no ordinary truck bed camper. The entire thing was built using early 20th-century airplane and automotive building techniques. Not only is the vehicle itself ready for any off-roading [...]

U Shape Dining & Ground Floor Bedroom in 34′ THOW 2

34-ft. Tiny House with a Ground-Floor Bedroom

Here’s a fun video walkthrough of a Mint Tiny House. This 34′ tiny house on wheels is anchored by its U-shaped dining area in the front and a ground-floor bedroom (or office) space in the back. Between the two sits a fairly simple galley kitchen, and then a beautiful bathroom with a single-piece fiberglass surround. [...]

Splitting Her Time Between Tiny House Living & Working on Yacths 2

Her 400-sq.-ft. Tiny House in a Texas Community

DrAntonika was no stranger to tiny living when the opportunity to buy this home with her parents presented itself. Working as a healer/naturopath on yachts meant that she was often living out of a couple of suitcases in a small room. But when she and her traveling parents needed a place to ride out lockdowns, [...]

Intracoastal Brewing Company Food Truck Tiny 11

Intracoastal Brewing Company Food Truck Tiny

While mobile kitchens are nothing new, you’ve never seen a food truck quite like this! The experts at Movable Roots designed and built this 10×26 kitchen-on-wheels for their friends at Intracoastal Brewing Company and the results are stunning. The sleek exterior puts all food trucks to shame, but the beautiful build is also functional, with [...]


Tiny House with an Expanding Roof

It’s always fun to see something totally new in the tiny house world, and this cottage on wheels really fits the bill. It’s incredibly compact, but what stands out is the roof that actually collapses down for transport or maintenance! There’s also a deck built onto the trailer for outdoor living. Right now, the builder [...]


Handcrafted 26-ft. Tiny House by Tiny Timbers

Has anyone else noticed that in the middle of the chaos of the past few years, so many people have been turning back to simpler, older ways? Suddenly everyone’s baking sourdough or taking up knitting. Well, that was the case for Brian! After spending much of 2020 in his quiet cabin, he built a mortise [...]

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