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Adaptiv Modular Van Conversion Kit. 8

Adaptiv Modular Van Conversion Kit by Happier Camper

Do you remember how cool the Adaptiv™ system for the Happier Camper was? The cube furniture could be reconfigured just like Legos to allow endless layout options. Well, they now sell an Adaptiv™ kit for select Sprinter vans! First you’ll install their fiberglass flooring, and then your cube kit simply locks in place. They have [...]

Elon Musk Lives in a $50K 400 Sq. Ft. PreFab Tiny House 4

Elon Musk Lives in a $50K 400 Sq. Ft. PreFab Tiny House

CEO of Tesla Motors Elon Musk — who is reportedly the second richest man in the world — currently lives in a Boxabl Casita prefab tiny house which costs a measly $50,000 (base price)! The home sits in Starbase, Texas, where Musk and his team are building Starships. Shockingly, the house is only 375 square [...]

Texas Family of Four Living Tiny

Family of 4’s Texas Park Model Cabin Life

Hanna and Nathan wanted a debt-free lifestyle, so they chose a gorgeous park model from Recreational Resort Cottages in Texas and put it on an acre and a half of unrestricted land in Texas. The couple and their two young children are living the tiny dream! The interior of the home has a gorgeous white-and-dark-wood [...]

mykabin Cascade Traditional

MyKabin Cascade Traditional Model: 340 Sq. Ft.

Meet MyKabin — a DADU/ADU-building company that serves the greater Seattle area by creating backyard homes AND doing all the legwork of permitting and sitework! Everything will be done to code, and there are no hidden costs. Hopefully entrepreneurs could learn from this model and provide a similar service all over the United States! MyKabin [...]

PreFabulous Homes 11

350-sq.-ft. Expandable 2-Bedroom Tiny House By PreFabulous Homes

Looking for a tiny house that’s fireproof, termite-resistant, has no loft and doesn’t sit on wheels? This PreFabulous Home checks all those boxes! This expandable tiny house is 350 square feet and can include two bedrooms. There are a number of layout options available, as well as exterior and interior finishes to make the home [...]

Hygge Supply Kit Homes

Tiny Houses And Cottages From Hygge Supply

Our reader, Sam, recently introduced us to Hygge Supply — a reinvented kit home that offers all kinds of modular options for building! While the company can build standard-sized houses, their smallest unit is a 149 square foot cottage, and the next size up is a still-tiny 307 square foot “Large Cottage.” These aren’t prefabricated [...]


Nordic Style Modular Tiny House in Germany

This is the model house for Tiny Lofts, a new tiny house builder in Germany with an eco-friendly design for a modular tiny house sans wheels. The sleek, modern house has a minimalistic Nordic feel on the exterior, but many of the exterior and interior finishes can be selected from a catalog and customized to [...]

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