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12’ x 30’ Deluxe Tiny House Shed 8

12’ x 30’ Deluxe Tiny House: $25K

Here’s your chance to get into tiny living for a great deal! This 360 square foot tiny house (not on wheels) is for sale in Massachusetts for just $25,000. With the prices of lumber these days and skyrocketing prices for everything else, it’s pretty rare to see a tiny house this inexpensive. You will have [...]

Gamer’s Park Model Tiny Home in Austin 2

Gamer’s Park Model Tiny Home in Austin

Vandila was ready to make the “next step” and get out of apartment living, but the housing market in Austin was crazy and she hated the thought of jumping into so much debt and not getting a great deal. Plus, she didn’t think she needed all the space a full home would offer. That’s when [...]

Tiny house towing

Tiny House Towing & Transporation: Companies to Consider!

While some tiny homes are small or light enough to transport on your own with the right vehicle, others like Park Models, or oversized homes, are best left to professional moving companies. Or maybe you just don’t want the risk of DIY-ing such an important thing — no shame hiring professionals. It’s your home after [...]

“Incred-I-Box” 8’x16’ for $20k 3

16-ft. Assembly-line Tiny House for $25k by Incredible Tiny Homes

I’ve never been more excited to show you a tiny home before! Introducing the “Incred-I-Box” — an 8×16 tiny house on wheels that requires *no* DIY to live in it for just $25,000. Truly affordable — and comfortable — housing. These homes will be made on an assembly line and won’t come with any modifications [...]

Hewing Haus – Explorin Alternatives Outdoor Day

Modern Prefab Tiny House Makes a Quick and Easy Dwelling Alternative

Prefab homes have had a negative reputation in the past for being mass-produced and poorly made but  Hewing Haus is one of several amazing companies that are challenging this stereotype by building prefab homes with quality materials and attention to detail. They have a series of small home designs ranging in size from 200 ft2 to [...]

Jupe Inc Tent-Based Prefab Tiny House 001

Tent-Based Jupe Tiny Homes

This is Jupe! A tent-based tiny house concept with same-day setup. I suppose one can say it’s almost like a modernized Mongolian yurt, except it’s not round at all, but it is relatively easy to setup and install on the same day, much like a yurt. Jupe Prefab Tents With Same-Day Setup This tent-based tiny [...]

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IKEA-Style Van Kits You Can Build Yourself!.6

IKEA-Style Van Kits You Can Build Yourself!

Ok, so we’ve all had a bad experience trying to put together IKEA furniture, BUT, it sure beats the effort of building your own furniture from scratch or spending a fortune on something fancy you can buy at a furniture store. Van Lab’s DIY kits are similar — you don’t have to go through all [...]

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