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Her Tiny Cube Home in Santa Monica 3

Her Tiny Cube Home in Santa Monica

Sung lives in Santa Monica, California in a cube-like backyard cottage that she rents for $1,600. While that price might seem staggering, it’s less expensive than any other rental in the area, and a huge savings from the $4,500/month she spent while living in NYC. Moving to the West Coast has helped her save significantly, [...]

Do Erasmus Exchange Students Have The Coolest Dorm Rooms? 3

Tiny Studio Apartments in the Netherlands

Do you remember your college days of being piled in a concrete room with one or two other strangers? Or perhaps your first off-campus apartment that was barely passing building code and featured constant repair issues? These new studio apartments, built for the freshman students at Erasmus in the Netherlands, are sure to make you [...]

Family’s Tokyo Tiny Home 600 Sq. Ft. 3

Family’s Clever Tokyo Tiny Home: 600 Sq. Ft.

While many THOWs just keep getting longer and wider, this creative row house design in Tokyo values clever vertical space design, with a number of landings and staircases to create a functional space for this small family. A grand window/door feature leads into the living/eating space, and an industrial-style kitchen is up a few steps. [...]

Meg Noliaaa Van Crafted from Milled Wood

“Meg-Noliaaa” Van Crafted from Milled Wood

Megan and Lee were moving from California back to the Midwest, considering buying some land and buying a house when they realized they weren’t ready to settle down yet. So they decided to build out a Ford Transit and create their own home on wheels for a while instead. Lee had family connections to a [...]

Crazy Micro Apartment in Tokyo 3

Four-Level Tokyo Micro Apartment

While we’re no strangers here to tiny spaces, this crazy 4-story micro apartment in Tokyo is something totally new! The apartment consists of 4 stories — two of which are a micro wet-bath and a twin-sized loft area. The other two stories are just 6.5 feet x 6.5 feet and act as the kitchen and [...]

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Architect’s 495 Sq Ft Tokyo Apartment Renovation 3

Architect’s 495 Sq Ft Tokyo Apartment Renovation

Architect Kumiko Ouchi wanted to transform her partner’s 1970s apartment into a truly beautiful and functional space. She did an excellent job hiding anything unsightly while still including the necessary things (kitchen electronics, books, a litter box) in her overall design. By taking out the walls in the apartment and removing a bedroom, she was [...]