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Family’s Tokyo Tiny Home 600 Sq. Ft. 3

Family’s Clever Tokyo Tiny Home: 600 Sq. Ft.

While many THOWs just keep getting longer and wider, this creative row house design in Tokyo values clever vertical space design, with a number of landings and staircases to create a functional space for this small family. A grand window/door feature leads into the living/eating space, and an industrial-style kitchen is up a few steps. [...]

Meg Noliaaa Van Crafted from Milled Wood

“Meg-Noliaaa” Van Crafted from Milled Wood

Megan and Lee were moving from California back to the Midwest, considering buying some land and buying a house when they realized they weren’t ready to settle down yet. So they decided to build out a Ford Transit and create their own home on wheels for a while instead. Lee had family connections to a [...]

Crazy Micro Apartment in Tokyo 3

Four-Level Tokyo Micro Apartment

While we’re no strangers here to tiny spaces, this crazy 4-story micro apartment in Tokyo is something totally new! The apartment consists of 4 stories — two of which are a micro wet-bath and a twin-sized loft area. The other two stories are just 6.5 feet x 6.5 feet and act as the kitchen and [...]

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Architect’s 495 Sq Ft Tokyo Apartment Renovation 3

Architect’s 495 Sq Ft Tokyo Apartment Renovation

Architect Kumiko Ouchi wanted to transform her partner’s 1970s apartment into a truly beautiful and functional space. She did an excellent job hiding anything unsightly while still including the necessary things (kitchen electronics, books, a litter box) in her overall design. By taking out the walls in the apartment and removing a bedroom, she was [...]