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Bois Perdus: Laure’s Stunning Baluchon THOW

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Laure needed a tiny house that she could use as an office space for a bit before she moves into the home full-time. Baluchon took on the challenge and created a beautiful tiny home with a large office space that will fit her 34″ screen! She also sews, so they put a fold-down table behind the stairs where she can set up her machine.

Right now, the home has a bathroom and a loft bedroom, but when she moves in full-time, she will install more kitchen appliances. The living room steals the show with floor-to-ceiling windows and a slider that lets in copious amounts of sunshine!

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Gorgeous Office-to-Tiny Home Build

Bois Perdus Baluchon 78

Images via Baluchon

Look at all those windows!

Bois Perdus Baluchon 555

Images via Baluchon

A cubic mini wood stove keeps the space comfortable.

Bois Perdus Baluchon 99

Images via Baluchon

An arched doorway is always a gorgeous touch.

Bois Perdus Baluchon 6

Images via Baluchon

She can fit a decent-sized couch in the living room.

Bois Perdus Baluchon 2

Images via Baluchon

Here’s her sewing table!

Bois Perdus Baluchon

Images via Baluchon

It folds away when she needs space.

Bois Perdus Baluchon 121

Images via Baluchon

The desk will fit her large monitor and other office equipment.

Bois Perdus Baluchon. 44

Images via Baluchon

These L-shaped stairs offer additional storage.

Bois Perdus Baluchon 3333

Images via Baluchon

I love the headboard mural in the bedroom.

Bois Perdus Baluchon 8999

Images via Baluchon

The spacious shower stall has glass doors.

Bois Perdus Baluchon 34

Images via Baluchon

She has a composting toilet and small linen closet.

Bois Perdus Baluchon 23

Images via Baluchon


  • Cubic Mini wood stove
  • Floor-to-Ceiling living room windows
  • L-shaped storage stairs
  • Spacious couch area
  • Large desk for 34″ monitor (later may become kitchen space)
  • Flip-down sewing table
  • Sewing machine and notions storage
  • Queen-sized loft bedroom
  • Backlit mural headboard
  • Rope loft barrier
  • Spacious shower stall
  • Dry toilet
  • Linen closet

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This post contains affiliate links.

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  • Kathy
    March 24, 2024, 6:51 pm

    Like almost all Baluchon houses I felt initially “love it”!for this house but then I noticed that it had no kitchen. Not having a closet nor even room enough for a dresser usually can deal with. But I would need to move the computer and business space and steal space from the luxurious bath and add a minimal kitchen in order to live here. Otherwise “love it”.

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