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Summit Tiny Homes in British Columbia, Canada keeps things compact in this 20 foot THOW — and does it in style!

A mint green door with diamond windows take you into the little space where you’ll find a built-in couch tucked under a picture window. The kitchen has lovely retro appliances and a washer/dryer unit under the storage staircase that leads to the loft. In the bathroom you’ll find a luxurious glass shower stall, basin sink, and a toilet.

You can design your own Summit Tiny Home and get a quote on their website here.

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20 Feet of Comfort and Style in this Cabana Model!

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Here’s a great example of how to fit a downstairs bedroom into a tiny house on wheels. The Modern Bohemian by Summit Tiny Homes leaves nothing out, including a large closet in the Master bedroom for clothing!

You walk into the kitchen complete with modern versions of retro appliances (full fridge, full oven and farmhouse sink!). Take a right to go through the bathroom with a tiled shower/tub combo to the main floor room. Above those is a storage loft accessible via ladder. If you go left you’ll end up in the living room which includes a storage staircase which takes you into another loft.

The whole thing has a lovely feel and great craftsmanship! Get a quote from Summit here.

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Modern Bohemian THOW with Downstairs Bedroom!

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The Purple Heritage is one of British-Columbia-based Summit Tiny Homes‘ classic models (The Heritage) with a fun purple exterior (per the client’s request).

On the inside the home has a loft bedroom, relaxing living room with a bay window bump out, and a lovely galley kitchen with cloud-shaped cabinet pulls!

While this one was designed specifically for a client, you can get your own 24-foot-long Heritage starting at $89,999 CND / $69,999 USD, and they offer financing. Contact Summit Tiny Homes for more details.

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Classic Design Gone Purple! The Purple Heritage

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This is the Heritage Tiny House on Wheels.

It’s a Victorian-style tiny home on a trailer built by Summit Tiny Homes out of Vernon, British Columbia, Canada.

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24ft Victorian-Style Tiny House: The Heritage by Summit Tiny Homes

The Heritage Tiny House by Summit Tiny Homes

Images © Summit Tiny Homes

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This is the beautiful 34ft West Coast Tiny House on Wheels by Summit Tiny Homes.

It’s an incredible 375 sq. ft. tiny home that was built for a family of four.

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The West Coast Tiny House by Summit Tiny Homes

Family of Fours 375sf West Coast Tiny House by Summit Tiny Homes in Vancouver 001

Images © Summit Tiny Homes

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When ADUs became legal in a small Central Kentucky town, Janet and her son/daughter-in-law saw a great opportunity! The son and daughter-in-law own the land and larger home, and Janet lives nearby with her grandkids in a backyard cottage. It’s 320 sq. ft. with no wheels and was built by a local traditional builder.

Minus the deck her son built later, the cost for the home came in at $60,000. She furnished it with compact IKEA furniture with hidden storage and has a garden shed as well.

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Janet’s ADU in Her Son’s Backyard

320 sq ft. Conventional Foundation Tiny Home 3

Images via Janet

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While going totally DIY is great, sometimes a little structure and guidance can go a long way to creating the tiny house of your dreams. Right now, Summit Tiny Homes has a Christmas sale going on for their framing plans, and this Thistle 16′ model looks awesome.

For C$375 (usually C$500), you’ll get a cut list, materials list and 3D guides and instructions to get the entire framing of your build completed. If you want, they have a “mechanical” plans add-on, and a “finishing” plans add-on as well for sale. But the first part of the plans would get you a structurally-sound base for you to make your very own!

Scroll to see what the finished product could look like!

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Traditional THOW Framing Plans from Summit Tiny Homes

The Thistle 16′ – Framing Package Plans 8

Images via Summit Tiny Home

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This week we got an email from a new tiny house/van conversion builder — Tiny Topanga based in Central Mexico and Southern California. The business started out as a side project, but they enjoyed building so much that they decided to keep going. Now they do van conversions and continue to build tiny homes on wheels and hope to spread the tiny lifestyle internationally!

Now their first build is for sale. It’s a beautiful 24×8 tiny house on wheels with 2 lofts. It has a steel frame and is ready to go off grid with clean and gray water tanks. What makes Tiny Topanga special are the handcrafted touches such as the talavera tile in the shower and kitchen, and the hand forged copper ceiling lamps.

Enjoy the photo tour below, or put in an offer here.

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24×8 Luxury Tiny House in CA For Sale: $85K

Tiny Topanga

Images via Tiny Topanga

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This hand-built cabin lives on a farm with the perfect name: ItzaWayzBack. Clever and inviting, the name gives you a preview to this vacation cabin which comfortably sleeps 4 adults.

There’s a full-sized daybed on the first floor, and a queen in the bedroom loft. The indoor/outdoor bathroom has the amenities you need, and there’s a nearby covered pavilion with an amazing outdoor kitchen, as well as a small kitchenette indoors.

Your stay comes with farm fresh eggs, and hot coffee delivered right to your door every morning. Sign me up! You can book your stay over at HipCamp.

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You’ve Never Seen an Outdoor Kitchen Like This!

itzawayzback-farm-itzawayzback-farm-dogwood-cabin (22)

Images via HipCamp/Marie

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