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Annie wanted to reduce her footprint and find “sonic freedom” by getting a house where she didn’t share walls with others. As a soul-folk musician, she built her tiny home around her instruments and music supplies.

She has a lovely little backyard lot in Portland, Oregon, complete with a little garden plot and patio space. What do you think of her professionally-built tiny home?

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Her THOW Gives her “Sonic Freedom” & A Smaller Footprint

Soul-Folk Musician’s Portland Tiny House on Wheels 3

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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I think you’re really going to love this gorgeous tiny home recently built and for sale in Portland, Oregon. Here’s what the seller says:

This exquisite tiny house was built by a general contractor & craftsperson who delights in creating inhabitable art using quality materials. No laminates/pressboard/vinyl/IKEA anything. Solid hickory floor; vaulted cedar ceiling and tin-tile accent wall with matching tin-tile and hickory cabinets; lots of ingenious built-in storage; hand-built, true divided-lite stained glass window. Space for love seat in living area. All new appliances. Fully functional electric/plumbing/heating/AC. The house is brand new and ready to roll! Currently located at build site in Portland, Oregon. Serious inquiries.

You can check it out on Facebook here to contact the seller, ask questions and make an offer. What do you think?

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$65K Handbuilt Tiny Home w/ Quality Finishes

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If you’re planning a family trip to Portland, this cozy garden yurt is the perfect spot for a vacation! Inside the 24-foot round home sits a queen bed, a standard bed, and a trundle single bed.

Outside the yurt you’ll find a treefort and a trampoline for the kids, and a fire pit for toasting marshmallows under the stars! There’s also a full kitchen in the yurt, so you can cook family meals and save on eating out.

Finally, there’s access to a bathroom and washer/dryer in the utility room of the main house. Book your stay on Airbnb.

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Family-Friendly Yurt Getaway

Backyard garden yurt in Portland 200

Images via Airbnb/Michael

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This is a 2021 four-seater ProMaster Camper Van conversion by AVB in Portland, Oregon.

The van features everything one would need for van life, including solar panels and a diesel heater to keep you warm. Learn more below!

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ProMaster Van Conversion With Four Seatbelts

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This is a 2017 Escape Vista tiny house on wheels located in Portland, Oregon that’s for sale.

It’s listed over at the Tiny House Marketplace via Heidi for an asking price of $53,500. According to the listing, they originally paid $64,430 for it with the extra options.

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Low Profile, 2017 Escape Vista Tiny House For Sale in Portland (Sold)

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When it comes to stealth vanlife, the Dodge Sprinter van is high on the list of “best vans” to choose. This one, for sale in Northeast Portland, has already been outfitted inside with some really neat modular finishes that go from benches, to table, to bed with some clever folding!

While you’ll need to add kitchen accessories if you want to travel in this full-time, it’s an awesome start to your van life expedition! You can get all the details via Craigslist and at the end of our post!

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Start Your Vanlife Today with this 2008 Dodge Sprinter

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This is the story of a tiny house with a curved living roof in Portland, Oregon shown here thanks to Living Big In A Tiny House. It’s Walker and Heather’s tiny home (@tinylivingbuildings) that they designed and built together with the help of Ben Garratt of Healthy Tiny Homes in Vancouver. This 8×24 tiny house design/build is classy, modern, whimsical, and zen, all at once.

It features interesting biophilic design elements too, which you can learn more about by watching the video tour below. It’s really interesting because they designed the house in-line with nature and environmentalism using recycled materials creatively and making other interesting decisions like the compost toilet and the living roof. As you’ll see, every little thing in this tiny house was very well thought-out. Take a look for yourself and please share your thoughts in the comments. Thanks!

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Couple’s Incredible Tiny House with Living Roof Built by Ben Garratt of Tiny Healthy Homes

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This is the Beaverton Tiny House Escape in Portland, Oregon with full climate control, a private bedroom with walk around bed, private bathroom, kitchen, and a beautiful outdoor area.

It’s a tiny house vacation rental in the Beaverton area of Portland. And if you’re wondering, it’s an ESCAPE Boho XL Model tiny house. So if you’ve been thinking of buying one, this is an excellent opportunity to stay in one!

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The Beaverton Tiny House ESCAPE in Portland – It’s an ESCAPE BOHO XL THOW 🙂

Beaverton Tiny House Escape in Portland 001

Images via Tameka/Airbnb

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This is the Island Farm Retreat Cottage near Downtown Portland. It’s a small cottage with an open layout.

Would you ever consider designing and building a tiny or small house with a layout like this?

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Island Farm Retreat Cottage

Island Farm Retreat Cottage via Vail-Airbnb 001

Image via Vail/Airbnb

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