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1988 Chevrolet G20 Classic Camper Van with Solar for $18k

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If you’re looking for a classic car that’s made for adventure, then check out this 1988 Chevrolet G20 Conversion Van that’s for sale out of Los Angeles, California for $18,000.

This van looks like it is in excellent condition and includes features like a solar power system, a new mattress, all bedding, a rug, and LED lights. It is a Chevy G20 with a 5.0 V8 engine and 70,000 miles. According to the listing on Van Life Trader, it also has power windows and locks and can get up to 18 miles per gallon.

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A 1988 Chevrolet G20 Conversion Van with Solar

1988 Chevrolet G20 Classic Camper Van with Solar for 18k 001

Images via Van Life Trader

This van can be a great way to get started with van life but it can also be an option for classic car collectors or anyone who might want to participate in any classic car shows while traveling with it. It’s a 1988 Chevrolet G20 Conversion 3/4 Ton Van offered for $18,000 out of Los Angeles, California.

1988 Chevrolet G20 Classic Camper Van with Solar for 18k 002

Images via Van Life Trader

This classic van comes with a solar power system that includes a 225w Solar Panel, 30 amp Charge Controller, 105 ah AGM Battery, 1000w Pure Sine Inverter, Solar Kill Switch, Battery/ Inverter Kill Switch, and 20a Renogy DC to DC Cross Charger. This system allows you to charge the solar battery while you drive, so if you’re in a cloudy or shaded area, turning the car engine on will charge up the solar battery. This is a great feature for those who love to explore and don’t want to worry about running out of power.

1988 Chevrolet G20 Classic Camper Van with Solar for 18k 003

Images via Van Life Trader

What are your thoughts on this 1988 Chevrolet G20 camper van?

1988 Chevrolet G20 Classic Camper Van with Solar for 18k 004

Images via Van Life Trader


  • 1988 Chevrolet G20 Classic Camper Van with Solar
  • 70,000 miles
  • 5.0 V8 engine
  • 250-watt solar system
  • DC to DC cross charger
  • Brand new mattress
  • Lifted bed frame
  • Velvet-like interior
  • Rebuilt transmission
  • Rebuilt air conditioning system
  • New Alternator
  • New catalytic converter
  • Timing adjustments
  • New battery
  • New battery connectors
  • New spark plugs
  • New fuel pump and filter
  • New compressor converted to r134a
  • New tail lights and side indicators
  • A new driver-side window motor
  • New speakers
  • Fresh oil change
  • Smog test passed
  • LED lighting
  • 3/4 Ton Van
  • Power windows
  • Power locks
  • $18,000 OBO

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This post contains affiliate links.

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{ 3 comments… add one }
  • Michael
    August 6, 2022, 7:31 pm

    Only for those who want to sleep in their own bed when under way. For me it’s not because I want to cook and my own bathroom.

  • Julie
    August 7, 2022, 9:42 am

    Wow, really there’s not even a kitchen, compost toilet, or shower. It looks great and mileage isn’t bad but $18,000. Sorry you might be sitting on this one for awhile. Great looking and bed ready. Wow no kitchen bathroom, camping gear, pop up tent, awning, b,b,q,er. The carpet is not realistic, one time in sand and it’s all over the inside. There’s not even a outside hose to rinse your feet off. I mean is there any water tanks? You don’t have it set up for a tiny house so you might want to cater to a different market like Auto USA or something like that. I’m sorry up front but honestly you did a lot of work and I bet it purrs but it’s not a tiny house. Good luck with it.

    • James D.
      August 8, 2022, 12:31 am

      Hmm… Looked it up, price seems to be the average for this model right now, it’s apparently a fairly popular collectable that’s getting harder to find that people like to modify and DIY a camper setup and they did fix up the engine, etc. and added a bit of solar power…

      This one is lacking the camping part, but that’s a lift storage bed so you can store gear, cooking equipment, a porta potti, etc. or you can just get rid of the bed and redo the set up. Apparently, previous owner prioritized the comfort, along with insulation and noise dampening, thus the carpet, etc. but, yes, that would be a real pain to keep clean.

      Not for everyone but there is apparently those who covet this model…

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