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387 Sq. Ft. Renovated Apartment in Sweden

This is a 387 sq. ft. renovated apartment in Stockholm, Sweden.

The previous owner started renovations in the 1980s but due to poor health was unable to complete the project.

It was as if time had been frozen; the wallpaper was only half removed, only a few tiles and a kitchen faucet remained. The apartment had been used as furniture storage for 30 years.

In 2012, the current owner purchased the apartment and began finishing the renovations. They tried to leave the previous layers and stories of the space to live on while at the same time adding some modern updates such as the larger kitchen, lofted bed, and updated bathroom.

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387 Sq. Ft. Renovated Apartment in Sweden

387 Sq. Ft. Renovated Apartment in Sweden

Images © Karin Matz Arkitekt

Renovated Apartment-003

Renovated Apartment-004

Renovated Apartment-005

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Renovated Apartment-006

Renovated Apartment-007

view of interior

view from bathroom

living room

lofted bed

Images © Karin Matz Arkitekt


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  • Avatar Dane

    It took some courage to leave the unfinished part as a memorial to the previous owner. I doubt if I could have resisted painting it!

  • Avatar Comet

    Do they have a GoFundMe for a spackel donation project? I understand the wanting to leave something of the former owner but–the WHOLE THING looks like they forgot to FINISH it. Frame a piece of the old wall and move ON.

  • Avatar sunjld104

    That is an awesome house. I love the layout. (It looks like it will hold alot of clothes.) lol.

  • Avatar Nanny M

    Different and very nice. So spacious for the size.

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