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226 Sq. Ft. Minimalist Multi-Level Apartment

This is a 226 sq. ft. minimalist multi-level apartment in Madrid, Spain.

Inside you’ll find multiple levels with a kitchen, sleeping area, desk, living area, bathroom, and more.

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226 Sq. Ft. Minimalist Multi-Level Apartment

226 Sq. Ft. Minimalist Multi-Level Apartment

Images © MYCC

226 Sq. Ft. Minimalist Multi-Level Apartment

upper level office space and lower level bedroom


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bathroom in lower level of small apartment

micro apartment with multi-levels



Images © MYCC


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Andrea has lived simply in small spaces for more than 7 years and enjoys sharing her space saving (and space multiplying) tips from experience.

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  • Avatar Catherine

    This is an ingenious use of a very limited space. I’m sure the many different levels makes it less claustrophobic. I can’t see from the photo or the floor plan; what’s under the kitchen, beside the bathroom?

    • Avatar BrownLuster

      It looks like more stairs leading to unused space…

  • Avatar Rich

    great variety of spacial experiences. The toilet is probably a bit too open for most of us. Lots of steps to stay fit 🙂

  • Avatar Porcsha S.

    Very nice, modern, clean and fantastic use of space. This really fits the minimalist lifestyle! Well done.

  • Avatar BrownLuster

    I’m so sorry but this space reminded me of a prison cell complete with bunk beds, particularly the bedroom & bathroom areas. Then the ladder + stairs too?? My knees started to crack & pop at the thought of it all…lol. Well at least this space is clean & spotless!

  • Avatar Kim W

    I like the use of space and the semi-open look stairs. But the wall ladder looks like an accident waiting to happen! It would work for a young, fit, teetotal person!

  • Avatar Mike

    I like it. I wonder where one would run into a space like this to begin with, but it’s interesting. One thought is to use two C-cans stacked upon each-other to make something similar.


  • Avatar Varenikje

    I almost think that this is wedged between other buildings or apartments and that is why it is so oddly shaped. Probably good use of space, given how it is arranged.

  • Avatar Kurt

    Nice as long as you can use a ladder. On the other hand, I’m not very interested in apartments. Your giving your money away on a monthly basis for living space. I want something that I can pay for and be done with it and it would be mine.

  • Avatar Diana Graham

    This is just the kind of place I come to TH hoping to see. A quirky, clever, creative use of a tiny space.

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