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340 Sq. Ft. Modern NYC Studio Apartment

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This is a 340 sq. ft. modern NYC studio apartment. As you enter the apartment you first see the open living area and the kitchen that wraps around the bathroom.

At the end of the kitchen is a small bar area for dining. And the open living area seems spacious enough to have a small gathering of friends and family over. Wouldn’t it be cool to see an expandable dining table in here?

The built-in entertainment center has plenty of cabinets to store your personal belongings and keep them out of sight. And there’s even a sleek work area with even more storage.

Around the other side of a wooden shutter divider is the bedroom. A sliding door for privacy would be great here, don’t you think?

Inside the bedroom you will see there is a closet with sliding doors along with plenty of drawers for your clothes. Please enjoy and re-share below. Thank you!

340 Sq. Ft. Modern NYC Studio Apartment

NYC apartment

Images © Allen Killcoyne Architects

interior view of living room work space in small NYC apartment bed in small apartment NYC studio apartment kitchen in small NYC apartment dining area in kitchen bathroom in NYC apartment

Images © Allen Killcoyne Architects


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This post contains affiliate links.

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Andrea is a contributor for TinyHouseTalk.com and the Tiny House Newsletter! She has a passion for sharing tiny and small house stories and introducing you to new people, ideas, and homes.
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  • Tammy
    July 7, 2015, 4:51 pm

    I wonder what the price is for this in NY?

    • SteveDenver
      July 9, 2015, 8:51 am

      The average price per square foot in NYC is $1416. So this would probably run around a half million. With superior finishes, the price goes up. Depending on the location and view, up some more.

  • Libby
    July 7, 2015, 5:07 pm

    LOVE this studio apartment.

    • BrownLuster
      July 8, 2015, 3:10 am

      Yes Libby… Iove this studio apartment design too!! It’s hard to believe that this apartment is only 340 sq.feet!!

  • Cahow
    July 7, 2015, 6:38 pm

    LOVE it!!! I especially love the vintage 1970’s glassware, which my mum also collected and had in our windows at home.

    I’m glad they didn’t list the price; why bother agitating the trolls who will have NOTHING positive to say about this charming home.

    • BrownLuster
      July 8, 2015, 3:24 am

      Oh Cahow…how alike we actually are. You always invoke wonderful memories of family history & love of all things vintage…even in a modern design!! (^.^) MUWAH!!

      I too have the same vintage Blue tinged glasses, pitcher and compartmentalized snack dish as well as vintage Dark Red & Royal Blue drinking, orange juice and Champagne glasses that my Grandparents used & had on display in the built-in bar cabinets in their home (which BTW…just turned 98 years old in April).

      Thanks for the sweet memories of my Ma (Grandmother) & Graddaddy and your Mum by remarking on those glasses Cahow!!

    • Cahow
      July 8, 2015, 9:31 am

      What a lovely comment to read from you this cloudy morn, BrownLuster! Thank you for that gift. I’m so glad to know another person who embraces the Old & The New; I have 3 generations of belongings in our cottage. Every single day, I’m surrounded by items of the women that loved me and that I continue to love, long after their passing.

      Here’s a bit of trivia to anyone beside BrownLuster and myself who admire those vintage vases.

      I knew the second that I saw them that they are what’s known as “Hyacinth Vases”, which had 2 very crazed periods in history of adoration and collecting: Victorian Times and the Plant Crazy Days of the 60’s into late 70’s. Hyacinth vases were first used during the Georgian era, and were popular during the Victorian period, as well. During this time it became tradition in areas such as Western Europe, Scandinavia and the U.S. to purchase Hyacinth flower bulbs during the autumn season, and then keep them indoors as the bulbs bloom during the winter season.

      In order to complete this process, the bulbs would be forced into glass vases filled with water, and then placed in a cold location inside of the home.

      A Hyacinth vase typically features an hourglass shape, an open top and a long-shaped neck. Hyacinth vases which feature vivid or bright colours are considered to be more rare among collectors, but not necessarily the most valuable.

      B.S. Slosberg, Inc. Auctioneers in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania sold a yellow satin Galle cameo glass Hyacinth vase (12″ in height) featuring pink and purple flowers for $6,500 in April of 2007, and the same yellow satin Galle cameo glass Hyacinth vase for $5,350 in March of 2009.

      Simpson Galleries in Houston, Texas sold a Waterford crystal Hyacinth vase (15.5″ in height) for $900 in June of 2008.

      Jim Wroda Auction Services, Ltd. in Ashville, New York sold a purple and white striped Fenton Hyacinth feather vase for $275 in May of 2011.

      Midwest Auction Galleries, Inc. in Oxford, Michigan sold a lot of four McCoy Pottery Hyacinth vases (8.25″ x 6.75″ each) for $90 in November of 2010, and another lot of four McCoy Pottery Hyacinth vases of the same dimensions for $70 in November of 2010.

      EVERY single home that I visited during that time period, as a child, had a minimum of one of these vases perched upon the kitchen window sill. My own mum collected loads of them and had them decorating the ledge of the “picture window” in the lounge. You could pick them up for a song at Ben Franklin and Woolworth’s for less than a couple of dollars as no real value was placed upon them. Then, when they fell out of fashion in the mid-70’s, they were usually sold for .05 at garage sales if they weren’t either tossed into the trash or given to Goodwill.

      I did a quick estimate of the replacement value of this person’s vases and the lowest estimate that I came up with was no less than $3,000.00 if they had to replace them!!! I hope that they inherited them from an Auntie, Gran or Mum, however, and have the same pleasant memories of heaven-scented hyacinths perfuming the air of their youth that I do. 😀

  • Lynnette
    July 7, 2015, 7:36 pm

    I love this as the spaces are defined. When you are in each area, you won’t feel like you are sleeping in the kitchen lol I feel a nice slide would definitely be better but overall VERY NICE! I’LL BET IT HAS A NICE PRICE TAG TOO. $450-$650K????

  • Comet
    July 7, 2015, 8:32 pm

    What???!!!! Am I the ONLY one who noticed the positively bloody GENIUS shelves UNDER the cabinets?

    This is going to be THE solution for this short person with no balance and a kitchen woefully lacking in STORAGE—I have been debating on open shelving but the shelves would STILL be TOO HIGH and in awkward places—and I just bought an air nailer to go on our compressor too! Or–maybe this IS the need I have been waiting for to buy a Kreg jig set up—


    • BrownLuster
      July 8, 2015, 2:50 am

      I LOVE your enthusiasm Comet!! Lol!!
      I also Love this apartment design w/the exception of cabinet storage under that beautiful bathroom sink & I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE a modern toilet that doesn’t touch the floor as well. I like the entire floor exposed in the bathroom especially. Makes it easier to mop & clean…but nonetheless, the entire design is the Bees Knees!

      I too, thought the addition of the open cabinets (turned sideways) was an EXCELLENT use of open space for easy storage + an added decorative feel.

      Don’t have an Instagram account so I can’t pin this design but I do absolutely love this design.
      LOVED!!! Lol!

      • SteveDenver
        July 9, 2015, 9:01 am

        I am a fan of wall-mounted toilets, too. Anything that allows a view of the floor below — floating vanity, furniture on lithe legs — expands the visual feeling of spaciousness. Being in an apartment building, I wonder if some plumbing features restricted choices.

      • BrownLuster
        July 9, 2015, 7:55 pm

        Yeah I’m thinking the same thing about the restrictions for a floating toilet because its an apartment and certain municipal water hookups (in-floor pipes for toilet) were already pre-installed so maybe the apartment building rules didn’t allow for that type of toilet install or maybe they just didn’t care for a floating toilet. In any event, I’m glad to see you’re a fan of the same esthetic & function that floating toilets/sinks bring to a design!

    • Comet
      July 8, 2015, 3:06 am

      @BrownLuster—You don’t need an Instagram—you can Pin this using Pinterest! If you go to Pinterest you can get a “button” that goes on your task bar OR a lot of these have PIN links embedded; just hover over the top LEFT hand part of the pics and it should show a PIN area. Some articles will also have a Pin button on the top of the entire article. I have had better luck using the Pin function on my task bar; this also displays anything “Pinnable” on the page on one screen so you can pick and choose. Pinterest is free and amazing! You can build boards on any topic. Feel free to visit my “Crafty Shit” board—this apartment pics are on there as are many other interesting things; I also have several other Boards that will show up. Everything from motorcycle stuff to things I sell on ebay!

    • BrownLuster
      July 8, 2015, 3:40 am

      Thanks for the info Comet!!
      I will most certainly check out our Pinterest boards especially now that I plan to downsize my two storage units full of “stuff” that I plan to sell on Ebay & Half.com as well. What a great idea to create a Pinterest Board for that!!

      I haven’t created anything online after I shut down my Facebook & LinkedIn accounts as I was going through a rough time (Probate) & was getting unwanted contact from people via those sites. It was a mess so I shut down everything!! However, now that all that is behind me, a Pinterest account would be a great way to showcase tiny/small house ideas, my EBay & Half.com items and my general creative visions!!! Thanks so much Comet and I will make sure to visit your Pinterest board soon!!

    • Varenikje
      September 14, 2015, 12:37 am

      I didn’t even notice that. You are right, it looks like a great idea!

    • Large Marge
      July 6, 2016, 7:38 pm

      I bet we received a different set of pictures. We looked several times, but there were no shelves (other than a few around that horribly awful black rectangle (about a yard/meter tall by a couple yards/meters long)) dominating the sitting area wall. What a jarring imposition!

  • BrownLuster
    July 8, 2015, 3:03 am

    Absolutely Beautiful Apartment Design!!

    What I especially appreciate is all of the PHENOMINAL AMOUNT of storage…hidden & otherwise!! I too, LOVE the shutter that delineates the bedroom from the Living Room area & YES ANDREA…I would Love to see another shutter added as a sliding door option as well!!

    I’m still trying to figure out where is the apartment entryway? Is it the door to the left of the kitchen maybe?!? Eh…I wudnt care if I had to come thru the window to this apartment beautiful everyday. I’d do it in heartbeat!!

    This apartment design could easily be used in a container home design as well. Beautiful & a great find Andrea!!

  • M
    July 8, 2015, 3:03 am

    Reminds me of my first studio apt in D.C. long ago. I had a ‘divider bedroom’ too. About the same amount of furniture – danish couch and a desk. Somehow mine wasn’t as sophisticated. Lol. But I used to collect colored glass bottles like that. So this was a fun drive down memory lane.

    Comet…what’s a Kreg jig ..a type of jigsaw?

  • Rue
    July 8, 2015, 3:27 am

    Wow. So much storage…and each function has its own distinct space. This is a GREAT layout and design (well, for one or two people with no kids anyway). I’d even put up with all the white. 😉

    I especially like the small but brilliant touches, like the under-cabinet shelves, and the bedside shelving. This has the look of those high-concept low-function uber-modern places, but seems like it would actually WORK for day-to day living.

    • Large Marge
      July 6, 2016, 7:44 pm

      I bet we received a different set of pictures. We looked several times, but we see no shelves (other than those around that horrid black rectangle on the sitting room wall).

      • Rue
        July 6, 2016, 7:55 pm

        I guess we did, because the kitchen pic clearly shows two under-cabinet shelves with plates and glasses on them, above the coffeemaker or whatever that little gadget is on the countertop.

        The shot from the bedroom side of the divider shows shelving near the head of the bed, between the divider and the wall.

        That horrible black rectangle is a flat-screen TV, which is another thing that makes this place more livable, at least to me. But hey, to each their own.

  • Deadrock
    July 8, 2015, 11:57 am

    All has already been said, but had to add my comment, just because a little charmer like this one deserves to have lots of virtual oohs and aahs!

    GREAT design. Lashings of storage, which is very impressive in such a small space. Clean, bright, so liveable. Enough room for kitchen items with some left over, and enough room for clothes too, which is rarely seen in tiny homes! As usual, nobody accommodates for us bookworms, but that’s not unexpected.

    This is lovely, and whoever designed it should be proud.

  • Stephen
    July 8, 2015, 4:24 pm

    Where’s the refrigerator?

    • Kate
      July 27, 2015, 5:37 pm

      I think the refrigerator is beneath the stove/oven. Not large enough for more than some milk and a few veggies or some fruit (I wouldn’t think.)

  • July 8, 2015, 8:08 pm

    Oh what a nice apartment! I have lived in a smaller one which had less square footage.
    Love it and Pinned. 🙂

  • Susanne
    July 9, 2015, 3:03 am

    Oh my god it’s amazing! But thankfully Alex left out the million dollar price!!!!
    Makes me very very thankful I can enjoy my castle sized home in comparison to this apartment which has less footage than efficiency/studio apartments I have seen?!?! My “castle” is over 2,100 square feet. Glad I am not in New York. …:)

  • Patty
    July 9, 2015, 10:59 pm

    I really like this apartment; makes me forget how I hate apartments, having lived in several. The openness and clean lines go a long way to provide a calm atmosphere. I like how the bedroom is divided off; open yet hidden. Nice, but then who wouldn’t like half a million! Very nice!

  • jack
    July 9, 2015, 11:34 pm

    What is the rent on this apartment?

  • Elizabeth Rubio
    July 10, 2015, 5:05 pm

    This is the best apartment design I have ever seen. Period.

  • Jeremy
    July 15, 2015, 1:58 pm

    Pretty sensational how light and open this place looks given the size. Some very smart design here.

  • Linda Wilson
    August 2, 2015, 12:38 am

    This is gorgeous. It looks so much bigger than it is. That is the beauty of great design. Tiny houses are bigger than their square footage with brilliant design. Just awesome.
    M, the Kreg jig Comet was referring to is a tool/clamp you use to hold the boards you are using to build bookcases, cabinets, etc. The jig holds it at just the correct angle so you can drive holes that when connected to the right angle board is super, super strong. The screws are usually hidden by the design. Yet another brilliant design! I have included a link so you can see:

  • Gigi
    August 8, 2015, 10:50 am

    This is one of the best uses of space i’ve seen in a studio without being claustrophobic. Love that there is a real bed and not just a sofabed!

  • Gigi
    August 22, 2015, 1:07 am

    This is a beauty and such a great use of space. Love that light flows through which makes it look bigger. And I can fit all my stuff in all those cabinets. Very mindful design.

  • Darrel Odom
    September 8, 2015, 9:56 am

    I suspect there is a code or psychological issue that makes a windowless bedroom a bad idea. That could be the reason for the shutters as opposed to a solid wall with a pocket door. Where is the refrigerator?

    • Large Marge
      July 6, 2016, 7:54 pm

      We prefer a windowless bedroom. Nice and dark and quiet, perfect for sleeping! We suspect we inherited the need for a sense of serenity and security from our Paleo ancestors.

      We think we can all agree “psychological issue” can be a loaded term…

      • Darrel Odom
        July 7, 2016, 8:54 am

        Claustrophobia is one “psychological issue” that could cause discomfort with no windows. Are there others, that I have unknowingly alluded to, that offend?

  • Largent Richard J
    September 13, 2015, 10:18 pm

    Buddy this is all you need in NYC

  • Nanny M
    September 14, 2015, 11:58 pm

    So nice. I like the white; goes with the clean lines. Don’t feel it’s antiseptic with all the light wood and colored accents. I have never minded windowless bedrooms. They feel safe and cozy, as long as you can see some space, as a large or additional room.

  • Sara
    July 6, 2016, 4:33 pm

    I too just love this apartment design, light,livable and lovely! Is it for sale?????

  • Ruth C
    July 7, 2023, 11:47 pm

    What is the space or sq ft only of the sink and stove slab, in the kitchen area?
    It looks too tiny so was wondering if it is at least comfortable to cook and wash.

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