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120 Sq. Ft. AROYO Tiny House on Wheels

This is the 120 sq. ft. AROYO tiny house on wheels.

AROYO stands for, “A room of your own.”

It’s designed and built by Little House on the Trailer in Petaluma, California.

The AROYO is meant to be used as a backyard office, art studio, or any other sort of retreat.

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120 Sq. Ft. AROYO Tiny House on Wheels

120 SF AROYO Tiny House 001

Images © LittleHouseontheTrailer.com

120 SF AROYO Tiny House 002 120 SF AROYO Tiny House 003 120 SF AROYO Tiny House 004 120 SF AROYO Tiny House 005 120 SF AROYO Tiny House 006 120 SF AROYO Tiny House 007 120 SF AROYO Tiny House 008 120 SF AROYO Tiny House 009 120 SF AROYO Tiny House 0010 120 SF AROYO Tiny House 0011 120 SF AROYO Tiny House 0012

Images © LittleHouseontheTrailer.com

Learn more at LittleHouseontheTrailer.com.

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{ 18 comments… add one }
  • Avatar Elizabeth Rubio

    The woodwork details on this one make it special.

  • Avatar Lisa Hartford

    “Arroyo” does NOT mean “a room of your own”. It is Spanish and it means a “stream,” a “creek” or a “ditch”.

    We REALLY need to stop wandering in the fields of unreal, quasi reality making up things as we go along.

    • Avatar alice h

      It’s just an acronym – A (a) R (room) O (of) Y (your) O (own). Hence the single R. People make up names for their dwellings all the time, some more successfully than others. Some of the stuff you see on name signs in cottage country is truly cringe worthy.

      • Avatar Lisa Hartford

        Thanks, Alice. Yes, you are right; people do make up names all the time. I thought it was a spelling error. I didn’t/don’t understand why someone would want to give a name to their room that runs so close to creek or ditch. But I appreciate the heads-up.

    • Avatar Robin latham

      It is called AROYO !!!!! Not arroyo, so just a fun anagram ! Why not ?
      Or should we say “porquez non?

  • Avatar Gigi

    Nicely finished tiny space.

  • Avatar Phil

    Sorry… This is ridiculous. Buy a shed and save a ton of money. No bath, no kitchen = not a house.

    • Avatar Tom

      This is exactly what I’m looking for, although I’d have a small fridge and microwave. I always use a campground bathroom anyway as I don’t like to have to empty a tank.


    Clean lines ultra tiny house, with a lot of emphasis in tiny…! A very short walk thru this house…!

    • Natalie C. McKee Natalie C. McKee

      Almost micro 🙂

  • Avatar Joyce

    A room of your own is true. There is loft space to sleep and the lower space to sit or eat something but not much else. With no kitchen or bath area you cannot say it is a ‘tiny home’ unless you truly live in it under the most basic of conditions. As a ‘room’ you can read. do artwork, use as an office, or whatever with peace and quiet or solitude.

    • Natalie C. McKee Natalie C. McKee

      That’s why I said it’d make a great guest house or office space 🙂

  • Avatar ROSEE

    Okay! I guess this is what you would call a model TH where anyone can come to look at it. It looks great, both inside and out, but being a guest house, wouldn’t a tiny kitchenette and bathroom be advisable?

    • Avatar ROSEE

      Ooops! I forgot to mention that the kitchen and bathrm. would be a nice addition!

    • Natalie C. McKee Natalie C. McKee

      That might be nice, for sure 🙂

  • Avatar Kathy

    I have actually been to visit this Petaluma CA builder. I remember seeing this little building inside and out (I won’t call it a “house” in deference to those who say it needs a kitchen and bathroom). It is really well built, and would make a wonderful office, writer’s getaway, “she” shed, man’s retreat, or other getaway not requiring a lot of amenities.

  • Nice. My style. But I gotta hava Loo !

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