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Yurt Cabin in the Woods

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Here’s a gorgeous wooden yurt tucked in the Maryland woods that has all the comforts of home in a unique round shape! Dubbed “Yellowstone Yurt,” this cabin has a studio-style set-up with a living room, queen bed and fun retro kitchen in the main dome.

A bathroom addition provides a luxurious spot to get clean, complete with a rainfall shower head and heated floors! There’s a sauna on the deck where you can sweat away your worries. What do you think? Could you live in a yurt?

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Wooden Yurt Tucked in the Forest w/ Heated Bathroom Floors

Yellowstone Yurt w Sauna

Images via Airbnb/(RV)

The first thing I notice is the incredible ceiling!

Yellowstone Yurt w Sauna. 13

Images via Airbnb/(RV)

A partial wall separates the bedroom and kitchen.

Yellowstone Yurt w Sauna. 8

Images via Airbnb/(RV)

A pull-out couch bed provides additional sleeping space.

Yellowstone Yurt w Sauna. 7

Images via Airbnb/(RV)

The mint green appliances and chairs add such a fun retro feel.

Yellowstone Yurt w Sauna. 6

Images via Airbnb/(RV)

There are live-edge countertops and shelves.

Yellowstone Yurt w Sauna. 9

Images via Airbnb/(RV)

A wood-burning stove keeps things cozy.

Yellowstone Yurt w Sauna. 5

Images via Airbnb/(RV)

I love the big bank of windows here looking out on the forest.

Yellowstone Yurt w Sauna. 3

Images via Airbnb/(RV)

The bedroom has a cozy queen-sized bed and a cool corner shelf.

Yellowstone Yurt w Sauna. 12

Images via Airbnb/(RV)

Look at the luxury bathroom! It has heated floors.

Yellowstone Yurt w Sauna. 15

Images via Airbnb/(RV)

The chain holding up the vanity is a fun design.

Yellowstone Yurt w Sauna. 14

Images via Airbnb/(RV)

You can sit on a lovely log bench under the overhang.

Yellowstone Yurt w Sauna. 18

Images via Airbnb/(RV)

The vacation spot is wheelchair-friendly!

Yellowstone Yurt w Sauna. 17

Images via Airbnb/(RV)

Here’s the beautiful sauna.

Yellowstone Yurt w Sauna. 4

Images via Airbnb/(RV)

There’s more outdoor seating on the porch.

Yellowstone Yurt w Sauna. 2

Images via Airbnb/(RV)


Sink into relaxation and peace in this quaint and cozy Yurt-style home. Designed with a sense of modern and vintage class, this home is perfect for a couples – or single – get away. Imagine yourself waking up to the trees waving good morning through the dome at the top of the home. Breathe in the fresh mountain air as you relax on the deck with a cup of your favorite brew (which can be made in any of three different ways!) or cozy up on the bed on rainy days while watching the rain fall outside the panorama windows. The vintage inspired kitchen creates a fun space to be able to make your favorite breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals. Let’s be real – Who wouldn’t want to utilize those beautiful mint green appliances! The live edge wooden counter tops bring the appliances into today’s era of design. Not to mention the spacious and luxurious shower with a teak wood fold down bench and large rain shower. After the lush shower, there’s no worries of cold feet as the radiant floor heating, set to 73 degrees, will keep them warm on the tile. The outside barrel sauna offers a different touch to the home to allow you to enjoy this little luxury oasis. The quiet Yellowstone Village community provides low traffic roads perfect for a morning or evening walk. The lake and many other adventure filled activities are located just a short drive down the road. This place is 100% custom and 100% unique. If you are looking for something to add to your bucket list, let it be Yellowstone Yurt. Book today!

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This post contains affiliate links.

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