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Young Lady Converts School Bus into her own Portable Tiny House!

This is the story of a young lady who decided to turn a school bus into her own tiny home on wheels (with an engine). As you know, these sort of conversions are usually called skoolies.

Meet Heidi and her 80 sq. ft. little home on wheels named Valerie. This post is thanks to Jenna over at Tiny House Giant Journey. You can also follow Heidi and her skoolie adventures on her Instagram. She also runs a design company which you can check out here. Enjoy the tour and links below to learn more. Thanks!

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Heidi’s 80 Sq. Ft. DIY Skoolie Named Valerie!

© Tiny House Giant Journey/YouTube

© Tiny House Giant Journey/YouTube

© Tiny House Giant Journey/YouTube

© Tiny House Giant Journey/YouTube

Video: School Bus Converted into Shabby Chic Home on Wheels


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  5. https://www.instagram.com/tinyhousegiantjourney/
  6. https://twitter.com/tinyhousegirl
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Our big thanks to Jenna of Tiny House Giant Journey for sharing!

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  • Avatar Marsha Cowan

    Really pretty! Nicely done!

  • Avatar Marsha Cowan

    That is a really well thought out design. I am impressed! Beautiful and functional and just adorable.

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